Thursday, October 29, 2009


Clinicals today. It was good. I got a class 2 exam in the morning. It was hard, and long, and my back hurts. But I needed the exam, so that was good. I did two quads of a five and one quad of a three in the afternoon, and had some fun playing around with my files for the first time. I used the one quad of a class III as an exam, which is good. That means all I really need is three quads of a class III exam, but I think I can go back and count some other ones. I am totally fine on the amount of three's, well, I have over 8 quads...but I haven't had ANY of them at WSU, which is a problem. So....three more quads of a class three. Thats all I need. Sigh. I have one guy scheduled next week I think, so lets keep fingers crossed!
I'm mostly just hungry now. And hoping that pod wrap is fast. Haahaa. Thats about it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

good times

We had lab in the afternoon, so I only had one patient in the afternoon. A first year came and watched, which was kinda fun, but probably pretty boring for her, since it was a recall patient and I just had three quads to finish scaling. Not much else. Life is TOO busy, but I'm loving learning everything.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Clinics for the Week

I had VA on Tuesday, and it went pretty well. As per my norm, my first patient no-showed, so I had a pt come in at 9:30, but I didn't have much time with him, and he would NOT get numb! He was the first anesthesia injections I've done on a patient---of course, he didn't know that--- and so Prof M redid my injections. Still no numbness. Argh! So we did Oraqix and papillary injections. Still...not really numb. So we scheduled him for the next day and some nitrous, and I got credit for one quad. Argh. Although, it was nice to get some experience with injections. Second patient also needed anesthesia, I did fine with it, and finished two quads, which was all that he needed since he had been seen before. Three quads in an entire day. I can't do this and fulfill all my requirements!

Today at WSU we had lab in the morning and learned a bunch of stuff so that we can do it on our own---Arestin, blood glucose testing, subgingival irrigation, and it was pretty fun. We talked to hot dogs. And injected stuff into them. Maybe you had to be there. But then it was awesome because I had a pt this afternoon that I got to give two injections of Arestin to! Yay! It was pretty fun. It was a fairly chill afternoon---after opening three ultrasonics to get one that had an o-ring that worked. I didn't even know what they were until today. I did three quads of a class V. Probably should've tried to double book myself, but it was nice to get her done, feel like I could really spend some time on her, and feel good about life in general.

Thats all folks!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


WEll....technically my patient would have been dismissed because he had an abscess on the other side of his mouth. Luckily, its a they let me get away with it. I didn't pass anyway though. Sigh. I was really close though. And Prof Perry is amazing and went over every single detail with me this afternoon, and I actually feel really good about it. I was good on my probe depths and recession, and all that sort of stuff, so that was happy. And I think I knew my mistakes, I had just been working on it for so long, and gotten SO MUCH off, that you start to miss smaller things. Also, by the end of the appointment he was REALLY tender, and so next time: don't give an option for anesthesia. Its required for board patients. Because I really think thats why I missed them, cause I had got the major bulk, and then he wouldn't let me get lower. Oh well. It was actually a really great day, and I am so glad its over, and all in all it was super successful. Sigh. One more stress down.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Clinic this week. More than a little stressful. Two patients that were supposed to be good classifications. Two cancellations. I did find patients to come in....but that wastes a lot of time so it was a busy day. Lets just say-not excited for mockboards. I'm done with stress. Done. Until I called my mom today and turned hysterical on her. Poor mother. I never want girls. Ever. The VA was a very similar experience. Both my patients no-showed. I found a patient both times, but lost some serious time. Argh. It's all right though---tonight I'm chillin' with some chocolate icecream and then I am going to sleep. Nice, happy, 8 hr shift tomorrow and then Sunday. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I don't allow myself to do ANY school related things, and I don't even think about them, and it is seriously pure joy. Thats all for today folks!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Okay, so my very first HARD Class III patient Tuesday at the VA, and let me tell ya, I was eating a load of humble pie! I suppose I've been pretty cocky about my abilities at removing calculus. Not anymore. It was a rough day, with lots of juggling, lots of time wasted, but it was four quads of a Class III, so I can't really complain.
Lets just say Lindsay keeps learning lessons! Today I spent an hour working on a health history of a patient....who already had a chart and I had no idea. I've never had that happen before, and it was kinda maddening--but no one's fault but my own. Sigh. But I did get one quad of a Class III and two quads of a Class V. I only finished one quad, but I buffed up my skills of conventional film (I wish the entire universe used phosphor plate!!!) and I've got her rescheduled.
HAPPY NEWS! I got my new loupes during lunch...and I'll come back and tell ya how afternoon clinic went!
Afternoon was great, sometimes it seems to take so much longer than the average day! I did OD, 4 bitewings, and two quads of a Class V, which wasn't the easiest, but it wasn't incredibly difficult either. Glad its over. Now I am going to study and take a test. Fabulous. Oh, but PS I got my loupes and I used them today and I love, love, LOVE them, it wasn't really that hard to get used to, it was just really fun to see things!