Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sterling and I are LOVING being in primary. We see all the kids for singing time, junior and senior, and we come home just laughing about all of their antics all day long. Last week I know there were several hilarous stories, but there's an even funnier one from Sacrament Mtg this week:

Riley is a 3 yr old sunbeam, who always lets Sterling know that she sang "REALLY good that time!" or that she was paying attention, or that its her turn, she's really sweet about it though. So we had a speaker that is blind and in a wheelchair, and she also sings in the choir. So they had taken her from her wheelchair and sat her on the front row of choir seats with the rest of the choir members so that she was ready for the song. And instead of trying to move her for a talk, they just gave her a mic to talk from her choir seat. She was surrounded by other choir members, so not easily noticeable. Well, the bishopric member announced who was speaking, sat down, and then this lady started to talk from her seat. I watched Riley's eyes look at the podium, and then kinda look around, and then she turns to her mom and in this stage whisper says "She's INVISIBLE!" I was laughing so hard. She could not figure out where the body of the voice was! So funny.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You should see!

You should go to.......THE TERRACE! We went to a show there a couple weeks ago with Adam and Aleesha, and the show was ok. "cute" would be the best word for it. But last night Sterling wanted to get his mind off chemistry for a minute so we went to opening night of The Scarlet Pimpernel, and can I just say it was AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, BEST-EVER, INSPIRING, WONDERFUL, FABULOUS and such a good show! They had stellar main characters with fabulous voices, stellar supporting characters with hilarious antics, and some incredible costume designs! We were laughing our heads off through the Boys scene, and touched in the distressing scenes. I have never seen the Scarlet Pimpernel as a musical...I've seen the movie, I've read the book....but I LOVED the music! I thought it was one of the best that the Terrace Plaza Playhouse has put out in a long time. Thoroughly impressed. Everyone should find a night, find a babysitter, etc. and go! Or take your kids...there were several kids there last night and they all were really intrigued. That is all.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blow dryers and Sterling's Birthday!

My blow dryer broke this morning. I had just started blow drying my hair and suddenly it was smoking and hissing and the coils inside were turning orange and red. Since, when left to dry on its own, my hair goes in ringlets, crazy waves, and other such things, I decided this morning was just as good as any to go buy a new one. The picture below has nothing to do with this story, but was taken because I was excited that my hair is starting to fit in a pony tail again. It seems to be growing out faster this time around. This is the planet that I painted. I gave Sterling a solar system mobile for his birthday. He LOVES it. He wants to hang it in the living room when we finish. I'm not so sure about that. But so far he's let me paint Uranus and Venus. Neither of mine are as amazing as the planets he has painted, but I love the purple color I got for Venus--I was mixing paints(it was my favorite part of painting).

This is Sterling holding up the birthday cake I made him, with his solar system mobile kit on the coffee table below. I also got him a really cute shirt from American Eagle, but he hasn't really worn it yet because its long-sleeved and the weather is still really warm.

Here he is picking into the cake. Or brownie. Or whatever it turned into. I don't really understand how I can make mom's rolls and breads without any problem...but my cakes??? Serious issues. I also tried to make fudge icing, but the lid got securely suctioned to the pan. Even when I tried heating the pan up again, it was still suctioned. Eventually, after picking Sterling up from the library, he got it off by heating it up again. So I don't really feel I am to be blamed about the fudge icing not turning out...definitely the pans fault.

This is just because I was going through pictures on my camera and putting some on our new (Kami's old) computer...and I saw this one from Yellowstone this summer. I like it.

Also, I saw this picture, while skimming through my camera. I like it, too.

And this, last but not least, picture is for Kayli. To show her a cute new shirt that I got. The only thing about this picture, is that you can't see the cute buttons that hold the sleeves up. But this is it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Sad News

