Saturday, November 23, 2013

The U

While I wish we were REALLY going to our 'U', we are going to what Floridans (Floridites? I don't even know!) call the 'U'. Apparently when I was praying, I should have been more specific! We are really excited, especially to finally have made a decision!  

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. 

Here's a little bit of info on the school. The first two years the campus is in downtown Miami. It is surrounded by HUGE hospitals; Jackson Memorial Hospital, a VA hospital, a children's hospital, and I can't even remember the rest. (I need Sterling's brochure thingy to help me out but I don't know where it is.) But it's a pretty big deal to have so many opportunities and the medical school has a deal with the hospitals that any level of student (even the first years) can go and observe. Sterling is pretty excited about this. The second two years (third and fourth year) are at a Palm Beach campus which everyone says is really nice. Sterling was able to see both campuses when he flew in to interview. 

Sterling will be doing an MD/MPH program there. In only four years. It is one of the only programs that does both degrees and keeps it in four years--most add on a year or two. MPH: Masters of Public Health. I just watched a video about it that Sterling posted on WSU's premed page and it looks like he will get some incredible opportunities with this program. They do a lot with Florida's underserved populations (Little Haiti, Colombiaville, etc. haha) as well as actually having the opportunities to go and serve in places like Haiti (also, KAYLI, Geneva Switzerland because that is where the World Health Organization-WHO- is stationed, thats my vote!). All of the MPH classes are scheduled in the summer, with only three credit hours put into regular semesters. I thought I'd at least have a husband over the summers? Hahaa. Ha. Sigh. The MPH degree would help him be more competitive for a residency program, being able to work for the CDC, also to be able to work up the ladder at a hospital (hospitalist, chief of medicine, etc.) and other stuff that Sterling tells me about and I forget. But Sterling is super interested in WHO and thinks that this would be AWESOME to learn about. So, why not, right? (!) Also, the MPH program, because it is during the summer, will make it so that we move earlier and start the summer of 2014, instead of fall. Thats only six and a half months away folks, ahhh!!

We decided last week, when Sterling was on his seven days off, to really focus and make a decision because we had to put in $500 to Des Moines by the first part of December, and since that coincides with Sterling's finals week and graduation(YAY!), we wanted a head start on the decision-making. We've done everything from pro-and-con lists, prayers, studying, and lots and lots of discussions. While Miami is not the first choice for our family to live, it is our first choice for EVERYTHING else. When we were applying to medical school back in the spring Sterling even said "If I don't get into the U, my next choice is Florida." I told him we would never move there. Ever. So...yeah. Luckily, as far as our family living there goes, we have been blessed with lots of opportunities to recognize that it will be ok, and maybe even great!

First off, the family Sterling stayed with when he went to interview. He is a first year student, did his undergrad at BYU and they had their first baby the summer they moved to Miami. Sterling had a great time staying with them and learned a lot about what living there would be like. They live in Kendall, about thirty minutes outside of Miami by train (which is what he rides in to school)...this is more expensive, but makes it a much safer area to live in. This is the area we have been looking at to move to. Also, a couple in our ward just moved from Florida where they had been going to law school. They had two kids while living there and she was in LOVE with it so it was fun to pick her brain. My sister Kami lived in Orlando and hated it, which was also good to pick her brain so we could really know the things we were up against and ask a lot of questions concerning those things to the couple that live there. (Luckily they tell us there are a lot less bugs in Miami than Orlando. I hope its true!) My bosses wife also lived in Palm Beach (where we'll be the second two years) during college as a nanny and loved it and had all sorts of great info for us as well. 

If we do happen to live in the same ward as the other student family (the only married student in the entire class of first years!!!) they have play group once a week, live close to two nice, kid-friendly beaches as well as really close to the zoo and library, and....I've heard enough good things to feel like the kids and I would have a great time and enjoy some fun adventures while living there! (The ward would be bilingual. Gah! Why did I not learn more in my spanish classes?!?!)

