Monday, May 26, 2014


The first photo is completely unrelated but my kids ARE THE CUTEST KIDS EVER! Seriously, just look at that picture! They happened to look especially cute on a random morning so I had them sit to take a picture. Luckily, first time was a charm because that was all I got. How are my kids looking so big?!?
 Will had a 15 month well-child check-up the other day. He is 30% for everything and 50% for head size. Ruth always stays between 20-40 percent on everything, so it didn't surprise me much. Apparently he can do all of the major milestones…except talk. I'm not worried. They said the only concern was hearing, but since he can hear planes and point up to the sky when they pass, I don't think hearing is a problem. I think he doesn't bother because he doesn't need to--Ruthie talks for him or he grunts his way through conversation. 

We had a stomach bug pass through our house last week, I had it Monday (luckily Sterling didn't work so I got to sleep in since it had kept me up all night and then it was mostly over) and then a couple days later Sterling had it and then one afternoon it seemed like Ruthie had it. I think Will might have had it Saturday and Sunday. He was SOOOO ornery. He squawked at everyone for the slightest little thing, nothing made him happy, he didn't eat anything, basically I was ready to throw him out the nearest window!!!! He had a nice long nap after church yesterday and woke up considerably happier, only to be stung by a bee in grandma's playhouse. Rude. Today he seems even more improved, and I am just hoping and praying that my happy boy comes back to me before our three day drive!
 This was kind of hilarious if it hadn't been so frustrating. He watched all the kids get a stick, roast their hot dogs, and set them beside the shed. So, of course, he HAD to have a stick and stick it in the fire. But, due to his extreme orneriness, if anyone else touched him, the stick, or came anywhere near him, he threw an all-out crazy-fit. But it is a fire, and that is extremely dangerous, so I basically stood right beside him while he stood there just like that photo-with his stick in the fire and a mad face on.

And to the title of this post: Paradise.
 When my parents moved in only half of the lawn was put in and the rest was weeds. While I lived at home they put in a complete lawn, planted dozens of trees, bushes, shrubs…I know because I helped haul water to all those tiny trees. Now they have some beautiful shade trees, lots of plants and flowers, and even MORE lawn put in down below the bank to create this beautiful spot for a fire pit. It is paradise, I tell ya. This 70 degree weather with lots of sunshine could not have made it more perfect. 

I have spent the entire weekend out at my parents because our house is completely packed (gasp! are we really moving?!!) and Sterling worked 10hr shifts four days in a row…so we escaped. I don't know if that was good planning or not though, now I just want to move in for the summer and make Sterling go to Miami by himself. Because really…look at that picture!
 We had a hot dog roast, then s'mores, and then I bathed the kids and put them to bed and came outside for more marshmallows (perfectly brown ones thanks to my mother) and about three snow cones. The only clean-up was sticking the chairs and sticks back into the shed…could there be a more perfect place? Not to mention Ruth and Will have both had their share of "woah-r-sie" rides, pushes on the swings, and Will's new favorite--throwing tiny basketballs into the kid hoop. It's a little slice of heaven.
Even with that face, I think he's happy to be here.
Not to mention, moving means I don't get to see the fruits of THESE labors--look at their amazing garden!!! It makes my mouth water thinking about their corn, strawberries, peas, beans, and everything else. Sigh. I'm trying to lap it all in this weekend. Sit and soak. Enjoy being spoiled rotten (really, mom has made my every request--we even got homemade fudge yesterday, yum!) and try REALLY hard to forget that I am moving 40 hours away. There isn't even any plans on coming back soon to keep me company. Sigh. For sure the summer of 2016. And my mom is coming in August to help with baby #3. Oh beautiful parents house, I think I might be a little bit homesick and I haven't even left yet! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Final Ride

Last weekend we came out to Grandma's for a final ride on the horses. Ruth was very excited, but man, Will had the time of his life!
See that face on that boy? He got up on that horse and he grinned like that the ENTIRE time. It was the cutest thing in my life. 

He also loves this dog. Who wouldn't? She is the fluffiest, prettiest, best pup I know. I love her already and I'm sad I don't get to see her around more. She is SOOOO beautiful!

