Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a...

And we are REALLY excited!!!! I kinda wasn't surprised, which was weird because I hadn't really thought it was definitely a boy or girl. Everything measures just right...she almost weighs half a pound (funny, since I've only gained a total of 2.5 pounds). I told Sterling I was going to start giving her pep talks about how she needs to be small enough for me to carry...cause after babysitting Devaney on Friday and she wasn't feeling too well, my arms were too tired! Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE Devaney's round face and chubby arms and legs, so I guess I could live with it...haahaa.They said everything looks great! And Dr. Hurst gave me permission to go buy a little dress before I headed in to work today, haahaa. Sterling's little sister and mom are SUPER excited because they've had a load of boys in their house...Jenny is 15 and she's the youngest girl in the house, and she wanted me to be having a girl SO BAD! So we were excited to tell them the news!
Other good news: when Sterling went in to class today he found out that he did great on his organic chemistry test last week! YAY! All that crazy amount of studying paid off. It's supposed to be the hardest test, so he was just hoping for a high enough score that it wouldn't drag his grade down, but he actually got higher than his first test, so thats happy!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Schedule

Here is Sterling and I at the Hale Center Theatre:Here are the beautiful roses they put on our table at the Melting Pot and we got to take home:Here is a picture of the cute outfit I wore that day (although I didn't take these picture that day) and Sterling was crazy, so there's some funny pictures...and he wouldn't let me take any good ones:And here's a side view at sixteen weeks, not that you can really see anything, but I thought I'd share:
At around Christmas time I had an old high school friend ask me how in the world I stayed busy when I was only subbing a couple of days a week, and what did I do to fill my time? I didn't give a very strong answer, and I think he didn't think I did much at all. And to be honest, at that point in time of December, I was subbing about twice a week, really sick the rest of the time from my first bout of morning sickness with no beautiful anti-nausea prescription, and spent a lot of my time sleeping. Also, December is MAJOR family time and so you spend a lot of your time bouncing back and forth between houses. So no, I wasn't accomplishing much. He kinda sounded mystified. in the world did you go from someone who was so driven in high school and college, to someone who's okay with working two days a week and then doing nothing?

Looking back at my last week....the church keeps its members very busy. Whether you wanted to be busy or not. The last two weeks I only worked my two days at the perio office I am now permanently at, because the maternity leave I had previously been covering had ended, and the one I start next week...hadn't started yet, obviously. And yet, I feel like I was SO MUCH BUSIER those two weeks of only two days of working, than I had been the last couple weeks of working four days a week.

Sterling and I were jointly in charge of the institute married's dance. Because I am not in school, I feel for all those couples who are, and offered to buy all the food, get it to the activity, do all the financing for the food to make sure we were in our budget, and then helped everyone with set-up, serving, and take-down. It was a lot of time. The next weekend Sterling and I actually got to spend some quality time together (why does it feel like it is getting HARDER AND HARDER to find time to spend with my hubby????) which meant that when we got home, I went straight to working my two days, and both those nights I had visiting teaching appointments, and piano practices for different church activities, and once those were over I fell exhausted into bed, because lets face it, Lindsay as a pregnant girl can not regularly pull 19 hour days like Lindsay as a college girl could. Not even regularly...I just plain need more sleep like that EVERY day.

Once Thursday morning rolled around and I finally didn't work one day...our furnace was broken. We were out of milk. We had no bread. And our laundry was piled so high that you could barely see our bedroom underneath all of it. Called someone to fix the furnace. Put in loads of laundry (which isn't quite as easy to do when you share washers/dryers with the entire apartment as it would be if you have your own), brought Sterling lunch, ran quickly to the grocery store so I would be back in time for the furnace man. While the furnace was being fixed I made bread, made dinner, and made scotcheroos for Sterling, because he had an organic chemistry test that day...and he deserved a treat. And I vacuumed and cleaned our car. It took an hour and a half. It hadn't been vacuumed in WAY TOO LONG. By the time all that was done, I had piles of CLEAN laundry that covered our entire bedroom and needed to be folded. So I left the dishes to fold laundry. And then we had a presidency meeting and married's committee. This is one of my favorite parts of the week because I get to sit by Sterling in class and learn about the gospel (and its not primary, like we are both in for church meetings). But then again, its not ALONE time with Sterling, so although he takes a whole evening off school to always be at married's committee, it creates another problem of trying to find time to go on a date together. Or watch a movie at home together. Or something.

Friday morning I'd like to say I tackled all those dishes....but I didn't do that until today. I actually spent a little time in the morning with my husband. Finally. It felt like it had been forever. And so yesterday I got a bunch of other little things done, like finances. With a husband trying really hard to do well to get into medical school, I do the things like finances, our taxes, figuring out WIC, Medicaid (why do they send things every month?), what our budget will be, and how we are going to pay for my maternity leave. I may only work two days a week (although more usually three-four) but I bring in the vast majority of our budget. Then I babysat for my sister all afternoon. It was nice. Nice to not be in my little apartment. Nice to play with a little baby and get really excited to have one of my own. Nice to play games with my nephew. Nice to watch Secretariat with all of them, and even though I told them several times I DIDN'T want to know what was going to happen, all of them told me several times exactly what was going to happen. Haahaa.

This morning(Saturday) I played for a Relief Society activity, which took MUCH longer than I had anticipated...finally got around to those dishes...put away clothes that hadn't been dried in the dryer so they were hanging in our second bedroom. Wiped off counters in the bathroom, and now I should vacuum and sweep, but instead I wanted to blog about how your time seems to fill up...and then I am going with Sterling really quick to his nephews(twins) 3rd birthday party before he has to go to work. Then I might actually have time to do the things I THINK I'll have time to do all read my scriptures, catch up in my journal, finally finish our wedding photo album, going to the temple, figuring out how to watch sales and plan meals and use coupons to save us money on our food and have meals every night that are cheap, knitting stockings...etc, etc, etc. AND THEN I'm going to sit here and get REALLY excited for MONDAY MORNING when we find out the gender of our baby!

Oh yeah, and mix in throwing up about four times in the last few days because I'm trying to not take my anti-nausea prescription. And working out our schedule so that we can still manage having one vehicle with all of our crazy schedules. And practicing this really hard song that I am playing to accompany a violin solo on Sunday. And the fact that I eat EVERY HALF HOUR...or at least it seems like that! I am always trying to find something to eat, and trying to prepare something so I can take food with me wherever I'm going. It takes a lot of time to constantly be eating! And next week I go back to working three days???

So no, I don't think I'm busy like a mother of five is busy, or like a working college student is busy, or like my mom busy(she's just crazy like that). But I definitely don't think I do NOTHING all day...which is how I felt when I was talking to this friend. Hmph. I feel better now. Not that anyone wanted to read any of this. But whatever.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Once in a Lifetime Patient

I was going to put this story at the end of my last post...but it got a bit longer than I thought it would. So I will make it it's own post, and if you missed the last one, go back and read about my wonderful birthday! (Am I really 22??? Life flies by way too fast!) I will tell about my incredible experience today and yesterday with a patient at work. So I work at a periodontist office... you ask what this means? It means we don't clean healthy mouths. We don't really clean mouths at all. Mostly the dr. does sinus lifts, bone grafts, surgical extractions, implants, root extractions, and other things that regular dentists deem too tricky or time-consuming to want to do in their own office, so they ship the patient off to a specialist. OR you get sent to a periodontal office if you have periodontal which case, you might need some of the surgeries listed above, or you might come to ME for a DEEP cleaning(often both). I don't do any regular cleanings. (although we do have some faithful patients that at one point had to come to us, and when we told them their disease was under control and they could just see a regular general practice dentist, they opted to continue coming here, which is nice to a have an easy patient every once in a while). After a deep cleaning we usually put patients on a recall system where they see their GP (general practice dentist) every six months, and ourselves every six months, which means they go to the dentist every three keep their disease under control.

Mostly its old people, because periodontal disease is a very slow moving disease.
If you've read this far, I'll FINALLY begin the story:
So my dr. is a bishop. And he came in contact with a guy who recently got out of jail. While in jail the missionaries visited him and he decided he needed to turn his life around. So he looked up a bishop when he got out of jail. It happened to be my dr. After forming some sort of relationship (this kid is really nice, if somewhat alarming looking) my dr. offered to fix is flipper (its an upper retainer that has fake teeth attached because he did a lot of drugs and therefore lost several of his front teeth) because his flipper was pretty beat up. He couldn't really chew with it, it didn't really stay attached, and it definitely looked like fake, gross teeth. My dr. made him a new one for free...and in the process noticed the state of his teeth. Never been cleaned. Not once in his 28 years of hard life. Drugs is one thing. Added never been cleaned teeth. Added to that a CRAZY dentist who gave this poor boy braces and lower lingual bar and yet DIDN'T clean his teeth. Ridiculous, I know. Lower lingual bar in a never been cleaned mouth? The general populace doesn't realize the depth of that statement.

So I numbed him up pretty well. And I numbed him again in between every single papillae on the bottom of his right side--I've only done that once before. And added some topical anesthetic (lets just say he was pretty inflamed and sore), and DUG in! Usually hardened on calculus that is UNDERNEATH the gum tissue is a cream-gray color. I was chipping off pieces of DARK GREEN and BLACK calculus...and not just chipping, CHUNKING. And not just once in one area, I'd go into the same area with my ultrasonic scaler about six or seven times to get calculus floating out in chunks out of the pocket before I decided I could move on.

The craziest was the lower anteriors. Lets just say I removed about 3mm thick of calculus from AROUND EACH tooth, which meant when the tooth was clean, the gum tissue flapped completely open about five mm. Completely open. Like I had just started a flap surgery or something. It was crazy.

So of course I didn't finish yesterday, so he had to come back, but after cleaning half his mouth, and all his lower anteriors yesterday, the dr. gave him his new flipper. He was almost in tears. He was so excited to have front teeth that looked real, and were stable in his mouth! He kept smiling like crazy, and looking in the mirror! I explained that I had removed a LOT of calculus from under his gingiva and it would probably bleed for a few weeks while brushing and flossing. The next day he was so proud to tell me that it bled at night but in the morning it wasn't nearly as bad! Haahaa!

The next day, when I finished his cleaning he said "I want to give you a hug, but I won't." and then he looked kinda sheepish. It was so sweet! We loaded him up with some PerioMed(prescription mouth rinse) toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and then I took a full mouth series of x rays. I now wish I had taken a full mouth BEFORE as well as after. Everything looked so smooth and beautiful. It. was. awesome!. Makes me happy to be a RDH. Except, my back hurts. I don't know how I would live without ultrasonic scalers. Can you imagine cleaning that mouth with hand instruments???


I really should post the awesome picture of us on my birthday, while celebrating my birthday/our anniversary...but that would require getting up. And since I am happily cocooned in slippers, a hoodie, and a quilt, I don't think I'll post pictures tonight. Especially because our house is freezing. Pretty sure our furnace is broken. Sad. It's been making really strange noises for the last few days, and I guess just hoping it would go away didn't work. I'll call our landlord in the morning. And turn our oven on.

Synopsis of our AWESOME February 19th. STERLING BOUGHT ME A FREEZER!!!! After months of telling me what a lame anniversary/birthday present a freezer was, and the fact that we don't have room for it in our apartment....he went around to every store and found the best President's Day Sale! And not only did we fit it in our apartment, we fit it in our kitchen (for those of you who know our kitchen, you can be suitably impressed). It looks beautiful. Tomorrow I will make bread, and store three of my four loaves in our brand-new freezer!

So the morning started out fabulous, then we went to the Draper Temple. I forget that not all temples are work-horse temples like Ogden, and you can't just jump in every twenty minutes. So we had to wait forty minutes for a session to start. But it was really beautiful.

Then we went....drum The Melting Pot. If you haven't been, you should go. But if you're poor and in school, save your money to go once a year-like on your anniversary--because it's that expensive. But oh so worth it. We got all four courses. I still dream about the cheese and the dessert. Oh happiness. Details? Lets just say everything you could imagine. For the meat alone you had a platter of NY strip steak, shrimp, the meat that has bacon around it and I always forge the name, lamb, duck, chicken, etc., etc., etc. It was fun even just to sit there and stick your own picks into your fondue pot sitting on your table! Neat experience.

And lastly (and barely...because we forgot our tickets, but they had them for us anyway) we went to the Hale Center Theatre and watched A Tale of Two Cities, which is a musical thats just off of broadway, and it was INCREDIBLE! The likes of which cannot be explained on a mere blog. I bawled through the entire second act. But I didn't feel too bad because you could see every single woman across the stage from me(its a circular stage) crying too. The characters were PERFECT the voices were absolutely fantastic, the set was incredible. Enough can not be said of this show. Worth the money. But good thing we paid for it back in January, so all of those days activities were not coming from the same budget!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Last of Valentines....

Okay, so here are the picture of the institute dinner/dance that we were in charge of. I think the kissing picture turned out so cute, and the normal one I'm kinda disappointed in. I don't think either of us look our best, and we're both kinda cheesing it. Oh well. We had a LOT of fun, and I was SO happy I fit into my prom dress for ONE MORE dance!!!
It snowed last night. Goodbye to our 60 degree weather. Sigh. I was really enjoying the warm weather. I went to wash/clean our car yesterday, because I knew the bad weather was coming again, but it was so WINDY (and I always go to the clean-it-yourself washes) I thought I'd get sprayed with water the entire time. So I didn't. Maybe next time it warms up???

I have two new nieces, one born yesterday, and one born on Saturday: Karlee Ruth and Harriet Franceska. I am not responsible for the naming of my nieces. I am VERY grateful to my brother Derek and his wife Brooke for changing Ruth to the MIDDLE name, when they found out it has been my top favorite girls name for many, many years.

In a week and a half we find out if WE'RE having a boy or girl, and lets just say, I REALLY want a little Ruthie! (Although, my sister Amy definitely made that name easy to tease by introducing my husband to the movie Dan In Real Life. We love that movie. Now whenever I try to refer to my baby as a girl--because Sterling always refers to her as a 'him'---he starts singing "Ruthie...Pig Face...Draper!!!!" And I think...Oh no, my poor child.) Oh well. I still think its adorable, and cool to name her after my grandma. Plus, if its a boy, I have to decide if I'd really let my husband have a junior. I don't like it at all. But he's really stuck on the idea.

I told Sterling last night that supposedly our baby can hear outside noises now...and he started singing WAY off-key. If our baby is born tone deaf, we know who to blame.

Thats about all folks. I'm off to clean our little apartment. And try to make visiting teaching appointments. And practice a piano piece for Sunday. And a dozen other little things that make today feel like Saturday, except SATURDAY we'll be partying and celebrating my birthday!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I picked Sterling up from work at 9:30 tonight and then we went and played on the swings at the park. It was a little crazy because there was loads of ice underneath each swing, but it was a BEAUTIFUL 55 degrees even that late at night, and it was an absolutely perfect moment.

Also, I forgot my keys today. If Sterling works on Tuesdays, our schedule gets a little hairy with having only one vehicle, but we've always managed. Sterling drops me off at work and goes to school, then he parks the car at my work, walks to his work, and I can drive home and come pick him up when he's done. Luckily, our works are only about three-four blocks apart. Today I left with my keys, and I have no idea what happened to them. So even though Sterling parked the car at MY work, I had to walk to his work, get his keys, and walk back to my work -where the car was parked- to drive home. Sheesh. I still haven't found my keys.

My co-worker, Zully, decided to name my baby. She's always telling me to make sure I'm standing away from the x-ray machine and everything like that (which I do on my own, she's just extra cautious) and today she told me she liked the name Izzy, and thats what I should name my baby. Every time I did anything she'd say "Watch out for Izzy" and it was really hilarious. Maybe you had to be there. But I was rinsing some instruments in the sterilization room and she came in and it scared me, so I dropped the instrument cassette in the sink, and she looked at me and said "Maybe we can just blame that on Izzy" and we were both laughing SO HARD. Maybe we were just excited to have a week off while Dr. F is at a dental conference. But everything was funny today. I LOVE my perio office!

Oh and Valentine's Day was FABULOUS--I'll post picture of the institute dinner/dance when I finally fish them out of the car--and I have the best husband in the whole. entire. universe.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary #2

Since next week is my birthday, and a long weekend, we're going to celebrate our anniversary with all of that, all rolled into one. So on our ACTUAL anniversary day, we drove down to Logan and went to mom's Valentine stake dinner/dance. It was fantastic. We had so much fun! Sorry the pictures are blurry, because I had to blow them up bigger from the tiny little strip of pictures they gave us. We would've made funny faces---except the lady didn't really tell us when they were taking the pictures...hence, the one with me just sitting there. Anyway, LOTS OF FUN! We almost won the squat dance too, that is, if we hadn't have been disqualified the very first round because we both fell on the floor! Haahaa!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Year (a day early because tomorrow's going to be busy)

I really can't believe it's been an entire year! Time flies by so incredibly fast!
Here's some pics starting with (over a year ago, obviously) when we were dating:

I love Sterling because: he can sing like an angel. He recorded a song last week (really recorded) that he wrote for me while we were dating. Kinda. I didn't know we were dating. The song really threw me off. Now I love it.

And then we got engaged:
And I love Sterling because he always does cute little things for me, like yesterday when he got up, went to the gym, bought me a doughnut, and woke me up with a kiss...I really wasn't sleeping in that late, he just randomly decides to get up at 5am.