I really don't like job hunting the least littlest bit. The office that I work at (very seldomly, but I do work there) LOVES me, why can't the rest of the world join in? I had two working interviews and one plain interview in the last two weeks. I didn't get any of them. One, didn't even bother to tell me they have filled the position. I found out by calling them a few days after they had said they would call me. Another office, one I was really hopeful for because they knew my references and seemed really excited, said that they thought I was an "excellent candidate" he really enjoyed interviewing me, and they thought I was a "perfect fit for their office" but, unfortunately, they'd filled the position, but might have one opening in January, and would I still be interested? I said of course I would be, and to give me a call. But REALLY??!??!?!?! I mean, if you liked me all that much, why didn't you just give me the job now? Hmph. Dad said maybe another candidate was related or something. That makes me feel a little bit better. The third office, was one I really enjoyed. It was a very state-of-the-art office, and they had a luncheon while I was there so I got to eat pizza and socialize with everyone and had a really good time. The dentist called me and apologized for calling so late, but he said he had battled with the front desk lady about who would call me. He said he liked me so much he didn't want to call me with the bad news, but the front desk lady said she had wanted me to get the position, so she didn't want to call me, so the dentist himself called me and said they had felt better about giving the position to a girl who has subbed frequently throughout the last year in their office, so she kinda had a foot in the door. Double hmph. But he said he thought I was wonderful and could he please keep my number and call me to sub in the future? I told him that was a great idea, and tried to be as cheery as possible. Then I hung up and was very upset. Sigh. Later that night I got a random phone call from an office that I submitted a resume to via the weber state dental hygiene alumni facebook page. So I have a working interview on Friday. Only downside is the is a one-day a week job and its an hour commute. Through SLC. But I'd take it anyway. Definitely. Just a little saddening after all the jobs that I just didn't get were within twenty minutes of our home. Ya know, if I had a regular job we might actually be able to have medical insurance? And more than just liability insurance on our car? And what if our car breaks down, which it often threatens to do? We've never had a car bill, and pretty sure it wouldn't sit too well with our current finances. Its just sickening to me that life is so precarious when I should be making SIXTY THOUSAND A YEAR! Triple hmph. And that is all for today folks. And yes, it was a lot of whining. And yes, I feel entitled to whining. And no, I don't care if you think I am more whiney than the situation allows for. I'm going to go do the dishes now. At least the rolls I made yesterday for the first time all by myself turned out fantastic for Sterling's birthday dinner. And he loved his birthday present so much he was like a little 6 year old boy. Cindy said I knew him REALLY well to get him a solar system mobile that you can paint yourself. I was just really happy that he was that excited. So life is not all bad.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Oh, hygiene job! Where are you? Why do you keep forgetting about me? Today was an amazing day doing hygiene, and so was yesterday, can we make this a permanent arrangement? I don't want to sub anymore! Thank you, yours truly, a distressed hygienist.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Hot Husband

This first picture is on his birthday, the first weekend we seriously dated, up at a camp. He was caught in the rain. I LOVE this picture.

This is when we were very first married and we went and flew kites. He looks so good.

I don't know why, but when I crop photos, they go more pink. But one of my favorite features of my hubby are his dark eyelashes. I think this guitar picture shows them off fabulously!

Aviator glasses. Need I say more?

Not sure about this pose. But I sure do love him!

I love, love, LOVE his smile lines and his curly hair. Both of which he hates. He cuts his hair so it doesn't show, and normally he spikes his hair in front so you don't see the curls on his forehead. I think this is a shame. But when he's sweaty and been wearing a hat while hiking then you can see how handsome they are!

I love, love, love, love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture! He promised me he'd grow a goatee until school started. It got a lot longer than this, but I forgot to take a picture before he shaved! But I love his facial hair, and he hates it. Sigh. But he is so handsome, its ok.

This hike was later, and so his hair is longer. Its pretty red, actually. I think its incredibly handsome. And look at those beautiful brown eyes that he has. And his crinkly smile eyes. Sigh.

I love this picture. I just love it. He let me mess up his hair. I love it.
So, after all of those amazing pictures, what is a girl to do? KISS HIM OF COURSE!

Friday, September 3, 2010


This is Sterling, his older brother Paul, and his younger brother Marlowe. Paul is visiting from Kentucky, and I have never met him before! He came down to visit his mom and took a detour to visit everyone in Utah, so on Wednesday night we had a Haws dinner and all the aunts and uncles came and said hi. Marlowe is four years younger than Sterling, and Paul in three years older than Sterling. (They have a sister, Katherine, thats inbetween Paul and Sterling.) I think Marlowe is a mix between Paul and Sterling, and I don't think Paul and Sterling look very much alike.
This is all of us, minus their one older son Kaylebb.

This is Arthur, Sterling's mom Karen, and Sterling.
I have no idea why this picture turned out so much darker, and I'm annoyed because its the only one I have of everyone. But this is them with their son Kaylebb, and Marlowe is holding Charlotte.

Paul with Charlotte, Karen, Arthur, and Sterling. At Cabela's. Thats a pretty neat store!
Sterling and I are really excited because we got the Haws family book from Max Haws right before the dinner and Aunt Deanne also brought us laminated copies of biographies about his grandparents on the Haws side. Its fun to learn all about these people that Sterling didn't know that well since some live so far away!