Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Afternoon-Undergrad Campus

Sterling has been wanting a decal *really* bad for our van. Finally cleaned the van so we could put it on!

Three carseats! Way too many!
On Sunday we went on a walk around the lake at the undergrad campus. Sterling's medical school campus is basically a couple of high rise buildings in the middle of downtown Miami with some high rise hospitals around it--a lot of them, actually. The undergrad campus is much closer to our house so Sterling will sometimes go there in the evening to study at that library. It also has a much more beautiful campus. This lake is especially beautiful. I have to say it's a little nicer than the duck pond--as much as I bleed purple!

Sunday afternoon walks with my little family are the best. It was such a gorgeous day and we are still having such a great time pointing out all the things that are different here in Florida. So much fun.

Some massive leaves.

We had a fabulous walk even with the heat and my contractions, haha. We'll have to go back--I want to see a crocodile!

36 Weeks

I was actually surprised at these pictures. I feel about three times this size. Literally. I also feel 10x bigger than with my first two, but I pulled up a picture of me with Will at 37 weeks and it didn't look incredibly different. Remember how they always did extra ultrasounds with Ruth because I was so small? They did an ultrasound here and at my next appointment the dr.'s first comment was that my baby was surprisingly big and normal-sized for how small I carry. Haha. But whether I LOOK huge or not, the feeling is definitely there. Rolling over in bed is this huge ordeal. I can't bend over to put my shoes on very well and poor Ruth has been nominated to put hers AND Will's shoes on because it's too much bending for me. I feel like I waddle--a lot. 

What else. This baby is still breech. The doctor told me he'd do an external cephalic version at 37 weeks (which is what I had done with Ruth, and even though it didn't work with her it has worked 5 out of 6 times for two of my sisters). Then, probably because it is so uncommon, found out that hospital policy requires scheduling an induction at the same time as the version, which means they won't schedule it until 39 weeks. Even though I don't need an induction at the time of a version. Go figure. They're trying to work around it for me. I hit 37 weeks on Friday and was hoping to schedule the version that day. 

In the meantime, I'm a complete basket case. I can hardly sleep because when I lay down the baby moves and I sit there wondering 'Is that a head? Is it moving downward? Should I turn to my other side to help it move?' it's really ridiculous. I spend most of my waking time thinking the same thoughts. I'm pretty positive right now she is sideways--head in my ribs on the right and legs in my ribs on my left. PLEASE move down head, PLEASE!?!?!  I really don't want a c-section. Not just because of the c-section itself, although for that too, but because it is unheard of to have a v-back in Florida, so I'd end up with a second c-section automatically and then my chances of ever having a v-back again are slim to none. The only bright side is that on Sunday I was talking to the bishop's wife and she has had five c-sections and she said that Dr. D (my new doc) was the very best experience and fastest recovery she's ever had with any of her c-sections. That's nice to know since I really do like the doctor-I'm just getting so frustrated with all of the ins and outs of appointments and scheduling here. I have an hour wait at LEAST every time I go in (which I hear is pretty normal of all offices around, so stupid). Last time we arranged Sterling's schedule specifically so he could come because he had never met my doctor yet and THEY WOULDN'T LET HIM BACK!?! I had already gotten a little upset due to the hour and twenty minute wait, so when they told me that he couldn't come I said he definitely WAS coming back with me. The poor nurse. I know she's just following whatever stupid rules they have, but after that a front desk/management lady escorted us around. Ruff.

Will's diaper leaked in his car seat the other day (a much-used swim diaper, I should have known better and changed him before driving home, oh well) so I took out his car seat to wash it. Which led to vacuuming and washing the van. Which led to putting Ruth's car seat in the back and the new baby's car seat in the front by Will. So weird to see THREE car seats in our van!!!!! Since Ruth can do her car seat up by herself and I can reach an arm back to undo it without crawling back there, it's really not too bad. Just a little bit crazy! I plan on pulling out our tote of baby girl clothes after I finish the regular laundry today and getting her clothes all clean and ready. It's probably a couple weeks premature, but seeing those itsy bitsy newborn clothes is always a fun process!

Yay for being SO close to the end!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Zoo Miami

We headed back to the zoo--this time to enjoy the awesome splash pad! 
When we got there a little boy had a cup he was playing in the water with, so my kids thought they needed something to. Since we died of heat on the walk from the parking lot to the splash pad, Sterling and I drained some water bottles and they played with those!
Will walked in and then the sprinklers turned on and he just stood there for awhile trying to breathe--it was hilarious! 

He always thinks he so big. He liked this because all the big kids were over there. 
Sometimes its crazy that we have all those palm trees in a normal background of a normal picture. 
He wouldn't look at me, but Will LOVED this surf board!

We had met up with some friends at the splash pad and since their little guy wanted to see some giraffes, and we haven't yet, we decided we'd cooled down enough for the moment and headed out!
I know this is through glass, but their hands and feet are so human looking!
Cute gorilla. 

I can't remember what these were (the above and below pic are the same kind of animal). But they were AWESOME. Basically a HUGE antelope!

Gerenuks. These things are CRAZY petite and tiny. They also stand on their hind legs to get to leaves to eat. Pretty awesome.

These are some kind of zebra--but not the normal kind.
Gah! I can't remember what these are called but they are so WEIRD! 
A normal kind of zebra. 
So many giraffes! Ruth was in HEAVEN! We're going to go back sometime and let her feed them--but you have to pay and we didn't want to stand in line. 
HAAHAAA---So long and skinny!

African Elephant

There was a BABY rhino! So adorable!

We passed the second, smaller splash pad on our way out and stopped again. It was SO HOT and Will was sleeping and I was tired, so I sat and chatted with my friend McKenzi while Sterling bought me an ice cold drink(we had a coupon from opening our membership) and Ruthie played and played. All in all, a great way to end an awesome morning at the zoo!