I put this picture in just because the horse looks so pretty.
I know Will is out of focus, but really, this boy was in HEAVEN all night long. He loved the horses, dog, and everything about grandma's house.
Grinning with his eyebrows.

Love that smile.
Those two. Love.

More love.

Cassidy and Natalie

Grandpa took some guff for his whitey legs.
Somehow Lindsay Ann got pooper scooper duties.
Again that grin. I just love it so much!
Ruth had a grand time too. She got lots and lots of rides by herself, with grandma, with Natalie, she didn't want to ever get down!
Awww, such sweet cousins. And matching pink boots!!! The perfect cowgirls.
Dad let me get on and ride for a minute. It was too long--I was sore! That's pretty ridiculous, but I'll blame it on being 27 weeks pregnant.

Grandpa and Will.

And I rode with Will for a minute too.

Wyatt and Jack Jack.

Mom's pretty lilac bush.
Watching Sterling play with Roxie makes me REALLY want to have a dog someday. Which is weird, since I've become somewhat anti-dogs lately. But she's fluffy and soft and SOOOO beautiful and she stays outside…which really, is her biggest selling point.

After all that, I put my kids in the tub and then Natalie really wanted to join in, so we got a tub-full of cousins!
Everyone but Jack.
And now everyone but Ruth. Doesn't Will look SOOOO handsome here??
What a wonderful day at Grandma's. Now Ruth asks to play with her cousins at grandma's and ride horses every single day. Poor girl, not very many more days left for that!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday Night

Cindy turned 50!
We were able to be part of a surprise party and I'm so glad! She is such a wonderful part of our lives and we are going to miss her so much while we are in Florida. She was truly surprised and it was great to spend some time with all the Haws family members.

Sterling stayed with the kids to party with Cindy while I ran off to our piano recital. No more waking up at 5am to teach in Morgan! But that's really the only exciting part--mostly I am sad to leave these kids, they are awesome and I love them so much!

I teamed up with my cousin's daughter Devaney, who also teaches piano, and we rented a room (for free, since she is a student) at WSU and combined our recitals. It made it more formal and a little more intimidating for the performers, which is what we were going for. We only took pictures with the family members, but Devaney had lots of other students there as well. Luckily all of Clay's boys were there because I brought a big pan of caramel rice krispies and forgot to cut them beforehand--no worries, they just dug in and ate it anyway, which I was very thankful for because I didn't want to take ALL of that home!
All finished!  
Me and my students. So sad! 
 Everyone did such a great job--even with Myles breaking his finger, switching songs, Miriam's family moving, etc, etc…all the stuff that throws off the best laid plans. They performed wonderfully and did a great job! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Church History Museum

My computer is doing very odd things, so in no particular order, here is the Church History Museum! My sister Megan was scheduled to work and I was planning on babysitting her daughter Devaney, but then she got called off so she invited us to come with them to SLC where she had a couple of errands and then we could go to the museum. It was a blast and the kids LOVED it!
This was Ruth's favorite part, she came back to it over and over again. The screens in the back are dancers that you can copy on the mirror in front of them. So neat. Plus, costumes, so really it was a win/win.
Planting a garden! 
Will thought this bike was pretty cool, you spun the wheel and all the little bright fluff balls spun around.
26 weeks.
Ruthie went fishing for Will!

So precious.
Will like this part because he could reach the buttons that made the people start to talk and he thought that was great!
Of course some Ring Around the Roses was in order--my kids are so adorable!

Ruth got frustrated pretty quickly with the fishing, but Devaney went fishing for a LONG time--she loved it!
Aunt Megan making Ruthie laugh with a llama. I love Ruthie's face! 
Look, mom! I found a truck!
He may be a very serious kid, and he may not smile very much, but oh BOY! does he love cars and trucks!  

You can't tell, but Will is grinning here.

Then Megan took us out to lunch at Cafe Rio (where I got my new favorite--the delicious sweet pork burrito) and we had a marvelous time. Ruth loves playing with her cousin Devaney more than anything and I'm so glad they got a whole morning of playing in! Thanks Megan!