Monday, July 2, 2018

Nature Center+ Rodeo

RUSSELL'S FIRST HORSE RIDE EVER!!!!!!! Most of my siblings have pics of their babies on a horse when they are only weeks old. Poor Russ has only known urban living--but we got him on!

I thought he looked so sweet sleeping.
We went to the Logan Canyon Nature Center with my sister-in-law Kourtney.

Just to the right of this they had a "mud kitchen" with all these cooking pots and pans and utensils and water and...lots of dirt and mud. The kids had a BLAST--it was the cutest!

You bet some little kid was trying to paint and Ruthie flicked it right into his hair. Sorry, mom of kid.

I LOOOOVE how dirty Chez got!

Cutie pie cousins!

I got to see all the beautiful country while running and finishing up training for the half marathon.

We went to the Hyrum Rodeo and I signed Ruthie and Will up for mutton bustin'. Will did such a good job!!!! (Ruthie saw a kid go sailing and freaked out and didn't want to go, then freaked out because she did want to go, but then eventually said she'd try again next year, ha! I don't blame her one bit.)  Will got right on, held on tight, and didn't let go while his sheep went racing! He took third place!!!

Bag of candy and a tshirt!

We had such a great time at the rodeo! Now my kids are convinced they are going to be cowboys and cowgirls and I kinda love it so much!!!


Pics of my cutie boys sleeping on the Sunday everyone was puking.

I love that smile!
The original plan was that my niece was going to fly in from Pittsburgh to help me on the drive to Utah--and that we'd stop at a hotel for two nights and make it a three day trip because driving 40 hours in two days is practically impossible and not for the feint of heart. THEN our van started having all these issues. Forever. And ever. And we didn't have a van for virtually two months and it was the biggest head ache ever. When we finally realized we'd have to replace the entire transmission, we hoped to get it to Utah first because it was so much cheaper to do there. But, then my dad got nervous that we'd have a broken down vehicle somewhere in the middle of the United States and decided he'd fly out to help us. So we picked up my niece the day before, she spent a day being the world's greatest babysitter while I tried to not throw up all day and attempted at packing and loading. Then bright and early we picked up my dad from the airport and immediately started our drive. Awesome for me dad, no? Haha. It really was incredible though. Having my dad to drive and my niece to hand fruit loops to Russ the entire time made the trip seem like a dream. THANK YOU TO MY AMAZING FAMILY!!
Will wiggled and wiggled his tooth and it was practically out the entire time. Then when we stopped at my sister's house in Wyoming on our way to Utah (four hours of our trip was left! And she gave us strawberries and cream-so world's best sister!) he let me pull it out, so then my nephew Lando also had to have me pull his out. It was epic.

Will had asked since we pulled out of the driveway in Delray Beach if we were in Utah yet. I kept telling him it would take the ENTIRE FIRST DAY just to get out of Florida, but he kept asking. When we finally, finally crossed the line--he was conked out.

The last canyon before Hyrum!!!

After the three days in the van my kids immediately went to the barn and checked out all the animals. The new little baby was SO SWEET and laid her head right on Molly's shoulder and followed her around. Molly said "She loves me." and it was the sweetest thing in the world.