Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our Man Russ

Will took these pictures for me the other day. I feel like I didn't have enough pics of me and my babe. But with a four year old behind the camera, and a new baby that makes funny faces...well. At least there's some memories here!

This picture just makes me want to go kiss his cheeks immediately---they are sooooo squishy!

Poor kid, he's all red and sweaty here from nursing. He's starting to get heat rashes on both sides of his cheeks from nursing. I think it is just an inevitability of Florida in July. So sorry, little Russ.

Or should I say BIIIIG Russ? I haven't checked his weight since his four week appointment, but at 6 weeks I am sure he is still packing on the pounds! I already feel like his car seat is too heavy to carry around, but since it is MUCH too hot to wear him (except in grocery stores, thank goodness) I'm generally lugging him around. I TRIED to keep him in his teensy newborn clothes, but his torso is too long to snap the buttons and the other night I grabbed a pair of pajamas because he was a little wet at 2 am and couldn't get the zipper up...I decided we had to be done with newborn. So he's into size 3 months. And I bet some of his 6 month onesies and things would fit, but I refuse to pull them out. He has to stay little forever and ever!

I mean, those cheeks!!!

See how this pic is slightly blurry? That is what my automatic mode is doing lately and I can't figure out how to fix it..ruff. But kid mode is doing great...check out the next photos haha.

Molly is officially potty trained. It took about three days. But since she has gone to church a few weeks in a row now and I have never needed the undies I've packed just in case...I'm calling it official. She is amazing at getting up and even has gotten up at night to go (or at 430am and then thinks she should just stay awake...not ok Molly, not ok). She is also super hilarious lately. She talks and talks and talks and TALKS. I love it.

Mom, there's a hair in my mouth!

Look at those thighs!! There are already three rolls on them now and I'm pretty sure they are thicker than Molly's, haahaa!

I had Sterling take these today. Russ was uncooperative and wrinkling his eyebrows and scrinching his mouth the entire time, but I still love them. And him--sooooo much!!

Sterling has tried to give him a bottle on Sundays so that he will take them for babysitters, or whatever we might need it for....just so we are not stuck like we were with Molly. Tonight he took it like a champ! Good job buddy!

I'm tired so I can't think of anything to say. When I was walking up to the computer I asked Sterling if he remembered a story I told him about Will and he couldn't. I need to be SOOO much better about remembering cute stories about my kids! I remembered to tell it to Sterling and we were both misty-eyed about it that night, I remember that. Haha--but not the original story! #goals for next post!

Six weeks has been good to us. I still just want to cuddle him forever and ever. He still eats every two or so hours. We've had a couple three hour stretches and that was awesome. The kids still touch/kiss/caress/bug him constantly and he doesn't seem to mind. I am still over the moon in love with him. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mr. Russ 4 weeks

These first few photos are the end of our July 4th. The water slide the kids had a BLAST on and then the one firework picture I got through the van window that turned out halfway. It was such a beautiful night with the kids and we had so much fun. I just LOOOOOVE July 4th!

I did Molly's hair in pig tails on Sunday and she looked so adorable. 

Mister Russ had his 4 week check up this week. Can I gush for a minute about NOT living in Miami again?!?! We had a ten minute wait from the time we walked into the doctor's waiting area to being seen. And then we were immediately seen by a nurse, and the doctor followed almost IMMEDIATELY after. I was not sitting with four kids in a room waiting for a doctor. It was amazing. I love it here. 

Moving on--Russ weighed in at 9 pounds 10 ounces, a full three pounds more than his two week visit! The doctor was great, I really liked him. I feel like we have been SO lucky with pediatricians and I am so grateful (our Miami dr recommended a dr at this clinic. also I love recommendations, makes life so much easier!). The doc said Russ has some reflux due to some noises he was hearing through the stethoscope(regurgitation?) and the fact that he was kind of hiccuping/swallowing. He does that a lot. I never thought anything about it. But he also said that might be why he's eating so frequently--the milk helps calm down the reflux. So hopefully that doesn't get any worse. The dr said that the medical world is starting to think that what has previously been called 'colic' was really 'silent reflux' which is what Russ would have--because they don't spit up all over, they can just swallow it down, or it doesn't come up enough but they still feel the heartburn. He said it can be common in families and asked if any of my babies were particularly fussy. Looking at you, Molly. I came home and told Sterling that basically we could have saved our whole LIVES of hardship and horribleness by putting Molly on a reflux med. Had we only known. (of course I realize this is all supposition, but it seems likely, especially after a couple other things the doc talked about)


If only someone had told me that three years ago. 

