Monday, March 27, 2017

Phone Pics

Most of you have all seen these photos on instagram, but I'll share them here on this blog anyway. :)
We love family bike rides! This was a few weeks ago for FHE. We have a lovely canal behind our complex (which we saw a manatee in and an alligator in just in the past two weeks!!!) and it is just perfect for walks and bike rides. Will is the man and rides his bike all the time when I push the stroller in the morning. But Ruthie is usually at school, plus she needed some extra work "starting" without training wheels, so having daddy along was perfect!

Our library system is not my favorite, but they do have some great things going for them. We used to LOVE story time (before I had school drop off at nine and can't ever wait around an hour for it to start) and they also do this fantasy theater that we have gone to a couple of times and have just absolutely loved. This one was just SUCH a good show. My mom came to visit right after we'd seen it and my kids told her about it for at least twenty minutes after I brought it up. They were still so excited about the show! It was seriously so hilarious though, Ruth laughed and laughed and laughed.

Oh hey Mister Alligator. And no, I did not get any closer to get a better picture. And all I had with me was my phone. Mom was there, she can tell you it was an alligator in our backyard!!!
Sterling brought these home one night and my life has been forever changed. Chocolate made me throw up during this pregnancy, and now it gives me heartburn, but oh man. Heartburn is definitely worth this.

Sunday naps and BLTS (minus the bread, lettuce, and tomato for Molly HAAHAA)

Free DQ cone day!

Molly doesn't sleep. Ever. Sometimes I cave and rock her to sleep. She's pretty cute.

And this is pretty much we do all afternoon every day. Play at our complex park. Lately Ruth and Will have started carrying a bucket and shovel over to the park with them (I refuse to carry nine thousand things and we always have to have water because it is already hot, so I carry the water.) and it is pretty cute to see them dig and 'cook' and make fairy houses and all sorts of things. Also, I think this picture was supposed to be of both of them swinging on their bellies. That is another thing I get tired of, pushing kids on swings! I usually push them for awhile and then tell them they have to kick or ride on their bellies. Ruth can kick really well. Will gives up and rides on his belly, but he gets going really high! It's impressive haha.
In other, actually really big news, STERLING OFFICIALLY PASSED SECOND YEAR AND IS MOVING ON TO THIRD YEAR! Since this is longer-than-the-average-student in coming, we are SOOOO ready. Bring it on Step 1 Boards, we are just so thrilled to be finished second year we can't even fully cope with the massive stress of boards yet--we're just in some honeymoon middle stage haha! It feels soooooooo good. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Killian Ward Campout

First, a picture of our lovely old van. We loved you so much. We are sorry you got cancer and that you would've cost too much to save. We'd be more sad if we weren't so thrilled about our new van. We had hoped you would get us through med school, but alas, it was not to be. Here's crossing our fingers that our new van gets us through residency!
Molly galloping along with that kitty under her arm is my favorite. There were lots of real kitties around--stray cats are one of Miami's specialties--and I was a little paranoid and may have talked about shooting them with bb guns. To be fair, we have a rabies warning in our area right now, and I have not been thrilled about it.
Our ward had a campout. Those of us that are from places with 'real' the mountains...far away from a nature, we were all a little skeptical. And those of us in the ward who don't have those fond memories, didn't want to camp. Haha. So it was a pretty small group. BUT--even if a rooster and a garbage truck woke us up obscenely early, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Playing red light, green light.

Lots of people played volleyball. Sterling and I wanted to join in but Sterling was sick (had just got on antibiotics) and our kids weren't quite big enough to join in.

Starting the fire for the fireside and s'mores!

Then all five of us (six, one lady reminded me) snuggled into our three man tent and told some AWESOME stories (with some bugle horn sounds that may have been picked up by all the scouting tents around us, oops, haha!). Will told a story about a little duck-a-ling who hatched out of it's egg and followed its mama to the river. Where it drowned. Then was eaten by an alligator. Then was burped out (so much laughter ensued the story halted for a time) and happily went on its way. Good story, Will, good story. Once everyone fell asleep, we actually all slept through the night and the weather was perfection--it cooled down so that we could actually sleep comfortably outside without dying of heat. The kids are already asking when we can go camping again!