Tuesday, January 28, 2014

News of the Life-Changing Sort

We are so very excited. If we end up moving to Miami this babe will be born there. Crazy kid! Right before Sterling starts medical school. I am just barely 12 weeks along (almost) but I have been SO incredibly sick that all our close friends and family know anyway. Lots of fun stories on that front...like puking on my mother-in-laws driveway. Yeah. Good times. I'll have to do a post on that later. There is some general speculation that this will be a girl since I was also really sick with Ruthie, but not sick at all with Will…we shall see. Secretly I'm hoping for a boy and Sterling is hoping for a girl, but either way we will be very happy. 

Here's some outtakes:
Will's grin! HAAHAA!
I was bribing Ruth with mints to keep her smiling. For some odd reason Will was the easy one for this photo shoot.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Haircuts and January

Somehow I only got a 'before' picture for Ruthie. Her hair was starting to get really scraggly again, and I told Sterling that if he wants it long then it has to be good, even hair before it grows. 
Before. Look how it falls into his eyebrows and over his ears! Oh my little baby hair!
 So, all that hair made me think he needed a trim. I mean, he is turning one. Maybe we should let him get a bit bigger. BUT, GAHHHH! Look how big he looks! I can't even handle it. 

 And now, for random other pictures from January. 
Apparently the blanket I made her doll for Christmas is also a stellar cape. Duly noted.
Yes, all the couch cushions are off the couch in the background…glad you noticed. BUT LOOK AT THAT CRAZY GRIN!
He is pretty much the most handsome boy that ever was.
 In January Will's asthma acted up and we were back on three nebulizer treatments a day as well as an oral med. Then he got sick on top of that. And on top of that, he's been trying to get molars for the past three weeks. Here's some pictures of me cuddling my sweet, sick boy after missing him all day at work.

Ruth likes to line up all her animals and dolls in rows. On the couch. On the stairs. On her bed. 

He loves to spit.
I know, I know, the light is glaring in horribly from the window. But CUTEST. SMILE. EVER!
Look at those brown eyes. Oh my little man, how I love you.
 This is after Ruthie got her hair cut, although you can't tell. She was eating animal crackers and dipping them in nutella, so that is what's all over her teeth.

Cutie haircut.
Or rather, she was licking nutella off of her animal cracker, and never eating the cracker.
 These are Will post-haircut.

Handsomest boy ever. I just LOVE that double chin. 

 And this is how my kids take their snacks. On the floor. (Sometimes.)

And that's all you've been missing the last couple of weeks. Tata.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More Christmas Activities--yes, in the middle of January

For some odd reason these pictures loaded out of order. I don't feel like changing them. The weekend before Christmas, while Sterling was working, I met up with his fam and we went to see the Layton lights. Primarily because his Uncle Jim (his dad's first cousin) is Santa Claus there every year and we wanted to say hi. The lights were cute, Santa was so fun, and I thought the best part was that we got to ride on a trailer pulled by a little tractor--our very own hay ride! The kids had a great time, for the most part, and we sang LOUDLY and SPIRITEDLY (thanks to Jenny) and had a wonderful time too!
I really liked these little dragonflies, they looked like they were flying because their wings would flap.
This dragon, obviously, very cool. 
It was the first time I'd used my camera in this type of setting, so I had a hard time trying to figure out what settings to use. But even if this is blurry, I think it looks magical.
Ruthie and Uncle Jim aka Santa
Jenny, Ruthie, Santa, Ethan

Will was pretty unsure about the whole thing.
Uncle Jim specifically wanted a picture with Cindy. So sweet.
I LOVE this picture!
Grandma Cindy and marshmellow Will.
A nice man took a picture of ALL of us!

 We had a great time and it was a fun activity to put us in the Christmas spirit. Now…I'd move on to January but I really haven't taken any pictures. And nothing exciting has happened. Sterling is home more, but he's picked up extra shifts and so have I, so that's disappointing. Our washing machine broke, which is super annoying--we determined it would be about the same to get a cheap one off ksl as it would be to just go to a laundromat for the next five months, since we didn't plan on moving our washing machine with us. So we're still trying to decide which we want to do. The kids are happy. Will's asthma has been really bad which means we've been to the dr, had a lot more nebulizer treatments, and I generally spend a portion of my day just listening to his breathing. And…thats about all for January. I am ready for spring. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Boxing Day

We partied with my family the day after Christmas--and it was a blast! There were games, sledding, more games, food, more food (we even did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of hoagies that I had missed and the juice that dad always makes and I was SO happy!) and even more games.  Sledding was a big highlight though, and pretty much the only thing I brought my camera out for. We had such a blast!

Kiersten, Devaney, Megan
Danica, Myles, Anders, Cowen, Lynnaea

Sterling and Megan were AMAZING and hauled Devaney and Ruthie up a million times. Although Sterling is pulling Ruthie and Will in this pic.

Everyone on ONE train!!!!
Mom, Anders, Cowen, Myles, Danica, Lynnaea, Miriam, Kiersten, Devaney, Ruthie, Megan
And down the hill they go...

These girls had SUCH a great time!

Mom and Lynnaea
Hottie Danica
Cutest bundle of baby.
Handsomest man ever. 
Look at those grins!
Ruthie, Devaney, Lynnaea

Love this. Teamwork.
Kiersten, Mom, Will (see him in there?), Lynnaea

Of course, you can't have a Rasmussen Christmas party without Rook.
Jared, Dad, Megan, Mom
Kami joined this game via Skype. She was a bit homesick.
Lynnaea, Danica, Andrea, Tim

Yay for such a great party and such a great break!