Saturday, November 21, 2020

Chantelle! June 30

This year was so tricky finding time to get together. Last year, she was in school and I was working and we got together whenever I had a lunch break in Ogden. But this summer she was working full time and I was not and so we were never in the same town. But I am so glad she made the drive to see us--I love her so! Some friends are the type of people who always build you up, always remind you of the gospel and choosing the better part. She is one of those people. So glad Chantelle is a part of my life!


June 29-playing with animals

This is one of those beautiful, sunshiney, happy evenings out in the garden and then with the horses, that happened so frequently this summer. I could just eat it up it is so good. I hope my kids remember this time with their grandparents forever.

I took a panoramic photo of my view from a stump I was sitting on. It's not in proportion, but it is fun to see what I could see from my perch. From the garden, across the fence, over into the field.