There's still a small chance we could be accepted to the University of Utah, and we would definitely go there if given the opportunity. The difference of in-state tuition alone would be a deciding factor. But for now, we are getting REALLY excited for this new and exciting chapter in our lives! While the humidity might kill me, our recent weather has made me really happy that I won't have to drive in snow for four full years!

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Or HERE you can watch the video too. The first 30 seconds are the best, even if the quality is not the best.
We started our Christmas festivities on Sunday and it was such a blast! Sterling had to go home teaching so Ruth and I made some cookie dough while he was gone and Will was napping, and then when he got home we were ready to go! 

Ruthie was a really great helper, but I had to laugh because she'd make one cookie cut-out and then put her next one half-way on the original one, and then sometimes do that multiple times until her cookies were chopped into so many cookie cutter pieces it was impossible to use them. She loved it though!

Ruth has this thing lately where she sticks her chin out to say 'cheese' for a picture. 
I also just recently cut my hair before the wedding. Mostly I chopped some a-line layers into the back. I really like it.
So I tried telling Ruth to put her chin down and this is what we got. oh well.

 On to the next important step...the Christmas tree! Sterling wanted to leave it out on the floor instead of putting it on the piano like we did last year. I said no way, since I would be the one constantly keeping Will out of it. Instead, Sterling went upstairs and got the shelf he's been using as a night stand and put the Christmas tree on that. It actually looks really nice--it makes our tiny tree look bigger and then you can see our Christmas tree lights through the window!

Ruth was really excited about the nativity. Lately, when she says prayers, I have been trying really hard to get her to say "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." So when she saw baby Jesus she kept saying "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" It sounded a bit irreverent, but it was really cute all the same that she is putting the name together.

Handsomest husband that ever existed.
Tinsel Princess
Our Tree
Will's stocking isn't QUITE finished, but Ruthie was very excited to pull hers out. I really love these stockings and am so glad I have such talented friends to create such wonderful traditions for my family!

Will woke up from his nap and Ruthie was VERY excited to help him see the new Christmas tree.

He was pretty excited himself.

And finally, we decorated all the cookies. It was an awesome day not only to get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy watching the kids excitement--but just to have Sterling home! We're so glad when daddy is home! (Ruthie was a big fan of icing and sprinkles.)


After a wild ride in the snow to drop of Danica and Lynnaea (my nieces babysat Friday night and then just slept over since we were home pretty late) I decided it was a stay home and cozy up to the fire sort of a day. (I even saw a car spin off the road this morning. I hate driving in snow.) So cozy-up is just what we did!

We decided to pull out some snow gear and Will is just so handsome in his warm little hat!

That double chin! Gah! I love it.

Ruth and I had a tea party, with lots of marshmallows involved. Apparently it was not THAT exciting because she would not smile at me when I tried to take a picture.  She kept wanting me to use my old camera to take her picture, but it is broken and so I wanted to use the camera that actually WORKS and she was not a fan.

Today in the van Will was fussing a bit on his way to falling asleep and every time he fussed Ruth would say, "It's ok-k Will. It's ok-k." I don't know why she says the 'k' twice, but its pretty cute. 

Also, shout out to my husband who took the kids with him to get an oil change in our car because I really wanted to clean all three bathrooms today and knew that would be impossible with a clingy baby and ornery toddler (they seem clingy and ornery every time I even think about cleaning a bathroom). It's amazing how fast you can clean when you don't have to keep redirecting children out of the bathroom. So thank you Sterling, it was a nice break, even if I was cleaning toilets. Haha.

On Sunday Ruthie asked me to put this hat on her care bear. It went over the bear's eyes and Ruthie was not impressed. I walked past later and heard her saying "I sorry your eyes, I sorry." to her bear. Haha!

