Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny Sterling

The night before we got married we went to the stake center with mom and dad to put a bunch of drinks and stuff in the fridge. Well, come to find out the fridge was broken, and between that getting fixed and mom mopping the entire place...we were there awhile. Upon leaving, I was trying to lock the door, and gave up and let Sterling work his magic. We waited. And then waited. And then we offered to help. Sterling did get the door to lock. While walking away he says "Puts a whole new light on the saying 'dumber than a door knob'." I was laughing SO HARD!

Today the lock on my car door was a little off so the key wouldn't go in, so I told Sterling to go back to his door and just open it. I kept trying to push him that direction, so finally, in exasperation he says "Let me be your man and fix it!!!" So I step back, he fixes the door, unlocks it, proudly goes to open it for me......still locked. AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!!!

Today I texted him while I was studying and he was at work:
L: Murphy is staring at me and he won't stop it.
S: Tell him, I'll squeeze the jelly from his eyes if he doesn't.

Needless to say, I was laughing out loud to an empty kitchen. Good thing he gets home soon. I've been studying too long.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So...because I am so behind in Class III requirements (I still need 16 quads) everyone at the VA felt wonderfully sympathetic and promised to give me the worst patient. I get two quads of a class IV in my chair, and I am very content with life. Until we are watching his blood pressure skyrocket!!!! So we took a ten minute break after administering carbocaine, his blood pressure came down, and I started filing furcations.....and his blood pressure skyrockets again! So, we send him to the emergency room. I got credit for one quad. Sigh.

So everyone is very willing to give me all the patients in the afternoon. Three cancel. The two that show up are 1b's, and people needed 1b's to fill their requirements. I don't need them, so I wanted the people who needed them to have them. I saw no patients.


One a much much happier note, the resident dentist let me do the local anesthesia for about seven implants and a sinus lift. So I got to do SEVENTEEN injections, and then watched as the flapped the gingiva, drilled a hole into the bone, put in a synthetic membrane(three actually) packed a huge load of bone into the space, and then went underneath and drilled three implant holes, and then put a membrane around the whole bone and unflapped the gingiva. It was INTENSE. Good thing I job shadowed with Megan, and fainted then, because I might've been near it today. It was so much fun to watch though. And cause the patient was completely under, the residents were just having a good ol' time, people would walk in and out and watch and chat. I asked all these questions, and they were always willing to answer me cause they all thought they were cool for knowing. good times.

I did get a lot of PE's done, so at least that was something!

And....pretty much I feel like I can take on the world cause I did 19 injections today. I am bomb. And humble. HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crash and Burn

In a half an hour Sterling is bringing me lunch, and I just love him. And I think I'm going to cry. And never stop until...well, I can't think of any good reason to stop, so I think I'll just keep crying forever. Sob. Sigh.

This morning started out fabulously. Sterling had breakfast waiting for me, dropped me off for my big mockboard exam, and wished me the best of luck. I want to know who got that luck, cause it surely wasn't me.

My patient was also my real board patient, coming up in just a few weeks. I had had another patient scheduled a couple of months ago, but when I called to tell them I found another patient, their phone was out of service, and I never did get a hold of them. So..I went ahead and scheduled my board patient. For those of you who aren't in dental hygiene, this means I would have an entire MOCK experience with the exact same patient I have for the real exam (which costs $1000 to take) and this would be REALLY helpful for me. You have 1/2 hour to get everything ready and the patient submitted by 8:30. 8:25 Lindsay is going ballistic, has no patient, has called to try and find a backup, and is seriously going into hysterics, walks the patient I could never get a hold of to cancel.

Unfortunately, this angel patient is not 18, and so therefore, I fail without even starting. But, he does qualify in every other aspect, so I can get the feel of what the exam is like by using him. I get him in the chair. Automatic reduction because I don't have PA's for the quad I'm working on---it was 8:25 and he had to be submitted by 8:30, there was really no way. Then, I looked at my chart and I had finished three quads and only had one left...upper left. So I submitted it. Came back as having nothing. WHAT??!?!?!? He's a class II!!!! I had another professor check. Come to realize that my chart said that was the only quad I HAD finished, and all the other three weren't clean. Argh. So we got that straightened out.

I started cleaning, was going along doing just fine. I finished his upper quad, and moved to the two lower teeth that I had submitted to fulfill requirements. Realized one had a temporary crown. And it was super shaky. I didn't even want to touch it. So I just ultrasoniced around it. Sigh.

