Friday, June 29, 2012

Backyard Camping

Eric and Justin....uh....hiding?
 Our friends the Schultz' and the Calder's (both from our old apartment complex, although the Calder's moved before us) came over for a party. The plan was that sleeping over would make it so that we could get up EARLY and hike the next morning. Um...maybe going to bed at our own homes and really sleeping would have made it possible for us to have enough energy to hike. Oh well, we had a fabulous time as it was! I chickened and slept in my own bed, because when everyone went to bed Ruth started to cry, had a dirty diaper, needed a bottle made...and by the time that was all finished it was about 1am and I decided moving her to the tent was a no-go. Still fun. I am so glad that we have such great friends!
This gives you an idea how big our new backyard is. These three tents only took up one corner, and we still had an entire side of the yard left.

Sterling was happy to grill.

We are showing off our glow sticks, but since the camera had a flash, you can't really tell.

Some people thought that because it was dark outside they could start making out or something.....really people?

We spent the evening playing ladder ball, in the dark. We put a glow stick bracelet around each rung, and shined flashlights when the person had a turn. It was pretty much awesome.

What you could see while throwing.

Seriously? Did EVERYONE think it was so dark they could just kiss whenever?!?! Haahaaahaaa.

Lindsey and Justin smiling for their camera. Haahaa

We also had creamies. I had no idea how happy that would make Sterling. Note for future.

I stole this picture of Lindsey's blog, which is why it looks so terrible, but I wanted a picture of everyone. (I hope you don't mind, Lindsey!) And yes, I have all the ladder balls around my neck. Sterling put them there. And I have a glow stick coming out of my head. I didn't realize it would show up on the picture, haahaa.

I also swiped this picture of Ruthie and Myah playing the next morning. That is our new basement apartment by the way.

And really, my husband is HOTT. That is all for today folks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old Lady Curlers on a Little Babe

 K, my baby may just make the BEST funny faces in history. I LOVE all her faces. I also thought this bandana on her head to keep her curlers in was absolutely adorable. The curlers turned out all right--the hair looked good on the sides, but I think its still too short in the back. We'll have to try again another time. I took these pictures about a month ago---just look at all that happy!! Really these pictures just make me so, so happy. Her faces just crack me up.
I think thats a grimace/happy HAHAA

"Mom! I see you there behind the camera! Come play with me!"


This face is SO hard to catch. Its her SUPER-dee-DUPER excited face! Notice the eyebrows. Such a Rasmussen baby with that eyebrow skill.

So sweet. So beautiful. I just can't get enough. Is she REALLY turning one soon? I am completely in denial.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Liam turns 1

Ruth all ready for the party!

One of my co-workers gave us this kiddie pool. Ruth is in LOVE!

Action shot of Adam haha

There were 3 kiddie pools, and 3 kids. The older kids were playing in the hot tub.

The birthday boy spent his time drinking water out of the pool.

The mom. Aleesha you are so beautiful!

Apparently Ruth had something very important to say to the kids in the hot tub.

We had a FABULOUS time! I have even MORE pictures, seriously, Ruth was GRINNING the entire time. Which made for a LOT of happy, happy pictures. Thanks for a great party, Liam!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Park

After we went to the zoo, my niece Danica had soccer practice, and since its by a really cool park , we all just played until she was finished. (Kiersten, Devaney, Lynnaea, Ruth)

They had horse teeter-totters and Ruth was IN LOVE with them!