In other news, I decided the other night when I pulled Ruth out of the tub that her hair was getting a little scraggly. So...I cut it. She had a layer in back that her cousin Devaney cut for her (it didn't look too bad as long as Ruth's hair was up or curled) and it made the back of her hair really messy, and the front was getting frizzy ends. I think it turned out really nicely. I trimmed enough off that I could blend the chopped hair into a nice layer in the back and it looks a lot better I think. She has some bed-head cowlicks in the below picture, but I still think it looks nice. (Don't you love her outfit choice, haha?)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My little brother, my only little brother, the only younger sibling I married. I surprised myself and got a LITTLE emotional during the actual marriage. I think Ethan was concerned a bit. Concerned that I might never stop hugging him. He laughed a little to try and make it not awkward, but a bawling sister is always a little awkward I think. Poor guy. He was nice though and kept hugging me and patting my back. Still, I can't believe he's married. The kid I spent my whole life trying to stay out of trouble with. Really, he got into trouble and I tried my best to stay out of it. Haha. My second day of high school at Mountain Crest (we'd just moved in) I introduced myself to someone and they said "Hey, are you related to Ethan Rasmussen?" Why yes, yes I am. That is pretty much how my whole life has gone. He was very extroverted and popular and involved in EVERYTHING. I am definitely not an introvert, but I was minimally involved, and those things I did do were generally with the same handful of people. But he did dance with me in our kitchen after he took social dance. He did play in the stream with me at Youth Conference even though it was off-limits. And we did spend our entire childhoods playing make-believe together. He was always the warrior that staved off horrible beasts and killed them to make food for us. What a good brother. He also used to ride his bike to church and I'd purposely wear a knee-length skirt so I could ride his pegs. He'd let me every time. 

I'll have to do a post about Ethan another time. This post is about yesterday, the day he got married. To Kourtney. Sterling said "I have never seen Ethan smile so big." and it's true! He walked out of the temple with such a big grin on his face and he could not wipe it off! He was giddy and happy and nervous and everything perfect that a brand-new husband should be. I tried to get a picture with him, but my camera was having issues and Kourtney took a step away and it was TORTURE for him to stand by me one more second to snap a picture. But I'm glad I made him. When we were little everyone used to say how much we looked alike. Now...we both have brown eyes? Haha. He was so handsome and I am so happy for him.

HAHAHA. Gotta love waiting outside the temple for the couple to come out!

Wyatt, Lindsay Ann, Megsie, Kam, Kali, Uncle Larry, Brynne, Amy, Derek

 I don't have a picture of mom and dad, Ethan and Kourtney and Kourtney's parents kissing (taken by the photographer) but I have to laugh about this tradition. Our family takes a picture like that at every wedding: bride and groom kissing, parent's of both the bride and groom kissing. The Facer's (is that how you spell her maiden name?) took some coaxing to kiss, but my parents? Oh no. The photographer's first comment was "I can see why you have eight kids!" (they have ten, but it's a forgivable offense, haha.) Anyway, this kissing picture of my brother Wyatt and his wife Lindsay Ann made me think of that.

Coming out of the temple! 

My parents and the bride and groom.

This picture is my mother with all of my dad's sisters. Aunt Judy, Aunt LaVerle, Aunt Darlene, and my mother. Such stylin' ladies!

Now, the main purpose of this speedy post is for my dear sister Kayli who is far, far away in Switzerland. She is very sad she missed the wedding and she is our photographer. So, I apologize if all the photos bore other audiences, they are in here for her sake. Here ya go Kate, this is my view from the luncheon!


On to the reception. I know this is a lot for one post. I debated breaking it in to two, but you'd be scrolling anyway. So. Here is Nicolas asleep in the van. There was a lot of driving for us from Ogden to SLC, SLC to Ogden, Ogden to Logan, and back again that night. Luckily, we got to leave our little ones at my friend's house in the morning where I'm sure they had a LOT more fun and it left us to enjoy our morning without the one and two year old crowd (because really, can you imagine that crowd at a fancy luncheon?). Between Nicolas, Ruth and Will at least ONE of them were crying at all times on the drive from Ogden to Logan.

Once we got to the reception Ruth was a little clingy and ornery because she'd fallen asleep during the drive. I told her we were at a castle and she looked up at the big building and fancy lights and was in complete awe. She loved it. She also loved this fancy princess chair. She even thought Kourtney was a princess and would carefully steal touches of her dress. So sweet.