Then I looked up at the clock and realized it was 10:45, and he was supposed to be done at 10:50!!!! I started scribbling down probe depths and recession and paperwork, and turned him in. Only to realize.......It was 9:50. I was honestly sick to my stomach.

Good news, I only missed one spot on the upper quad. I missed the entire tooth on the lower quad that I was too nervous to touch. Ouch.

So, I failed xrays. I failed because he wasn't 18. I failed because I forgot to circle buccal/lingual on my probe depths because I was in such a hurry. Lets just say I was so ready to sit down and cry. My only happy thought is that the upper quad only had one missed area, and I had an entire hour to continue working had I known it.

The only good part of this morning was the fact that my professor told me she thought I was just a completely different person this morning and she thinks that usually I am a stellar clinician.


Now, if Sterling would show up with lunch, I am going to cry for the rest of the day.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today I presented all my baccalaureate thesis information at a Table Clinic with my buddies Meagan and Shaylee at the Salt Palace in SLC. My feet hurt. But that means we just compile a little more info, put it into the end of our paper, and we are all done!

Ana got sealed to Kami and Leo last night, and it was such a neat experience to be able to watch that!

We had crepes afterwards and I had a Nutella strawberry. I have never tasted anything so divine.

I have a lot more busy work homework than I'm used to having this semester and its really lamesauce.

I turned 21 today and officially I could go clubbing. I feel like taking a nap on the couch. And I miss Sterling. Sigh. I hate working opposite schedules.

Thiry four days until I take my written national board exam and I am completely finished---pass or fail---with all of my exams and then I just have to sit out the rest to the semester to graduate. Sigh.

President Monson is speaking at my convocation! I wasn't going to go, I thought it would be boring. But I'm pretty sure I'm going now, and I am super excited!

My bathroom is clean and it looks beautiful. I scrubbed the tub for an hour and a half. It had a bunch of stuff caked on from them redoing the tiling. It looks so beautiful now, especially with our new shower curtain.

Sterling and I have a son/monkey named Murphy and I love him.

That is all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Righty!

Today was a CRAZY clinic day! Lets just sum it up with, I am a very grateful DH student with two quads of a class IV and a quad of a class III in my chair...after a 1B in the morning. Also, when your patient tells you they never brush because they bleed too much...never a good sign. ALSO--sometimes it IS OKAY to gross scale your patient and have them come back for a fine scale. One of those instances would be when they are incredibly sensitive, their anesthesia wears off rather quickly, you spend half your time trying to get them to stop gagging(and stop your sympathy gags as well) and there's so much food between the teeth you can't get to the calculus. The end.

On another note! HELLO EVERYONE! Since I have recently received calls from various sisters (almost all five of you!!! + Aleesha) I suppose I should say I AM ALIVE! I AM DOING FABULOUSLY! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BEING MRS. HAWS! (too bad my name won't be officially changed for awhile yet). No problems. No issues. Life is grand. My house is in order, and clean(mostly), my clothes are all put away, I feel moved in, I feel like we have food, I love looking at my bosch and my lifetime pans---but probably won't use them anytime soon. ahem.---my husband is the hottest thing on this planet, and we have silk red sheets. What more do we need? About one more year of no school or work to enjoy it. They actually did that in Isaiah's time. Lets bring it back.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All righty then

So...I had a patient scheduled for this morning, and he said he'd bring his wife too, so I had the possibility of two new classifications....and they called from Wyoming and said they'd be another two hours. UH....not really helpful. So I called Megan, and she brought Anders in. In the meantime, I scheduled another lady who said she could be there at 8:30---and her chart looked really easy, so I figured I could finish her by the time my sister Megan got there at 9:30. But she didn't show up until 9:20. So I gave her to Candace--which was a very kind thing for Candace to do for me, cause it made her morning crazy! Thanks Candace!

Then, in the afternoon I had two patients scheduled, one 1B from last semester, and 2 quads of a II to finish up the mouth. So I had told the original Wyoming people to come in the afternoon, just in case I had an opening. But no, my first patient no-showed, and they didn't show up either. So I called mY patient that was scheduled at 2 to come in early, which he did, but he was done in an hour, and it made for a very SLOW day.

