Monday, November 30, 2009

Slow Down, Please

Can I just say, life seems to get more and more and more and even MORE whirlwindish and crazy-like, and I am thinking that it will NEVER slow down! Can I take a couple years off life, please? I'll come back! Maybe.
Not any one thing in particular that is making it crazy, just everything put together. Sterling and I called and are putting money down on an apartment---not the 25th st one that we had originally planned, but I am super excited for the one we are going with-- and we had a FABULOUS thanksgiving weekend, fun had on all sides. Then its just the regular, class, finals, work, schedules, bridal showers for my best friend, bridal showers for me, Christmas shopping---I think I made a list when falling asleep last night of eight different people I needed to call, scheduling patients, meeting with professors....its just a hectic time of year, and I feel like I hit Monday. Sigh.
But life is wonderful too. Sterling's family was awesome--I have never met his oldest brother before (of Cindy's boys) and it was good, he was super nice and I really liked him. Sterling also met my oldest brother for the first time this weekend...and at least he survived a Rasmussen basketball game, and all went smoothly :) . Now I just need to finish some school assignments and life will be fabulous!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I love red. More than most people realize. It's kind of an obsession. Notice how I'm in red in both of these pictures. Its okay though. Cause did you notice how AWESOME these pictures are???? The above picture was taken on Sunday because my sister had wanted me to wear that red coat for engagements and I forgot it, and she was miffed, so since I was wearing it, she took the picture. Its beautiful and I love it. The below picture was taken by my sister-in-law a couple of weekends ago before we went to an Institute dance. Happy times. Now. I am really studying. And I'll do really well on my Dental Materials Final. I promise.

PS I wish you could see Sterling's tie better from this picture....its red. And its paisley. I think its the coolest thing ever made. I LOVE IT!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ponderings of an Engaged Person

I've decided that engaged persons are crazy. Absolutely crazy. I get all mopey when he's not around. I get all excited when I know he's coming. When he's a couple buildings away and we can't see each other until lunch its absolutely irritating. And when he shows up to my work with one rose and a big smile I absolutely melt and wonder why we have to work and go to school at all.
I've also decided that weddings are for the birds. Honestly. Such a hassle. I've been considering elopement quite heavily. I wonder if Sterling would let me. Probably if I convinced him its what I really wanted. Of course then I wouldn't be able to do the daddy/daughter dance. And I wouldn't be able to chuck my bouquet at unsuspecting friends, and I wouldn't be able to have oodles of pretty roses concocted to perfection by my wonderful sister Kami, and I wouldn't be able to watch all the little girls spin around in their pretty dresses, and show 'aunt lindsay' how beautiful they are. And I wouldn't be able to....well, I guess I better just make some more wedding plans.
I've also decided that the living on love phraseology is a reality. Honestly. As we make more and more plans, we realize more and more how crazy getting married is. I think life should be backwards. At 20 they should give us our retirement funds, so we can enjoy some years together, and then figure out how to survive, and then we might actually have it down by the time we're...oh I don't know, 80 or so.
We have found an apartment (he's moving in over Christmas break so he doesn't have to commute anymore, and then we'll both live there once we're married) and its on historic 25th street and it is so cute, and I absolutely love it...but I'm even more tickled that Sterling thinks its absolutely perfect. We had quite a few options, and we've been looking pretty faithfully. But our good ol' institute apartment board has pretty much exploded with new housing because the semester ends in a couple weeks, and we found this little gem of an apartment. It fit all our little requirements...and its really clean(my biggest requirement). Which pretty much means plans are moving forward at its usual accelerated pace.
I put in an application at JCPenney's today. They are taking me back for the four weeks of Christmas vacation. I'll be working two jobs again. Sigh. But it'll be good. My one nervous thought is when I try to think about making it to all the family events--his and mine. That might get a little rough with my work schedule. Sigh. Lets just hope the canyon weather stays clear!
And can I just say I STRONGLY dislike working opposite weekend shifts than Sterling? I work morning, and he works night. It should be against the law.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

