Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blacksmith Fork Canyon

After the morning walk and the art festival, we hung out (dad gave horse back rides) at mom and dad's and then went up Blacksmith Fork Canyon for a hot dog roast. That was my request CLEAR back in...months ago, anyway, when I found out we'd be coming to Utah. I love Blacksmith Fork Canyon, I love that it is only ten minutes from my parents house, I love that it is green and gorgeous and chilly and SOOO beautiful. It was a great time.
Dev wearing the cowboy hat that Will got at DI for a dollar. I think we left it there, sad.
'Fishing' with sticks.
We have so many teenage boys around these days! And Myles has grown EIGHT inches since I saw him a year ago and it is crazy!!!!
Haha, I love it when the older kids play.
All the kids on there are cousins. Haha. Myles got them going PRETTY fast. I'm glad I was there to save my babies before it got a little too crazy and resulted in someone flying off. Luckily, Anders has superpowers, so it was all ok.

Gideon is a great photographer. He even took three for me (so that Molly was actually in the photo, haha)!
My brother Derek, my mom, my sister Megan, my sis-in-law Brooke.
Dad. Haha.
My bro-in-law Jared and Dad.
Megan is trying to steal Molly. It's not going to work though. But I love how they both have cheesy grins right here.
Katelyn and Danica. Danica just got her wisdom teeth out (so did Myles, but he only had two and they weren't impacted) and so she was hiding her swollen cheek.
Anders roasting me a marshmellow.
Will and Ruth played in this stream ALL night. It gave me anxiety all night worrying about them falling in, but it is pretty open so I could keep a pretty steady eye on them. They loved it.
Grandpa and Molly.
Molly is JUST the sweetest and cutest EVER:

And some photos to show how GORGEOUS the canyon is:

Megan jumped in to join the party.

Everyone helps with my kids so much. It's awesome.
Derek and Mom playing catch. I win preparedness award for having a football in my van! :)
Ruth is really distraught every single night about her friends leaving and whether or not we get to play with them again soon. It's hilarious. Derek and Brooke stayed another night but left after church today and she was not impressed. Luckily, they are coming back, so she can have all of Ashlee's attention again. It is so relaxing and fun to see everyone and have so many cousins for my kids to play with! Perfect night.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


One thing that I miss SOOOOO much in Miami is my Utah mountains. Hiking on them. Camping in them. Looking at them. Basking in their glory. Hiking on them more and more and more. So even though it was a hectic morning, I convinced my mom to check out a little walk I had looked up online. (still adjusting from college-day hikes to places to go with toddlers this trip, haha)

I mean. You could just stare at that view all day.
There were lots of friendly fishermen. Surprisingly, they were even friendly after my kids threw all sorts of rocks in the water.
Morning sunshine is so pretty.
For future reference, we parked at second dam in Logan Canyon and did a little walk and then turned left which led into River Trail. Now we need to try turning right because I think that is the kid friendly walkway.
It is so cold in the canyon in the morning!

Will loved the bridges.
That mountain behind him, though.
The kids were pretty ecstatic watching this little duck with her ducklings.
The money shot. Oh, such a BEAUTIFUL morning! I am SOOO glad we went! I want to live in the mountains forever! It is just SO SO SO SO gorgeous! Those trees! That sparkling water! That SUN! That SKY! THOSE MOUNTAINS!!!!
 After a delicious breakfast of waffles and fresh strawberries, we headed out to the Logan Art Festival. Less exciting for the kids, but I absolutely loved it. I love the art. I love the atmosphere. I love the community feel. So fun.
Molly and Tyson. Poor Tys, the first time Will saw him, Will cried. So he has spent the last couple of days working hard on getting Will and Molly to like him. He carried Molly for a good portion of the morning, and it was really, really sweet. 
Ruthie and Ashlee.
Grandma MAY have spoiled her grandkids. This picture epitomizes Ruth's happy place--PINK!

We enjoyed our cotton candy, the country music, and the nice shade. I love those moments.
The kids fought over whose turn it was to hold Molly. It's so weird to me, that in a family that seems to have seven babies a year, we are now dwindling down and only my babies are around! (Although, when Kami and Andrea come we have more!)
Maloree and Molly.
Ashlee and Ruthie watching the singers. They danced a lot, too. 
The next picture is maybe my favorite picture of the entire day. A couple of teenage boys came down from Canada with my brother and his kids to go to a basketball camp with my nephew, Tyson. So for the past few days they have just been joining in on our family activities. This kid in the red, Billy, has also joined right in with helping hold and play with my babies. I am so impressed. But this picture. Two teenage boys helping two toddlers make sun catchers. It was just so sweet! They sat there with them for twenty minutes or more! 

Katelyn and Molly.
Ruth thought this was the greatest.
Ruth and Karlee making bracelets.
Ruth had to name of EVERY. SINGLE. one of Derek's and Megan's kids tonight when she said she was thankful for her 'friends'. I keep trying to tell her they are her cousins, haha. She is just in 7th heaven with so many people to play with! I love that she has that! Will, ahem. He has been quite ornery about the whole thing. But Tyson has finally won him over and after an hour on a horse this afternoon he stayed in really great spirits. He played and play and played and PLAYED with anyone and everyone and was happy as could be. It has taken him a bit longer to adjust--but it was so fun watching him today. He just traipses along with the other kids. Poor Molly is getting passed around like CRAZY, but besides missing a nap and being a little cranky this afternoon, she doesn't seem to mind. Love these kids of mine, and love the big family they get to enjoy!

The Anderson's!

Once upon a time I had a good friend in junior high and high school, but then I moved away to Logan and we never kept in touch. Then one day in a singles ward we walked into the same meeting and realized how awesome of friends we were. Then she got me a job and we worked, with no small amount of hilarity and singing, together for over a year. We got married within four months of each other and had our three kids within months of each other. 

I was the LUCKIEST that as I worked and had two children I was able to have Chantelle babysit my kids. There is nothing like trusting someone SO MUCH with your kids. Ruth and Olivia were the BEST of friends and played together SO well. She has been very, very missed. So we had to have an entire day of playing with them in Utah, and it was perfection.
Ruthie, Daphne, Olivia, Will
Also, when I got to Logan for this trip I realized...I'd never done toddler activities in Cache Valley before. High school and college, check and check. But toddlers? Where are the hot places to go? Well, after some searching for kid-friendly hikes and parks, we found this INCREDIBLE castle park right next to the Logan temple (I told Ruth all about being married there and freezing in the snow.) and it was so fun!

Snack time.
Olivia and Ruthie acted like no time had passed at all. They were best friends from the moment we met up and played and played and played all day SO well. It made me wish for a girly-friend for Ruthie in Miami--she's the only one her age there. It was so much fun for me to spend time and catch up with Chantelle and so much fun for the kids. What a great time.
 Then we brought them back for some fun and ran through the sprinklers, played on the swings and tramp, and even rode horses! Olivia and Daphne were awesome cowgirls!
Cutest girlies!!!!

I love Daphne's hair blowing in the wind!

Molly falling asleep in the swing.  
Cutest picture ever.
Grandma's garden is growing so much!