Monday, March 30, 2015

Dinosaurs at the Zoo-Spring Break!

Sterling still hadn't had a chance to see the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo, so we made a day of it and saw almost the ENTIRE zoo in one trip (just missed the last loop where the giraffes and zebras live). That is more zoo in one visit than we have ever accomplished, it was so much fun! The kids did AWESOME and they absolutely LOVED showing off the dinosaurs to daddy. We even had time to splash at both splash pads!

These little otters gave us quite a show, the kids loved them!

Watching the otters play.
First time the wild dogs have moved while I've been watching. They are a lot bigger when they stand up than laying down! 
Ruth was trying to be brave and yell "RAWR" at this little guy. He spit on Will twice, it was hilarious.

T Rex broke through the fence and he's coming to get us!!!!
Take a good, long time to look at the following photos. Sterling's faces make me laugh out loud every. single. time. The fact that Will was terrorized only made it funnier. We are mean parents sometimes. Haha.

The fearless T-Rex tamer.
 I guess I didn't take that many photos of the dinosaurs, but they are in previous posts. Ruth was ecstatic to show daddy "the spiky ones". She kept telling Sterling how they were her "fwav-wet". I love her little girl pronunciations. Also, Kayli, is it stuttering when Ruth will say the same phrase three or so times before she can find the right word to finish her sentence? Sterling and I were commenting on that today. Also, also. My kids are the most adorable.

Will's eyebrow. Classic Will.
I have honestly never looked over the ledge to see these fish before. Then Ruthie spun the machine, even though we didn't have a quarter to put in it, and fish food came out! So we had fun feeding them. There are also three turtles in this photo if you can find them!
Swarming for fish food. Kinda gross. 
For Kami.
Giant Waxy Something Frog. Haha. It was a cool name, sad I forgot. They were GOLIATHY GIANT though. I don't think I've ever noticed them before.

Fresh-water sting ray.
 We decided to keep going since the kids were doing so great and we found this part of the zoo we have NEVER BEEN IN--and we have had a year pass for almost a year now. This zoo is so big, it's crazy. We did the Amazon very first thing when we first moved here and I thought we covered all three sections of it, but I guess we called it a day without finishing. They had Giant Sea Otters (can't remember if Giant was actually the term used, but they were something like that) and bats and anteaters. Unfortunately, my camera died. The otters were definitely my favorite part--they put on such a great show! I guess it was the day for otters, since we saw both exhibits.

The following picture is the greatest because Will had been sitting right in the corner on that ledge and that otter swam right down like that and Will SQUEALED and jumped right out of his seat SO FAST. He was not impressed. He even walked right over to the stroller and started pushing it away so we would leave. He had a few scares at the zoo, poor kid. 

And that is where my camera died. Probably a good thing, as this post would have gotten much much much too long. My kids at the splash pad are one of my favorite things, and they had a great time cooling off. We even splurged a bit and bought fries (I ALWAYS want to, they always smell SOOO good and it is RIGHT by the splash pad.) for the first time, they were delish! So between the dinosaurs, the new Amazon section and getting food, it felt like a completely different zoo experience, which was so much fun. We love Spring Break!

SPRING BREAK! (the first of many)

Sterling took a test Friday morning and since then we have been LIVING IT UP! 
First, some random photos.
Last week in their matching dresses. Those two are just SOOOOOOO sweet!
Ruth is such a great bike rider these days, she can go and go and go so far!
Here's the orange skirt on Ruthie, Kate. 
Will doesn't have quite the stamina, but thanks to Kami's consumer report, his bike is so light he just picks it up and carries it when he is finished riding. He can CRUISE now, though. So fast its crazy.

Enjoying a Saturday with daddy. We had lots of things to catch up on (grocery shopping, clothes shopping for Sterling--he might have been spoiled due to our recent tax return, but then again, his clothes were in tatters, so maybe not so spoiled, haha--and new beds to set up --from a ward member, we are so lucky!)--so the first little bit of Sterling's break was doing a lot of those things. But Saturday we just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of having a dad around. He has been working SO hard lately and the kids rarely see him (up before them, home after them) it's a treat just to have him around!

Will is very serious about driving this car. I think his dream come true would be having this around at all times.
Molly is unimpressed, but Sterling is SOOO handsome!
There's a smile! 

He basically likes to drive anything. Here he was annoyed that his hands couldn't reach to push the stroller, so when I stood him up on the second seat, he was annoyed that his feet couldn't touch to push the stroller. It's so hard being a small, little man. Haha!
On your mark! Get set!

Hide 'n Seek. Sterling is great at hiding!

Ruthie is great at mimicking hiding places, haha. Adorable.

My brown eyed boys.

Ruthie the photographer strikes again!
 Spring dresses. This blue dress was mine, then Ruthie wore it, and now Molly! 

Five and a half teeth.

My haircut. I needed a trim and I didn't want to need one again soon, so we went a little shorter. It feels a little too short, but with this haircut I know it will be how I want it in two weeks or so, so I'm really happy with it! Molly was finished with pictures. 
PC: Ruth (and for the next photos)

The end.