1A Patients

You have to have two 1A patients this semester, and I have waited until the day before our last day of clinic to fit them in----but it went pretty well. The patients were a family from my home ward in Hyrum and it was a five year old girl and three year old boy. They requested nitrous right off---which threw me just a little because I haven't set it up by myself before. So after a few seconds, I remembered how easy it was, and with a little strength help from Prof. Costley I had it hooked up to my unit and we were smooth sailing. On nitrous the kids were as happy and giggly as could be--they've had a lot of dental work done in the past, and the little girl could tell when I had turned off the nitrous and was pretending with oxygen---it was pretty hilarious. Prof. Costley had me disclose both of them, and since I have not done that at all this semester, it was actually a really good experience. I think it made things go faster as well, because kids are mostly plaque and I could tell the areas to focus on right off.
Two 1A pts are always a little crazy because then mom and baby brother/sister have to sit chairside, and it feels squished, and then you put the nitrous stand in there as well, and it just felt a little claustrophobic---but our lab coat makes me feel claustrophobic, so I guess thats not saying much! Haahaa, but I am glad I got to see them, they were super great kids, kept their mouths open and didn't complain at all, and they were happy with their blown-up pink and blue gloves! Yay for another day down and we're almost to the end of the semester! Yay!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patients Lacking

So for about the past month I have been easy-breezy sailing through clinic, because I've had all my appointment slots filled, everyone knew about their appointment and showed up, and I was working towards all the classification requirements I needed to fulfill. So. Then today happened. I got here in the morning, and the day was going just as planned: Pt showed up right on time, sat in chair, filled out health history, started to do extra and intra and....he had an active herpetic lesion. Sad sauce. So I had to dismiss him until it heals and then I can treat him later. Sigh. So that meant it was only 8:15 in the morning, and I had no patient. After calling a few people, Shaylee and I realized we both didn't have a pt and decided to work on each other---and passed off three PE's, so I have a nice sealant on tooth number 3! Yay! So at least that was productive.

Then we get to the afternoon clinic (intermission-Sterling came and said hi to me during lunch for about 3 minutes and it was so happy!) and my patient calls me about ten minutes before his appointment time, and says he can't come. All righty then. I call a few people, no one can really come in, so I walk back into the office, and they said someone just walked in and wanted a teeth cleaning---so I took her to my chair! Unfortunately, she was on a time I never did get to cleaning her teeth. I did her OD, 4 BWX, 2 PA's (all were conventional, which was super annoying and time consuming) and everything, right up until the point of treatment, and then she had to leave. But happily enough, I rescheduled her for my first clinic day back next semester---which means everything's done, and when she comes back I can just start right in to scaling! Happy first day of next semester clinicals!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I HAVE A RING!!!!! And its the most gorgeous, beautiful ring in the whole entire world, and it is absolutely amazing. And then he went to class. Sigh. He was going to SLC this morning, and I wasn't sure why, but I didn't pressure too much for an answer because there's always wedding plans and stuff, and then we met up at the duck pond in between classes, and he was so excited he didn't even say anything first--he just told me that he loved me, and then gave me a beautiful set of scriptures with his last name at the end of my name--and then he told me he was going to ask me for the biggest favor of my life, and then he got down on one knee and opened the box and asked me to marry him---and of course I said yes!!! And the setting was beautiful, the duck pond was beautiful, the sun was shining and the sky was a gorgeous blue and the leaves are all bright yellow and it was an abnormally warm, beautiful November 9th day. Oh happy. I'd post pics of the ring...but I haven't taken any yet. I haven't taken it off my finger yet! Haahaa. Its gold and a round diamond and a solitaire. And its gorgeous. So I'll just post some of my fav engagement pics!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clinicals 11-5-09

Today was a fabulous day. One of those days where everything you're doing is going towards passing things off, taking exams, etc. I did two quads of a class III exam, two PE's, two Eaglesoft pts, and I completed 8 quads towards the end of the semester. So pretty much I probably could've scheduled a second pt, but I am super happy with having an easy going afternoon, and it was nice to have the time to put everything into Eaglesoft, cause that isn't the easiest program ever! Or maybe its just me. Anyway. Moving on. In the afternoon one of the first years shadowed me...makes you remember all the corners you cut, and reminds you to be exact, thats for sure!
Other than that...not much else is happening. Lindsay Ann is the BEST sister-in-law ever (I'm sure Sterling would agree) and not only did I have her smashingly good lasagna for our awesome dinner last night, but I had the leftovers for lunch today. It was fabulous. Only, I forgot it at home. Luckily my roommate has class in the same building I have clinicals, so she was a peach and she brought it to me. Oh life. I don't feel quite so out of my league now with clinicals, I'm slowly passing off enough requirements that I might actually make it. yay! And then I feel like I need to be getting so much better at so many things, and its just not happening. Oh well. Almost four weeks til the end of the semester...I can make it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009