Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We had a wonderful Monday night picnic with our friends Chantelle and Jeremy and their little girl Olivia. 
Checkin' out the ducks.
Throwing bread at the ducks. 
The dads are a lot more happy about that duck than their daughters are.
That duck ate right out of Jeremy's hand.
Daddy daughter love.
Olivia insisted on holding Ruth's hand, and they were really cute about it! 

Ruth had a rough night. It was past her bedtime, and on top of that I think she is getting more brave on the playground, which also means less careful. She face-planted and got the scrape on her nose and eyebrow, and then went down the slide funny and got a fat lip. Poor girl.
All in all it was a wonderful night! Thanks so much Chantelle and Jeremy!


Sterling is FINISHED with FINALS!!! I am so so so so so incredibly excited! It makes the entire world a rosier place. Here is what his first weekend out of school was like:

I was in charge of keeping my sister's house in order. It happened, barely. She is in Guatemala with her two oldest, my niece Danica and my nephew Myles. The medical bags she took with her were HUGE, just ask Sterling, he hauled them into her suburban.  So we sent them on their way, and then Sterling went with my niece Lynnaea and my babe Will to get some grub for dinner. While they were gone everyone was happily playing outside, and when we came in, I sat on the couch to listen to my nephew Anders' super long rendition of something that happened at the school playground that day (I had asked him about school because I had dropped them off that morning during piano lessons because they missed the bus. Their clock was off. Which reminds me of how crazy the morning was too. Anyway.) Sometime through his story I decided we'd better go check on Devaney and Ruthie because they'd been gone a minute playing in Devaney's room. I told Anders to see what they were up to. He came walking slowly back in, slapped his hand to his forehead and said "We're idiots." Yup, that about sums it up.

 I went into the room and somehow they'd found a gigantic container of vaseline and smeared it....everywhere. Devaney had it covering her head in huge gobs, around the carpet she was sitting on in even bigger gobs, and trailing through an entire pile of puzzle pieces. Not to mention they had a bottle of isopropyl alcohol partly drained into the carpet as well. Anders, being a big grown-up kid of what, seven?, (I always think of him as three.) stripped Devaney down for me and stuck her in the tub while I wiped off the little bit on Ruthie and took a paper towel and slid the biggest gobs off the carpet. I scrubbed, for an hour and a half. I used dish soap on the carpet, let it dry for a little, and scrubbed some more because that's what google said to do. It got a lot better but let me tell ya, vaseline has got to be the WORST thing I have ever experienced trying to clean. It doesn't clean. It is like a hungry glop-monster that digs itself into the carpet and will NOT come out. I had to wash my hands in between scrubbing because my fingers would be so coated with vaseline that I couldn't tell if it was on the carpet or my hand. Pretty much, it was horrible. We washed Devaney's hair over six times. Three times with dish soap, but to no avail. She was quite the grease-ball. I kept thinking of Anders and his "We're idiots." Sterling fed all the kids and did dishes without bothering my scrubbing once, which says a lot for my mood at that point. Ahem.

That night Will had a stuffy nose, but he seemed to be doing all right, and true to his angelic form he slept all the way through the night. But when he woke up to nurse in the early morning, his breathing sounded worse. Luckily, the nice man at the hospital had said not to return our nose-sucker for a LONG TIME, just in case. Unluckily, it was at our house in Ogden. So the gallant Sterling rode off at 5am (with Ruth who had been woken up during the commotion, but went back to sleep for the entire drive) and drove back to Ogden to get the nose-sucker. We pulled out some whoppers from his nose when they got back, and I think we ALL breathed a little easier.

With that early start to the morning, we decided to make baking powder biscuits, bacon, and eggs and Sterling had a beautiful gourmet first breakfast after finals!!!! He is amazing, and cooked a lot of it himself since I had to nurse the baby. Funny thing, I was rolling out the biscuits and Anders had just woken up and walked into the kitchen. He picked up a water bottle off the island and went to drink it, only someone had left the lid unscrewed, so the entire thing came off and dumped all the water over him. His face was priceless. What a way to wake up! The rest of the day was much more uneventful, until I came home to Ogden early because Jared came home, and forgot all our church clothes because Sterling had hung them up in the closet and I hadn't noticed. Oh well, we wore different clothes and we'll probably be back to Morgan soon enough to pick them up. And that, is the story of how I BARELY held Megan's house together for the two days we were there.