And then we got married. Exactly one year ago today:
Two lives, two hearts joined together in friendship united forever in love.
I love Sterling because he always makes me laugh. The other night I was annoyed by something he did, and determined to stay mad at him, and within about two seconds I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop...and I felt like I was in second grade again, when you get the giggles and it just becomes this never-ending urge to laugh.

"Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it."
I love Sterling because he always puts me to bed, even when he's not going to bed yet cause he has to study. He'll come tuck me in, and kiss me, say prayers with me, etc. And he'll even sing me a song if I beg him.

I love Sterling because he's always really, really excited. About everything. (just ask Eric and Britney!!! haaahaa) He gets excited about little things, and it makes the day more fun because he's excited about it.

I graduated from college! :
I love how much Sterling loves the gospel. I told him when we were dating that I didn't always want to be the 'mean mom' that had to call everyone to FHE, and he's really good about it even now. He always is one step ahead of me in making sure we're doing the best we can spiritually for our little family.

We spent a week at Zions National Park:
I love Sterling's concern for me. Whether I'm pretending to act pouty to get his attention (and he knows it) or I really have an issue I want to talk to him about, he's always so tender and caring and loving towards me.

We went to Idaho to meet his mom, and spent a day at Yellowstone:
I love how hard Sterling works. He studies really hard in school because he knows that it is what will get him what he wants, but especially the life for our family that we want. He also works and finds time for me. And he cleans the bathroom for me WHENEVER I ask him to.

We hiked all OVER the Wasatch Front:
In a year of marriage, I have learned that Sterling is really forgetful. But I love that he is always fine with me reminding him and always willing to admit that he forgot something, so its never a problem. It's especially ok, because Sterling is one of the most patient people I have ever met, and that makes up for a little forgetfulness.

I learned Sterling can sleep ANYWHERE:
I also LOVE how excited Sterling is for our little baby! It is so much fun to know that he is just as excited as me!
And just because, this is me at 14 weeks:
Summed up, SO MUCH has happened in a year! Graduations, jobs, pregnancy, callings, school, etc. But I am still VERY VERY happy to be married to Sterling and it has been a FABULOUS year! I love him so much and am so grateful for all the hard work he does for me! There's lots of things I could think of that I love him for, and some days I just love him because he loves me...especially on days when I'm not being very loveable.

Other one year marks:
We have never bought trash bags because we got so many at my bridal shower.
We have also never bought bathroom cleaner because we got so many at my bridal shower.
We have ALSO never bought laundry detergent...for the same reason.
YAY for great gifts!
We have also never slept apart. Not once in an entire year! I'm not looking forward for when that night actually comes.
(also, while reviewing this post, I realized how much I don't wear my own clothes: first picture, thanks Amy for the hoodie! second picture: thanks Kayli for the hoodie! and graduation picture: thanks mom for the dress!!!! Haahaaa!!!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wishy Washy

The weather in Utah in February is very wishy washy. It never can decide what it wants to do. Oh wait, also the weather in Utah in January, March, April, May....anyway. I love how pretty the snow is, but I do not like driving in it. It's one of those adult/grown-up things that ruin the absolute magic I felt about snow when I was younger, and didn't drive. I really did not like the recent cold snap we had, where the weather never got above ten degrees. Getting anywhere less than forty is too cold for me. So the recent weather has made me quite happy. Right around forty degrees. It almost feels like fall instead of February. But during the cold snap we had some BEAUTIFULLY frosted trees. And frosted trees are one of the things I love MOST about winter snow. My mom and I use to drive around and just look at them. So after dropping Sterling off at school one morning and seeing some BEAUTIFULLY frosted trees, I got my camera and came back to get some pictures:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Fountain of Information

