Friday, July 29, 2011

Almost there!

Approximately 60 hours until we have our very first baby!
Our house is clean (well, lets say that at least it's recovered from being gone last week)
Bags are packed...not really, but its scheduled, so whats the rush, right???
I made bread today so there will be lots in the freezer so Sterling won't starve in the weeks of recuperation when I KNOW I won't be making bread.
Most importantly...we picked up Dominion Intrigue because Sterling says it will be awesome to play at the hospital...haahaa. I don't know if we will actually be able to, or if I will even WANT to play it at the hospital, but it was a really good excuse to buy it and we are SUPER excited to play it tomorrow!!!! YAY!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maximum Cuteness Guaranteed

My sister Amy is amazing, so yesterday after I cleaned her teeth, she came to our apartment and set up this matching crib set! She picked it specifically to go with the pictures I picked out (was forced to pick out) to go on the wall. I LOVE it! I also love that the crib skirt hides our food storage underneath. And I love the window curtain, it makes the whole room a lot more little-girlish! Now, Sterling says she had just better be a girl! Haahaa

And now, for an update on how baby Ruthie is doing. She is stubbornly staying breech, and the version that they tried last week did not work. My family and Sterling's family fasted this weekend and then Sterling and my dad and all my brothers and in-laws gave me a blessing on Monday. Sterling said some really special things about our family, our future family, the baby's health, and my own health, but he did not say the baby would turn. That's okay--we'll take healthy! Dr. H said this morning that he doesn't see her moving at all...she's too big, and I'm too far along. I did ask him lots of questions about all of our options and unless I want to put myself and my baby in a high-risk situation that probably will end up in an emergency c-section anyway, I should just go with a scheduled c-section. The doctor wouldn't suggest trying anything different, so unless I wanted to go try a midwife or someone who would be willing to go through a lot of risks---and I'm not. The good news is, I will be able to try for a VBAC really easily, because nothing is wrong with my body or the baby's body--it's just the position, so hopefully this is a one-time deal and I can have my baby's normally for the rest of my family! Sterling and I feel like we've kinda had a trial-run at the hospital, because of the version---he's seen me hooked up to all the iv's and tubes, and in the hospital gown, so hopefully all goes well this time around. C-section is scheduled for Monday morning, and my sister Megan is working that day and will be my anesthetist! YAY!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reunion Picture Overload

I promise, there are several reasons for the picture overload. 1) I know my sister Kayli in Switzerland is dying to see all the pictures from the reunion. 2) I will most likely (c-section is scheduled for Monday) be having a baby REALLY soon, so I want to post all my pictures right away so I can post pictures of my baby soon. And 3) It was really really hard to choose between my 248 pictures, which ones to post. So I just did a lot. Enjoy!My pictures are in backwards order, because Blogger is like that, and I don't want to fix it. So the above pictures are of the hike we did up American Fork canyon our last day. It was gorgeous. And paved...which was nice. The reunion, by the way, was right above Aspen Grove. And I posted the pic of Kami's family because I think Kami's smile is FABULOUS.
Races and the parachute game. It was awesome. Especially because Wyatt made running races an extra long event by inventing obstacle courses to run through.
Sitting around the campfire the first night, which was grandpa&grandma telling-stories-about-their-childhood night.
Random pictures from the first night's dinner at the Ropes Course.
Everyone on the Ropes Course.One picture shows Anders happy and blood-free, another one shows his bloody chin after he bit through his lower lip. I was a great aunt, and before looking for his mom, told him to smile for a picture. Haahaa.

The reunion was fabulous, tiring, and for a 9-month pregnant lady I spent the majority of my time sitting in my camp chair and taking pictures. I did not take any pictures at lagoon---sorry. HUGEST HIGHLIGHT EVER: This was the first ever Rasmussen Family Reunion attended by the Haws family, and we WON the karaoke contest!!!!! No one can really understand the depth of this statement unless you know the Rasmussen family and understand that the karaoke contest is the most talked up and looked-forward-to event of the whole reunion....I WILL post the video when I get my hands on it...I promise.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My man and a grill

Yes...I finally gave in, and let him buy a grill. And the food was totally worth it. Yummy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Shower

Here are just a couple of pictures from the awesome shower my mom-in-law threw for me! I posted pictures of the beautiful quilt Cindy made, my own mom made, and the cute blanket my sis-in-law Jenny made for me! Also the first picture on the top left is me taking a pin off because Little Megan caught me at saying "cute"....lets just say, I lost all of my pins pretty quick. Thanks everyone for the great gifts! I feel like we can have a baby now---we have diapers, wipes, wash, lotion, blankets, clothes, onesies, socks, and lots of other adorable things! Thanks!
Oh and as far as baby being breech...pretty positive she still is, but we have a dr's appointment this afternoon. Hopefully we can schedule a version, because I'm getting pretty positive that she's not going to flip again on her own, and I'm really hoping it works!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Almost 37 Weeks Update

(Don't mind my cheesy smile in this picture, none of the other pics had good lighting) Well...I was hoping we'd have good news, last week I even warned Dr. Hurst that a breech baby was one of my biggest fears and was he absolutely POSITIVE that it was head-down? He reassured me that she was. I thought she moved positions and might not be head-down anymore the day after my appointment last week, but then I convinced myself that I was just being overly-worried about it, and Dr. Hurst had said she probably was too big to move that much. Unfortunately, she did. She switched on us and is now breech. So....we have another appointment next week and if she's still breech then they'll schedule a version. Here are some pictures of our beautiful baby girl: (Sterling thinks she looks like a black baby with big lips. Her hand is coming up from the bottom onto her face so thats why you can't see the entire face)
There were more pictures, but I don't want to scan all of them. Thats all for today folks, pray that she moves!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sterling and I had a FABULOUS morning together hanging out at Nickelcade. It was awesome. Sterling said he was NEVER taking me to Vegas. I really liked the get-tickets-quick-games. Ahem. I also really liked the Nickelodeon racing games, the basketball shooting games, and the dinosaur shooting game. Basically it was all a lot of fun, and we had a great time. We had them do a drawing of us before we left!!! So cool!
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Green Pond Loop (Snowbasin)

We went on a 5-mile hike last night, and I feel pretty good that I was able to do hike it without slowing everyone too much! The scenery all night long was absolutely BREATH TAKING, and I wish I could enlarge the pictures to show everyone, but its not working on this computer for some reason. We went with our good friends, Cam and Lindy, who came down from Logan for the hike. It really was so incredibly beautiful! Although...lots and lots and lots bugs! I should've taken pictures of Sterling swatting at them all night, it was pretty hilarious. I especially wish I could enlarge the panoramics that Sterling was amazing and took. They are incredible!

Sterling calls this the Fern Forest---they were as tall as me!!!!

This is the Green Pond, we never got any closer than this picture.

This picture is my favorite, those flowers are so beautiful!

We even got to see a rainbow at the end!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Here is our 4th of July weekend in a whole slew of pictures. First my big fat belly----only a few more weeks!!!! The shirt and hat are courtesy of my little brother, Ethan. The first set of pictures are when we went and stayed Saturday at the cabin with Sterling's family. Then on Sunday we went out to my family's house and that night did fireworks, the next morning went to the Hyrum parade, and that afternoon everyone (besides me and my big, big belly) played ultimate frisbee in the field with all the irrigation water. YAY for a weekend off together! Sorry the pictures are so blurry, I can't figure out how to work this camera...grrrr!!!