Sunday, November 12, 2017

Russ 5 months+swimming

Russ is five months old and I can't believe it! Four to five months has been the change from a tiny little infant that mostly lays still and content to a much more alert and awake and busy baby. Poor babe has been teething so he has definitely been fussier the last few weeks. He has one tooth in, and after today I hope the next one is not too far behind--he's hurting, poor boy. He eats his toes all the time now, which is one of my absolute favorite things of babyhood--it's just so adorable to see that little ball of chub all rolled up! He sits up in the bumbo and his walker. We started real food and he pretty much only likes applesauce, pears, and bananas. Sweet tooth already! He does NOT like squash or peas, but he will tolerate sweet potatoes if he's in a pretty good mood. He may or may not have tried ice cream just tonight (we were trying to help his teething haha) and he was a huge fan. Ha! 

He smiles so big and has rolled over a couple of times now. He grunts a lot, especially when he's getting dressed and something goes over his head--he hates that. He's pretty serious, but we can get some full on belly laughs if we tickle underneath his chin with our chin. He thinks that's the best! He also has the TIGHTEST and STRONGEST grip of any baby I've ever known. I love it. He holds on tight to my hand while he's nursing and it is my absolute favorite. He has also lost all of his thick hair and it is blond underneath, which is typical, but so sad. He had some great baby hair--and I'm sure it'll come back eventually. Luckily, he has a nice round head that everyone comments on now, haha. He hasn't had a dr. appt recently but he seems SOOOOO long to me. Definitely slimmed down a bit and lengthened out. Oh I just love our sweet baby Russ!

Our nice little cold spell of 75-80 degrees ended (and was super random, it has never gotten chilly in all the other Octobers we've lived here) and it's been back up in the 90s. Warm enough to warm up the pool again--and so we are back at it!

Luckily for us, all things swim-related just went on end-of-summer clearance so we stocked up on goggles and baby floaties!

This day was especially gorgeous and I did not want to leave. But this was after biking around our neighborhood for at least two miles (Will has learned to ride without training wheels, I'm sure I"ll post about that soon) and I was exhausted. We needed to get home and get to bed so I could sleep!)

We have been on bikes nonstop since last weekend when Dad picked up a bike for Will off craigslist (I had the flu so Sterling occupied everyone for a good five hours on Saturday. It had been a LONG week of no husband and lots of throw up and flu with the kids and I slept a lot to recover.). Will has been riding without training wheels at Aunt Kayli's in Pittsburgh and a few other opportunities, but I was too lazy to take off his training wheels because I knew he desperately needed a bigger bike, and then his bike would be Molly's and she'd need the training wheels. I don't know if it was all the years of a balance bike---but this kid was amazing. Within a few rides around the block he was stopping, starting, turning, not wobbling, and cruising around without training wheels. And he will not stop. Actually, I have noticed how exhausted he is when he throws a tantrum...and then goes and falls asleep on the floor. He literally wears himself out riding his bike around. It's so awesome. We've been riding bikes to Ruth's school in the mornings, I wear the baby and then Molly rides in the baby seat behind me (she has zero excitement for bike riding) and it works pretty awesome. They are loving it--and the only thing I don't love is the 90 degree weather we ride in. 


We had such a great time at our Bexley Park (neighborhood) July 4th celebration, that we were excited when we got a flyer for the Halloween celebration. As it turns out, two of my kids were puking all day on Halloween, so only Ruth and Russ got to come and see the festivities. But it was still really fun. I took a lot of pictures of the houses because there was a contest on the best decorated house and it was so much fun to see them all month long!

Congregated, listening to blasting music, waiting for the trick or treating to start. There was a food truck and photo booth and the fire fighters were handing out candy.

On the main street of Bexley Park the road was blocked to traffic and all the owners just sat out on their porch so the kids could walk to each house and trick or treat together. It was so awesome. And the decorations were awesome. And even the people handing out candy were dressed up. And some gave out fresh krispie creme doughnuts and that was my favorite.

My favorite decoration.

See that gollum in the window? Ruth wouldn't go get the candy by herself--HAHAA.

I was sad this one didn't win, because all month it was my favorite, although I should have stopped to take a better picture. The skeleton is hung upside down by a spider. It was really cool in real life.

I need to upload the photo booth pictures, Ruth and I rocked it. We had a good time. Our next door Creole neighbors had a special bag of treats for Ruth with crayons in it--because they watch her color with chalk so much, so sweet! It was fun to get out and see all the neighbors, I only know the ones that hit up the park and pool the same time as us and walk their kids to school at the same time. I love living here and I love Bexley Park and I love Delray Beach. It was an awesome Halloween.