Sunday, December 2, 2018

Last week of November

I signed Will up to get the flu shot at school. I bribed him with ice cream if he was brave enough to do it. He came home with a note that day saying he hadn't cooperated. So then we had to make an appointment. Luckily, there was very little fighting and tears (poor boy has some traumatic memories of hospitals) and so we still got a treat. This was him sending a thumbs up to Sterling after getting the shot.

Russell emptied almost an entire container of baby powder over his and Ruthie's entire bedroom. It was so thick in the air you couldn't even breath. It filled up an entire vacuum bag. This week Sterling and I decided to start calling Russ our evil minion. Truth.

It dropped temps this week for two days--one morning my van said 48 degrees! The kids thought they were dying, even with two jackets on each. We all survived, haha.

At the hospital getting iron infusions on Friday. It took 3 hours. Besides leaving a pretty decent bruise (Sterling said that's normal because they pump so much in) it was fairly easy.

Almost 35 weeks pregnant.
At A Christmas Carol with Ruthie and Leah and Abby. I was going to take my three kids, but then we had our friend Edison's birthday party on the same morning. This production was SO cute! It was only 50 minutes long, perfect for kids, and had so much audience interaction. They had kids come up to help clean the office, but they had to stop every time they heard Scrooge coming and hide--which was hilarious. Then they had one little boy come up and Scrooge told him to go around the corner and get him a goose, and the poor little boy was so confused, but he went around the corner, and then came out as Tiny Tim at the end and said "God bless, us, everyone." and it was to die for adorable. They asked them questions all throughout the play. It was just really, really cute.

Our stake does a live nativity every year. They cut back this year, which made me sad, but it was still a fun event to bring our kids to. A perfect way to invite the Christmas spirit in for the month of December!

Haircuts and Thanksgiving Break

Our cutie ragamuffin. I loved his curly hair, but with winter here and less humidity it was less curly, which meant in the back it hung straight and was starting to look mullet-ish. So I left the top and cut the sides and back. I knew he'd look older, but it was still a little sad.

And after! Clean cut!

Ruthie wanted to join in. She's asked me a few times now if she can cut her hair. So I finally said sure, as long as it still fit in a pony tail. So we agreed on shoulder length and went with it. I was totally blown away at HOW MUCH OLDER she looked!!! AHHH! I still look at her and can't get over it. But I also am totally in love with her haircut. It is easier to do but it looks so bouncy and healthy and adorable around her shoulders!

It was a good four inches, and probably five by the time I finished trimming it all even.

The next day. Soooooo old looking and adorable!!!

Russ's hair making him look way too old.

This may be my favorite picture of him of all time. Talk about handsome boy!
 The kids had an entire week of for Thanksgiving. Sterling took Step 2 (a huge national standardized test required to move on to residency) on Wednesday. So Monday through Wednesday we were pretty much on our own. We did a LOT of park time in the mornings---it was gorgeous weather.
Ruthie had a playdate with her good friend Huxley on Tuesday, so I took Molly and Will to downtown Delray for Doc's burgers---my favorite.

He got a foot long hot dog, and then proceeded to eat only the bun dipped in ketchup. Weirdo. Haha.

We spent most of our evenings in front of our house with the neighbors, drawing with chalk, riding bikes and scooters, and riding down the slide that is enclosed---which is heaven sent because I can fence Russ in and have a moment of sanity. I am so glad that our next door neighbors here have 3 kids, and the neighbors in front of us have two, and the ones down the street have a couple---usually they are in after care during the school week, but we do see them around and it makes me happy to see my kids out playing with neighbors, not pre-planned and not organized!

CHRISTMAS! I have to post this because this is my FAVORITE Christmas thing I think I have ever bought. I am in love.

After Sterling took his test and Thanksgiving was over, we did a few fun family things. One was bowling. It was a little crazy during the event, but afterwards the kids could not sing it's praises enough--so I think it was a win!

We usually do the Home Depot craft every first Saturday of the month. But last month they let us know that on Thanksgiving weekend they had a special extra one. My kids did not forget. But we didn't know that Santa would be there!!

She wouldn't look at him the entire time, haha.

He took the candy cane, but he didn't like it. Ha!

We picked a couple of kids from the angel tree at the Delray Library and pick out their presents. This is us dropping them off at the library--the kids were very excited.

We ended Thanksgiving Break at the beach. Perfect ending. It was a beautiful night. Russ was not having it, which was rough, but everything else was magical.

He is everywhere.