Minus the one hour Megan and Anders were there and I tried to do both of them. Would have been totally fine if I didn't have to do all of Megan's charting, and then she was sensitive---not her fault, it just takes longer cause I couldn't use the ultrasonic. But I'm glad I was able to get them in, and finish two quads of a II. So a slow day, but not completely unproductive luckily.


Monday, February 8, 2010


red high heels:check

Now....what are we waiting for???!?!??!?!?!?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So even though life is incredibly hectic and I feel like I get no sleep, and I'm at a point of exhausted that I never even knew existed....I am so incredibly happy for the point I am at in life. Sometimes I just look at Sterling and I really can't believe I'm marrying such an amazing guy. Last night I was actually going to get to bed at a reasonable hour...but we stayed up talking until 1am. And I am so glad. It was one of our best talks recently, and I miss that, because we're usually so busy.

Then, this morning we went on a 'date'. Our last one as an engaged couple, since we get married in seven days, and Sterling works every single day between now and then, except the day before our wedding, but I work that day. Sad. So we were going to go to the temple, but that got derailed since we remembered Ogden is closed for cleaning, and we didn't have time to go to Bountiful and get Sterling glasses, which I was very set on doing, since his dr. says his eyes are getting irritated from wearing contacts so much. We got a $10 frame, with the cheapest lenses, and used a $20 gift certificate I got at a bridal shower(I have another one, but I didn't have it on me, and I figure we'll use it for something anyway), so it actually wasn't too expensive. Then we went home to see what we had time for, realized this would be the last real time we had together, and I convinced him to go to ABC Mandarin--my favorite restaurant, that we've never been to together. It was happy. We went back home to get his work clothes, and I fell asleep on our new couch (did I say we got a couch on KSL???It was very exciting!). So I slept, and then took him to work. I can't believe the next time we really get to spend time together will be our wedding day! CRAZY! I am so excited.

We got our marriage license this morning, before the glasses, and when we got back in the car, Sterling commented that we had our license, we had our recommends, so technically we could elope right then. If I wasn't so tired I would have been totally for it. Except my mother might have killed me. Hahaa. It was so exciting though, and so happy, and it was such a beautiful day!!!! I'm marrying the best man in the whole world in seven days, and I really can't quite believe it!

Now I am babysitting my brother's two girls, and Sterling is at work, and as we were eating Ramen for dinner, I told my niece that she had the cutest dimples ever. She looked at me and said "You have the cutest Lindsay ever!" HAAHAA! So cute.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Hannah

All right everyone hold on to your seats....its another blog about teeth. But can I just say that it is also about LINDSAY'S GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS????? So don't be too annoyed at me.

Problem one: Lindsay was too nervous to eat, but she did drink about 1/2 a mc D's smoothie that Sterling so thoughtfully brought by.
Problem two: Lindsay has never worked on her patient, she was just grateful to have someone willing to be here for an exam.
Explanation: Today was mockboards...we have two this semester, and it is in preparation for the real board exams which qualify us to have a license....and its pretty intense. Everything is set up just exactly like the real thing.
Problem three: Lindsay's patient, which should have been a class II to qualify, was a class IV. You may not know what that means---I'm just asking for sympathy.
Problem four: Boards have a time limit you have to have the teeth cleaned in. No matter what classification.
Problem five: My patient wanted his entire mouth cleaned, not just the 1/4 that is required in that time-frame for the test.

So, I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, and worked as hard as I could, and I honestly have never worked that hard in my life, and Prof. H told me it was okay if I missed a lot of spots, and failed the mockboard, because it was such a hard patient, that that would be very understandable. I waited and waited and waited for them to finish examining my patient(across the room) and I was shaking--partially probably from lack of food, but mostly nervousness----and I missed ONE SPOT!!! My professor just looked at me and said "I can't believe you did that good!" HAAHAAHAAA

I did have tissue trauma, which is a 6 point reduction, but Dr. Naylor told me that you can't have that hard of a patient and get them clean without having tissue trauma, its just impossible. So I feel fine about that. Then I had a sheepish moment where I forgot to fill in my recession boxes with a zero, because nothing can be left blank, which is funny cause I reminded everyone else about that over lunch---and thats a 2.5 point reduction. But.....I PASSED!!!!!! And I'm thinkin', if I can pass with that much going wrong....I'm going to breeze through boards!!!! Now...if only I could focus on studying for the written exams.....Sigh.