My handsome menfolk.

 Ruthie and Will were just the cutest! Will did not last long, the reception started at seven and that is his bedtime, but he was cute before he fell asleep! 

This picture especially. Will looks like a perfect little baby-gentleman. I love his little no-teeth charming smile. 
I am in LOVE with this laughing face of Ruthie--she's scrunching up her nose! It is so adorable!
Perfect smile of Ruth's. 
I love it when Ruthie hugs Will. I can't WAIT to see the family photos the photographer took. She had them sitting on the floor underneath the pretty chandeliers and then told Ruth to hug Will and she did it so happily and cute! The photographer went snap, snap, snap and I can't wait to see! But until then, here they are all scrunched up on the chair, but adorable nonetheless, in their prince and princess outfits. (Ruth was in LOVE with her necklace, too bad it didn't last very long, even after Kami fixed it once.)

This picture is for Kayli. I have no idea why my camera turned the tablecloths purple. They were a deep maroon went perfectly with the light peach chairs. Not at all purple like in the picture, but I thought I'd post this for you anyway.


I was twisting and turning around trying to make Ruth smile for the picture. Oh well.

 All the nieces and nephews that were there!

Devaney, Natalie, Jack, Ruthie, Harriet 
I know it's blurry, but I thought Will looked so cute tacked on at the end there! (We ended up taking more photos of these guys when we realized we were missing Karlee, but I didn't manage to get any.)
Katelyn, Danica, Olivia
I was in love with Megan's hair!

Devaney and Ruthie are the best of cousins! They are so sweet.

I love this picture of Wyatt and Natalie!


My cousin Clay and his family came and partied with us. Amy also saw Will's shoe and brought it back to me, thanks Amy.
Hyrum, Devaney, Logan, Amy, Clay
 And now, for the best part, the dancing! They had a bit of a dance at the end. But the DJ was playing the entire reception, so yeah, there were people dancing the ENTIRE reception. My feet were feeling it that night when I took off my heels. It felt like after a high school dance. Sterling and I did get in some awesome swing songs though--we even remembered a few sweet moves. The DJ got out with us at the end and taught everyone a line dance-it was awesome. We had a great time!
Danica and Megsie. LOVE it!
 I LOVE this next picture. Those boys. 
(Gideon has a mint in his mouth, the kids were eating them all night.)

Like father, like daughter. Wyatt and Hailey.
Ashlee and Tyson.
Brynne and Lynnaea. Love those faces.
Brooke and Karlee.
Love that the girls are all looking and Myles is screaming. So great.
Kisses for the boy.
Ruthie thought the entire dance was great. She loves to dance and she loved that everyone else was dancing with her! She is the best.

Lindsay Ann, not sure what this dance move it, but you go girl! Haha.
Brynne and Kiersten
Megsie and Myles
Cassidy and Ashlee
Andrea gave lessons for a while.
My gorgeous sister Megan chatting with my Uncle Larry.
Devaney and one of Kourtney's cousin's sons. They danced a LOT and when I snapped this picture his dad said I'd have to sent it their way.
Sterling and I dancing!
Great job being MC Amy!
Miriam and Maloree 
Derek and Katelyn
Derek and Brooke
Super cute smile of Karlee's!
Listening to the performers.
Ethan and Kourtney dancing. I was really far away, and it was dark, and my camera did terrible. 

Ruth was adorable after Sterling sang his song I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz, everyone was clapping and she ran up to him clapping the whole time and then stood in front of him clapping. She was grinning from ear to ear and so excited! 

 There was some crazy Harlem Shake. Ethan is the horse. Ruth cried. Then she was clingy for quite a while after that. Poor girl.

Kayli, I know it's blurry, but I specifically took this picture so you could see her dress in detail. So beautiful.

There was a bouquet toss (Danica caught it because she is a foot taller than everyone), there was a garter throw, cake cutting, a daddy/daughter dance, and sparklers at the end (which Derek ran through before the couple appeared, it was awesome) for the couple to walk through. Lots of wonderful family for a wonderful event. Happy wedding!