Thank you Sterling, for spending your first free weekend taking care of kids while I scrubbed, and waking up at 5am to get the suction machine! You are my hero!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tulip Festival

And now, for a whole bunch of pictures of an absolutely beautiful day, albeit quite windy, with Aleesha and her kidlets Liam and Lydia.

She's saying hi to Lydia, who was in the backseat of the stroller.

watching the fish
the fish

Our day ended with a trip to McD's, where we had several children crying, we were completely worn out, diapers needed to be changed, and babies needed to be nursed. Awesome. Haahaa, gotta love it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Council

I told Sterling he was in charge of family council. Every. Single. Sunday. Yesterday he arbitrarily decided that we had to have family council at 5 PM on the DOT and no sooner, even if you were already finished dinner and dishes and had nothing better to do. So we napped until five. We convened with a call to order and bang of a gavel. Ruth got a little excited about that and banged for quite some time in her high chair. Sterling brought up a very few items of business and then I brought up our calendaring items. Sterling thought that once I made it through the week we were finished. Meeting adjourned. Everything I said after that was nullified because it was after our adjournment. I said that wasn't fair. He said he was in charge of family councils and he had absolute vetoing power. We had quite the good time--that man makes me laugh so hard! He also made strawberry banana shakes that were really, really good. Ask Ruth, she was one sad girlie when her shake was taken away (she was playing in it) and had to go to bed. The entire experience was very reminiscent of my family and our old family councils, where children received 'bops' that were tallied up by the scribe (somehow it was always Kayli and she always gave and took bops from whomever she liked) and punishment was supposedly administered in the hilarity at the end. Funny Sterling never attended one of those councils, because he did very well by it. Oh I love that man! And here are some pictures from Saturday, when we stole him for a couple hours and went to the Treehouse Museum (finals week is almost over!):

Monday, April 22, 2013

Too hot to handle

Sterling and I made it on a date--our first official 'babysitter' Friday night, on the town, sort-of-a date since Will was born. (It's been almost three months folks.) But Sterling was feeling oh-so-good because he got out of his LAST DAY of classes, and was ready to enjoy the night before focusing on the thought that finals start on Monday. It was a perfect interlude. So we cruised downtown 25th street. It was restaurant week in Ogden, and to fully experience this, we decided to try it out at maybe more than one restaurant. Our first choice was Jasoh's. Did you know its on the second floor of a building? Cool. We shared a three course meal (that was the option for restaurant week) and it was REALLY good. But since we just shared, I was still a bit hungry. So after running home to feed the babe, we explored 25th street a bit more---if you haven't been around there lately, you should definitely try it out. Especially when you are kidless and spirited because then every little nook and cranny looks picturesque and you just fall in love with the mom&pop feel of the place. Ahem. We've been to Rooster's before, but after deciding that I was still more than a bit hungry, we decided to do another round of a shared 3-course meal (can't go wrong when its only $15 right?). We also tried their bread pudding (I've been a connoisseur since we had some that was absolutely divine with a gift card to Tuscany's...I've already made Sterling promise to take me back for our fiftieth wedding anniversary, its that expensive.) and it was really great! So basically, our date consisted of two restaurants, and a couple walks around historic Ogden. And it was the perfect way to reconnect again after a semester that was really hard. Sterling has been working two jobs this entire semester on top of his over full-time credit hours, he has been finishing up all his paper work to apply to medical school, I had a baby, and he was in the hospital for RSV for a week. I am so glad that through all of that, I had an incredible husband by my side...even if he could rarely be literally by my side. We also accidentally brainstormed awesome date night ideas for the future (getting out of the house was really rejuvenating, haahaa) and I am super excited that Sterling is ONLY working two jobs this summer and some of those ideas might actually come to pass! Thanks Danica for being an awesome babysitter!

These photos are from Sunday. This is what trying to take a picture of two adorable kids looks like around here:

Later, during a lazy Sunday afternoon:

And these two are from Saturday, cute kids: