Sunday, April 22, 2018

Phone Dump

this cute boy deserves all the kisses.

I made this amazing cashew chicken last week. I've been a little obsessed with Mel's Kitchen Cafe lately. She's helping me get out of a cooking rut and I'm glad I found her--haha. Blog are funny things. But we give her 5 stars. What I dislike most about looking up 'easy dinners' online is that they always have fifty weird ingredients that normal (large mormon families) have never kept in their fridge and storage. She uses your basic ingredients to create deliciousness. This one deserved a picture. I want to make it again.

Legos. My kids are loving legos right now. I hate them with a vengeance--because of Russ and his crazy crawling state right now.

Last Saturday we went to a birthday party at this park. I didn't know it existed--but we have been back three times now. It has four different playgrounds and a splash pad. It's amazing!

Ruthie being such a great big sister and spinning Will around.

I made it to the temple a few weeks ago.

Earning library bucks.

I love my mornings at home with this girl!

Molly a la bag.

These pics are all out of order. Cashew chicken again. Ha.

Florida summers with its drenching rain has started. This is all the younger siblings waiting for the older kids to get out of elementary school! DRENCHED!!

Why not eat a popsicle in your panties? Especially with sunglasses.

Our neighbors gave Will all these hand-me-downs. There were several pairs of adorable pajamas--just what he needed! Thank you Antonio's parents!

She just looked cute that day.

Last Saturday Sterling took the kids to a Color Run on Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA while I was working. They had so much fun running, playing on all the bounce houses and watching the karate and dance exhibitions.

Dad even got them a snow cone to share! Sterling said the lady was so sweet, when she realized they were all sharing, she called to the person making it "Make this one EXTRA big!"

I bought myself some flowers on Monday to brighten up the week. I am so so so in love with them. Now the buds on top are blooming and it is so gorgeous!

Fruit and veggies for dinner. Because thats a GOOD meal when Sterling has been gone for so long.

They climb that tree all the time. But luckily I saw them before Ruth actually tried to catch Will while standing on a table. Sweet siblings, but I'm glad it wasn't executed.

Huge news this week! Molly seemed to get over her last dregs of fear of riding her bike and she has been a pedaling demon back and forth to Ruth's school this week. She is doing so great! She still gets a little nervous when the sidewalk slopes up and down, but she goes faster and more confidently every single time. She is so good!!!!!

Russell standing on everything these days.

That's a wrap on all the photos laying around on my phone!

Nerf Gun War

Last Sunday (the 15th) we had Jeff and Diana and the sister missionaries over. It was a hilarious dinner. Complete with me *convincing* Sterling to move to Albuquerque--one of the sisters was from there and it's top of my residency match list---and the kids tipping over their table on top of them. Ya know, all good things. After cleaning up and putting the baby to bed (no worries, this park is literally 100 steps from our front door, we were super close to check on him regularly!) we randomly headed outside for a nerf gun war. It was intense. Molly was the absolute best. She isn't strong enough to caulk the gun. So she had to ask other people to do. Sterling said he asked her to, then stood there for a few seconds trying to situate it in her hands, and then held it up, looked at him for a few more seconds, shot him, and said "Haha! Gotcha!" as if it was some surprise! HAHA! Mostly though she wandered around and picked up all the extra bullets flying around and put them in her little purse. So in the end everyone was out of bullets and she had a purse full and we were all making deals. Jeff said he went over and traded her one for one and then the next time he traded her one for two. Two for him. HAHA.

Will trying hard to run to get daddy.

She'd just walk right up to people. Stealth might not be her strong suit, haha.

Good spot Jeff, haha.

Making an ammunitions deal.

I love this one :)

Bullet hoarder.

The faces you get when you ask for smiles...

This picture captures my heart. And their matching shoes--all the heart eyes.

You are a treasured daughter of our Heavenly Father with infinite worth. Elder Uchtdorf. Oh how I love those girls!!!

After this glorious Sunday we started a week of death. I'd call it something else but this will be printed someday. Sterling has been at work from 4:30am til 9:30pm every single day. Our van had another issue (can we just STOP with the vehicle problems already?!?!?) and I had to ask people for rides and move carseats all around. Then I had to get a babysitter so I could work Friday night and Saturday morning because Sterling was STILL working. And Sterling put the kids to bed really late Saturday night because he wanted to spend time with them...and now today he got called in during church. So our friends (Jeff and Diana) watched our older three on the bench while I drove him home and came back. And I had been asked to give a synopsis of something in Sunday School and teach Relief Society--so just a HUGE thank you to the Liebers. Their daughters babysat Friday and Saturday and Sister Lieber had Russ all through Relief Society and most of Sacrament. He is not easy right now. He is crawling like a maniac, getting into everything, pulling hair, pulling necklaces, constantly twisting in your arms when you try to hold him, he literally never sits still at all. His arms are always reaching. He is into every bag that is on the floor. So the fact that she so willingly helps me out---she is the best. And I renewed our YMCA membership that has lapsed for the past several months. I haven't been able to train all week due to Sterling's schedule --and I need to be able to have a break. The cheapest way is the Y. And it gives us a big discount on swimming lessons which I wanted to make sure happened this summer because we are in the water so much and the kids are improving--help them master things more solidly. I will be so happy when surgery is over forever.