Sunday, July 30, 2017

Delray Beach Downtown

But first, Russ.

After swimming crazies.

Personal space doesn't exist for poor Russ.

Sterling decided to extend taking his test two more weeks, the max he can possibly take. Ultimately, this is REALLY sad for me because it means we don't get any time with him before he's back into the grind of rotations.  (insert vent about how much I hate med school for taking away my husband and no one really gets how much he really is gone because of circumstances here.) Anyway. I was feeling glum about the extension, so I sprung for a night out together and we went to this adorable old burger joint in downtown Delray Beach. We got to watch the sunset outside and there were surprisingly no mosquitoes and we were all just together and enjoying the kids. It was amazing.

 Atlantic Ave is the tourism area for Delray and it is SOOO cute! Twinkly lights, brightly painted buildings, and LOTS of people out and about enjoying the beautiful evening. The burger at Doc's was AMAZING (as was the foot long hot dog that Will and Molly shared and didn't finish, haha!) and then we strolled down the street and stopped at Sloan's candy shop. It was SO PINK. I don't think I've ever been inside anything so pink in my life. Willy Wonka dreams. The kids picked out a few candies (why do kids get soooo excited about jawbreaker!? haha) and we shared a cone with the flavors Almond Joy and Nutella---to die for. I don't want any other date nights the rest of the time we live here, I don't think I could eat those flavors enough!!! We headed home and the kids crashed because we had been swimming all day (plus they had swimming lessons) so that was very, very nice. 

will was super proud that they matched in their ALL blueness

blue, need I say more?

Best Burgers.

This building is right next to the library and a big pineapple statue. I love it.

And more Russ. The beginning photos should actually have all been at the end, I don't know what happened.

See how automatic mode makes it blurry? Ruff.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Phone Pics 07/27/17

I have to admit, taking photos with my nice camera is SOOOO much harder with four! Well, four and minus a husband. We have been doing some fun things -- movies, swimming, walks, the park. But I can't manage the baby, my toddlers, and a camera. So for now, a lot more is being captured on my phone. And lets be honest, all I do is take pictures of adorable baby Russ.
I called and took this little guy in to the doctor on Monday. At his four week appointment the doctor heard some regurgitation and things that were very indicative of reflux. He talked to me about silent reflux and how not all babies spit up. forward two weeks and it just seemed to be getting worse. So here he is---SMILING--- at the drs. We've got a few smiles from this guy in just the past couple of days and I LOOOOVE it!

 Silent Reflux vs. Reflux

If you are like me, most of what you have heard about reflux is spitting up. A lot. That's all I really knew. They also tend to be little and loose weight because they don't keep their milk down. Silent reflux is the same idea INSIDE--they have a lot of heartburn and it makes them really fussy---but it doesn't come OUT. So they swallow it back down. This makes them taste the acid more so they want MORE milk to help calm it, which just makes more heartburn. Repeat cycle indefinitely. So silent reflux babies tend to be CHUBBY because they constantly want to eat, and then also fussy. He said Russ was a pretty normal representation--eats, is happy for 30-45 minutes, then gets fussy and stays fussy until he eats again. Obviously, eating every thirty minutes isn't great for ANYONE and the fussiness is not so fun either. He was also ARCHING his back, specifically against my chest which is one of the only ways I could get him to sleep, and sometimes spitting up. He does a LOT of burping and hiccuping with swallowing down his spit. 

The doctor said he needs to be vertical, pretty much always. Put him to sleep in a swing or carseat, wear him in a carrier if he's not happy sitting up in a swing when he's awake, etc. Any laying down agitates his reflux. And then he also prescribed an antacid. He's only been on it two days but last night he had TWO three hour stretches of sleeping!!!! YAAAAY! So hopefully it's working! 

Before church on Sunday Will and Sterling kept yelling at me to 'come here!'. This is what I found:

Will was thrilled. It was adorable. And he's using the back of the razor. I made sure---I want to keep his baby peach fuzz around forever!!

I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine.

Molly's face. I die. She is SOOOOOOO cute! Even at 5am in my bed...

Making some no-bake cookies. Molly's little frock/apron is my favorite thing on this planet (we got it for a couple bucks at ikea when Ruthie and Will were at the playplace--she's not quite tall enough yet--and a stuffed cat. I guess a girl can't have too many stuffed cats...she sleeps with them all!)

Russ crying in the pool. Don't worry, he fell asleep and stayed asleep for two hours while we sat in the water and the kids played around us. The only way to stay outside for longer than 2 minutes here.

After his swim yesterday. That chub is just SO PERFECTLY PERFECT!

Trying to get him happy after swimming. It was a no-go.
I tried getting him to be happy in the boba so I could make dinner, but he was not having it. Ruthie offered so I handed him off and within seconds he was asleep. She was so proud. She loves him so much! All the kids adore Russ, so I'm usually saying 'stop touching him'  and 'stop squishing him' a thousand times a day so he can sleep. But I've never had a child old enough to help so much with my babies (Ruthie was three (a week before) when Molly was born) so this is all new territory. She has helped him fall asleep multiple times and I just love it. But I love watching HER when she does, she just loves him and is so happy to be helping with the baby. It makes my heart melt. She gets just as excited over his chub and cute outfits and spiked hair as I do. It's a lot of fun. I love you, Ruthie.

I need to take pictures to tour my house, but yesterday I was just SOOO happy while making dinner because of this cabinet right here. I've never had enough cupboards or space in my kitchen for spices. I have a little rack I usually had out on my counter, which I hated because there was not enough counter space to have stuff on it. But this kitchen has sooooo many cupboards and I love, love, love it! 

This morning. Isn't he SOOOOO scrumptiously perfect!??!?!

At Ikea
Finally got him to sleep on a night before his dr visit and antacid rx. and yes, I'm wearing Sterling' hoodie because our upstairs gets REALLY hot, so in order to sleep upstairs at night, the downstairs gets chilly.

Jeff and Diana came over last Saturday and fed us octopus and squid that they had caught earlier that day. It was...chewy. And now I can say that squid was grilled on our grill. Weird. The kids wouldn't touch it. And Will's eyes were GINORMOUS. He couldn't take his eyes off the plate of squid the entire time we were eating. If Jeff moved it closer to him, he immediately moved it back. If Jeff put a piece on his plate, he scooted away from the table. It was soo hilarious I was crying.