Monday, March 30, 2009


Today was my very first pedo patients....a 3 yr old and a 4 yr old. I think it went fairly well. The three year old was amazing, opened his mouth like an alligator the entire time, and I was done fairly quickly. It is something different to try to scale those tiny little baby teeth and keep them happy and be quick all at the same time. I felt a little disoriented because I was doing a little different order, but it was really great. The 4 yr old....we did well for a quad. I madly told a princess story to get through two more quads, but then we got to quad number 4, and she was done. And she cried. I sat her up and we brushed her teeth and life got a little better. We counted the last four teeth as I finished scaling them, and we put pretty princess make-up on (varnish fluoride) and she was happy as a camper as they left with one blue glove-balloon, and one pink glove-balloon. It was nice to pass off a 1A exam and just to get them in the chair. I haven't done any sealants yet......oh boy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thankful Ten

1-So thankful for the snow, it is beautiful (even though its cold, and driving is nasty, and its cold...I'll appreciate summer more!)
2-So thankful that I might have a Class 3, although thats a mighty 'if' but at least it relieves a little stress
3-So thankful that my sister Megan was craving french-dipped sandwiches last night because they were absolutely divine and I was NEEDING a real meal of some sort yesterday like nobody's business
4-So thankful that all of Megan's kids are at the cutest stages ever, because I had some good laughs, especially with Kiersten and her hurt finger!
5-So thankful that there are only FOUR WEEKS left of the semester!
6-So thankful that my wonderful father rotated the tires on my car, and in the meantime filled my tank up. Thank you! THank you!
7-So thankful that I found a roommate, an apartment, and sold my contract so that I can move somewhere cheaper, with month-to-month rent and I'm super excited that everything panned out so smoothly!
8-So thankful that I had a wonderful spring break and met amazing individuals and that we are having a pot-luck get together tonight!
9-So thankful that Megan taught me to make 7-layer dip yesterday so I could bring it to the pot luck!
10-So VERY thankful for Sundays, because I think at this point in time, at this point of lack of sleep, at this point of studying like mad for school, I would go absolutely CRAZY without Sunday.

Can we have TWO sundays a week, please? PLEASE?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I had an awesome pt today, missed two spots of calculus (grr lower linguals), had fun taking phosphur bitewings, everything went smoothly and on time, it was a 1B which I needed because I hadn't done a second exam. But now I am done, well, more than done with 1B's. Oh Class 3's, where art thou? Now I have a TON of stuff to do this afternoon...see ya!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3-23-09 (post #100)

Sorry I only talk about clinic lately...I just seem to have gotten CRAZY busy. But once I get a good nights sleep I'm hoping life slows down. At least enough to breathe!

Today my pt was phenomenal, no problems, not issues, great 1B mouth. Basically I just need my kids(who are scheduled) and a Class 3 so everything else is just filling up clinic time. I did my PSR PE basically just because I wanted to get a PE passed off today. Everything else I need passed off requires a denture, or a sealant, etc. But it was an easy-going happy day. I am just NOT EXCITED to go take my dental hygiene exam right now. I've been trying to study for it all weekend, and been sufficiently distracted that I don't feel prepared enough because of all the comments I've heard on how beastly it is. Sigh. Life is good though. Yesterday was an amazing day. Only five more weeks of school.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today clinic was great. I was finishing up a pt, and it was only half a mouth so I knew I had plenty of time. I passed off 3 PE's, which is lucky cause I'm feeling like I have a LOT more to go (and they are all the ones that I'm not excited for so I keep putting them off) and not enough clinic time to do them. Might be because I usually only do PE's on Wednesdays. Hmmm... Haahaa. Things went great though, and I feel like life is good. I just really need to find a Class 3. Sigh.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Today was a good clinic day. Four conventional bitewings with a retake meant a lot of time in the dark room---but my retake was so beautiful it was totally worth it. Class 1B---did an exam---had no deposits on my scale check, was out on time, life was wonderful. It just was a really good day with no major problems. My pt had some fantastic mandibular tori that was bubble-shaped that I thought was pretty cool.


These are some pics from WA...I had a GREAT week. We ended up not building houses, which was the original plan, because it has been so cold and snowy in WA that they weren't to the point they needed to be at for our help. So we ended up at the Samish Islands most of the time pulling out blackberry bushes, stamping on them, and burning them, and painting Camp Kirby buildings---which is a Girl Scout Camp. It was loads of fun, but it was also somewhat a series of unfortunate events: broken first United Methodist sink, broken totem pole(pictured above nonbroken) and a very very broken bus. But we did make it home. Maybe I'll tell the full story after my week of school catch-up :).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My pt today was 45 min late. Then he wanted specifically a PA on top of his 4BWX, which he didn't even take at the end of the appt. Which was a waste of time I think. Oh well. I finished 15 min late, which was pretty much awesome, especially since he was technically two quads Class 2. Why do class 2's follow me around? I specifically switched McKenna for this pt because he was a class 1B!!!!! Oh well. I felt rushed, and rushed, and I still feel rushed, hopefully today will slow down a little.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today, I don't know why but we were comparing girls and discussing with our teacher and one girl said "I'm just regular." And I loved it. I am just regular. And I enjoy being just regular.

I just wanted to say that today is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! The sun is shining, the wind is slightly blowing, it is warm and it smells summer-ish and I have absolutely no inclination to do homework...and there are two llama's eating the campus' green grass right below the library where I am sitting. Hmm.

I just ran into a girl who, I guess, heard me play the piano one time and wanted me to play for her. I was in the mood to perform, so I did....for an hour. Now I REALLY have no inclination to sit down and do anything productive. Plus, I already know all about periodontology--suicide bombers, green guys with helmets, feeding through tubes, massive colonies communicating secretly under a layer of slime....right Meagan???? HAAHAAA. I love how I learn.....most of the time:)

Yesterday I did a complete one-hour ab workout and proceeded to run for 25 minutes (about three miles) on an inclined treadmill. My legs were wobbly walking up the stairs at my apartment, but today I feel great! I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this, although, I don't think running four and a half miles last Friday was really a good choice. Good thing I'm over that one!


Monday, March 2, 2009


So, I fully enjoyed last semester being everyone's guinea pig with braces. They all were happy because they had someone (myself) to practice braces on. I, on the other hand, had no such opportunity. Today my patient came in, and she was a lovely Class 1B....with braces!!! It took me a little longer to do everything, so I was a little over on time, but all in all everything went really well. I had a hard time on the buccal lowers because of the edematous gums from braces, and the braces themselves. But I could feel the calculus, I just couldn't quite figure out a way to get to it :) It was a good day. I did four conventional bitewings. Me and conventional films are just not good friends, I ended up with two retakes, both of which the prof did for me, and one turned out about the same---so that made me feel at least like I was doing what I should be! Bring on the braces patients....I am ready!