All right, back to this adorable little man. He's busting out of his newborn clothes, and the ones that say 0-3 months fit perfectly, although I've been putting him in a lot of size 3 mo, since that is what I have and it's pretty okay. I can't believe he's already out of newborn. It's killing me.
Neck rolls and I just love the way his cheeks look here! And those little rolls on his wrists!!!

My camera is making everything yellow and I have been super annoyed.

I love baby sneezing pictures. There is just something sooooo hilarious and sweet about them. 

That hair!
I have to say, right now is probably my favorite time ever. Some times in your life are really hard, and other times are the very best. This is one of the very best. (minus Sterling being HUGELY stressed due to his test, but hey, I'm pretty used to flying solo around here and since I have no commitments whatsoever, life is pretty easy.) 

It's too hot outside to really get out and do anything, so we mostly stay inside. We have ventured to the pool a couple times and only stayed for about an hour before it was too hot for me and Russell (one more week and I should be able to swim!) and that at least gets the kids' energy out.  But we play. And read. I read and nurse the baby and then cuddle the baby. A lot. And the kids play. One day I pulled out play dough for them. Yesterday I printed off puppets that they colored and cut out and taped on sticks. Some days they do puzzles non stop. (full disclosure: there is a lot of squabbling and tattle-telling, but according to fb that's good for them, so thumbs up for good parenting right here, haha!) And then we watch too much tv in the afternoons when it's really hot. And I feel like a bad mom for that, but then I remember that I only get this newborn baby for so long, and I can only hold him and drink him in for so long. And then sometimes on instagram I get a little sad that we aren't out camping and mountain biking and vacationing. And then again, I remind myself that I only get this newborn for so long. And I only get so many newborns. And this time is SOOO short and seriously winding down for me (is this our last? probably not. Is the next one our last? very likely. It hurts me a little bit to think that even if we had three more, they would be the very. last. babies. I EVER had. Sob.) 

I also love watching the kids smother the baby. They find him SO delightful--even though I swear all I do is get after them for touching him too much. And then I also remind myself that even though I may only have 10ish more summers with Ruthie (Kayli, you are forever dead to me for making me think of my children's lives like that.) it's ok that this summer is so simple. And overdosed with strawberry shortcake and animal mechanical episodes. But sprinkled with blanket forts and non-stop coloring and library trips and some biking and swimming. It's okay, even though my type A tells me its not, to have nothing scheduled for the day and just read on the couch for hours to the kids, or sometimes just to myself while they read to themselves. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing that we have right now and it probably will never happen again. My sister Megan, a few years ago when I was visiting Utah, listened to what we like to do in Miami and commented "I used to be a mom like that--that took all my little kids to museums and zoos. They just loved it! I wish I had more time to take my younger kids." I know I'm going to be saying the same thing someday about my younger kids (although hers get to ride motorcycles and go skiing, so I don't think they're missing out on the slow days at all) and I want to make sure I at least enjoyed it the first time. And if I find the time to take my younger kids to the library all summer long--the better for that, too! 

I think, with just one baby, it got boring to just sit and hold them. Four kids keeps me just busy enough (I mean you do have to feed them, and bathe them, and do their laundry sometimes.) that just enjoying them the rest of the time is perfection. So thanks, summer, for being so great to us this year. I'm just trying to drag out every, single, idle and glorious day, until school starts in three weeks. (three week?!?! What?!?!!) Then maybe I can keep some of this summer serenity with us as we jump full speed ahead into dropping kids off to two schools, after school activities, homework, etc. (and in two years Achievement Days...Ruthie told me that the other day and I almost died. WHAT?!?)

And so much love to Russell. For letting me cuddle him all day long on my chest. It's the best feeling to have a baby lay on your chest, and I wish they didn't grow out of it so soon. At least I can tell him that I definitely enjoyed every single snuggle from him. Now can we just press pause?