My mother is amazing. Everything she does is amazing. And yet, I never quite seem to realize just how much practical information she has managed to accrue into her bounds of amazing knowledge. Sterling and I (so are in charge of the Valentine's Marrieds dance at the institute, which always includes a dinner beforehand. They told us we had $600 to work with, so I figured we'd spend $450 of that on getting dinner catered, because that is easy for us, a great way to get more people to come, and we'd still have plenty for decorations, etc. Apparently, with the dance a week and a half away, we don't have the funds that they normally have for this dance. And since I am most definitely not my sister Amy, and the thought of cooking for 80 people completely drains me of any energy--yes, just the thought can do that--I called my mother. I told her we had five ovens to use at the institute, and we could all wrap and put potatoes in the oven while finishing decorations, run home and get all pretty, and come back ready for a baked potato bar. But how in the world do you find the information on how much money all the food will cost?? I have to know to present the idea tonight at our meeting. And I don't have a Sam's Club card to go figure it out. And google doesn't seem capable of providing that information. But somehow, my mother knows everything, and can just randomly pull prices out of her head for feeding 80 people. Did I mention she never ceases to amaze me? So now I will be feeding 80 people for under $140 instead of $450. They better be satisfied. Mom even notified me that she is calling a guy in Idaho because she thinks potatoes have been outrageously priced lately and if she gets it for a good deal, she'll grab a 50 lb. box for our activity, to reduce that price for us. Who knows things like that, and people like that? My mother does. It's amazing. I really need to start learning these important life lessons so that I can feed a family of 9 off of nothing while Sterling is still going to medical school for the rest of our lives (yeah, he's thinking about adding in three years during medical school so he graduates with his PhD as well). Thank you, mom.
PS: Had a WIC appt today and weighed three pounds less than at the dr. last week. I texted my little brother for weight-gaining advice.

PPS: They also checked my iron levels and I was perfectly healthy---this is a first since I went to college I think! Yay for prenatals!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All the Time

Poor Sterling was SO SO SO excited that he finished all his homework by 8pm last night, because that meant we could actually do something together in the evening...only to find out that I'd been asleep on the couch since 7pm, he woke me up by calling to get a ride home from the library...and I wanted to go to bed for good as soon as we got home at 8:15pm. At least he was nice enough to cuddle with me while I fell asleep, and then drown his emotions in...more homework that he originally thought he'd leave to the next day.

My excuse??? Can't really think of one. It was a REALLY slow day at work, so I can't say I really did a whole lot. The day BEFORE though, I felt like I had a ton of energy, did lots of errands and running around, made bread and scones and did dishes and...etc, etc. So maybe it was jet lag from the day before? But I am tired ALL THE TIME!

When I was in college I had a whole two years that I was at the gym pretty regularly at 5:30am. Always. My last year of college I thought I'd be a little less crazy, but then I got called to institute council and they have 6:30 am meetings several times a week...and when they didn't, I had 7am class anyway. And unlike the gym, where I just showed up, I felt like I needed to look presentable at the meetings, so I got up in time to, ya know, put my hair in a messy bun (that makes me miss my long hair) and some mascara and sweat pants, right? Good thing I took that time...those early morning meetings are where I really got to know Sterling, after all!! Haahaa. Now, unfortunately, getting up in the morning is BRUTAL! My dad used to say when I was 12 and did a paper route with him, that I was hard to wake up, so he used to just stand me up and hold my elbows until I stopped swaying and then tell me it was time to get up. Luckily, my husband is incredibly sweet and tells me its time to get up, then rubs my back for a minute and snuggles up close for a while, and then tells me I really do need to get up. It's nice.

Really though, this whole pregnancy exhaustion thing has got to go. I feel like a bum. And working two days a week this week was definitely plenty. Who knew the girl who worked three jobs in one summer (twice, actually) would ever say that?

Also, as a side note, the other day I was at home getting a DELICIOUS home-cooked meal from my parents, with HEAVENLY angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries for dessert, and noticed my dad skimming through his daughters blogs. Including mine. I had no idea he even looked at them. I'm sure it's not a regular thing, but it made me want to write more important things on, maybe next time.

Also, as another side note, it was my dad's birthday last week and my niece Olivia and I went and decorated his office. With a caution sign that had a red blinking light and stood on the ground (like a wet floor sign) and said something like "caution: slow old people crossing" and also came with caution tape that we put in a large 'x' on both doors into his office, we also put it across a fake horse we hung on his wall, and then added lots and lots of Happy Birthday balloons. Fun stuff.

An additional side note, when my niece came with me we walked through the institute building so I could get a credit card to buy cookies for the married's activity the next night. Bro. Barlowe ( my favorite institute man, who is now the director over the entire Ogden Institute) stopped us to say hello, and at first thought Olivia was older. When that was clarified, he asked if she had graduated, she said "no" so he thought she was already out of high school, then she said "no" so he asked what grade she was in "seventh." He was astounded. And proceeded to take her into his office and offer her a dollar to pick out one of his sons, from the pictures on his wall, to marry. I thought it was hilarious. Olivia said she was embarrassed. Haahaa.