Thursday, May 27, 2010

fondue and facials

A random lady called me the other day, because my friend had given her my name as a referral, and asked me to do a Mary Kay facial night at my house. Usually I say no to these Mary Kay ladies because they never go away, and I've had a lot of calls between college friends. But then she told me that I would get $10 free product for every person I brought. I'm all about free food. I'm all about free furniture. And if I can get it...I'm all about stocking up on free make-up! To entice my friends and family, I made fondue...for the first time....and it turned out fabulously! We had this delicious white cran-strawberry juice, marshmallows, pretzels, Sterling made a vanilla bundt cake that I cut into one-in. squares, mom brought strawberries, and I had bananas. It was delicious. Such good food.

Facials were fun because I got to see a couple old friends that I haven't seen in awhile... I wish it could've been less Mary Kay and more chatting and catching up...but such is life. The facials, of course, were fantastic, and it was lots of fun! I ended up getting $70 of free product, which basically bought all the products I use on a regular!!!!!!! I was very, very excited. Sterling was happy I saved him money, but I don't really think he grasped the concept of how exciting this was.

Now we have lots of leftover fondue items at our house...which is very happy, except that Sterling has been working double shifts, and my shifts are opposite his...which means we NEVER see each other, let alone eat our leftovers. Today we were talking on the phone during one of his breaks, and I was driving to SLC to turn in all my licensure application stuff(luckily I had gotten off work early to make it there in time) and he said he felt like we were in a long-distance relationship, we saw each other so rarely this week! Sad. But next week we go to Zions and we'll have the entire weekend! Yay!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Address

Also, in addition to my last post I am going to change my url for reaching my blog. As its not really just "Lindsay's Life" anymore, I am going to change it. I don't know if that means that your links will not access it, because the blog will be the same, just the url will change....anyway its going to be:

I wanted it to be happyhaws....but that was already taken. Thanks!


Yes, I am finally OFFICIALLY graduated! The administrator who had to fix the error on my transcript finally got back from China, fixed the problem, and within a morning got my transcript to go through the office! It -officially-says that I have a bachelor's degree now! I knew I had it...but it sure is good to see on paper. Plus, now all my licensing stuff can go through because it needed my completed transcript. Sigh of relief, and big cheer!

Not much else is happening in the Haws Househould. We went out to my parents today and had a great time just chilling with mom, Lindsay Ann, and the kids. Sterling helped mom roll out ginger snaps--because everyone else picked in too much, and I got to play the piano. Happiness.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at his mom's, and it was a blast---lots of hyper people, games, and way too many sweets. And Sterling and I were a bad influence...started a movie late after playing guitar hero and kept his younger siblings up that had school in the morning...oops. But you don't do anything the last week of school anyway, so its not too big of a deal. Haahaa.

Rockelle--if you read this---do you know the name of your dentist? Thanks!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sterling's New Job

Sterling found out that you can get a CNA job in Utah before you actually complete the course, you just have to be taking it at the time. So he got really excited and went and handed out a bunch of a call...and got the job!!!! He is very happy about it, it's a full-time position (basically, but he'll always at least get as many hours as he was making at Fresh Market) he was more than ecstatic to put his two weeks in at Fresh Market, and come to find out, it's just in time because they are doing cuts and he would have had no hours.

I, on the other hand, am hoping to get my transcript worked out on Monday because my professor will be back. Then I can apply for licensure, which'll take a couple weeks, and hopefully I can find a job. I keep promising people I"ll move by them if they can find me a job, and we'll make Sterling transfer. The offer is open to anyone! I REALLY am done cleaning toilets for 8.50 an hour when I have a Bachelors degree! Sigh.

In other news, our apartment doesn't really look like that last post anymore because in the process of Wyatt moving we acquired two small dressers and a futon. The futon doesn't really fit in our living room, but I've decided we'll just leave it pushed against a wall and when we need it closer to the other couch for parties and such we can move it. I like it though. Sterling put a red blanket across it, smart man.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our House

This is our front door. We got the random wreath for a wedding present, but I bought the rug with some of our gift card money at Bed Bath & Beyond and I absolutely LOVE it! Every time I see it I think about how much I love it.
Okay, random place to start, but I hate moving pictures once they're on here. This is the wall in our bedroom. The dresser was given to us by his mother, the beautiful cross-stitch was done by my amazing Aunt Marla for my wedding!

This is our bed. I love it. The headboard came with the dresser. The lamp we got as a wedding present(we had registered for it) and I LOVE it, and the bed was mine growing up, and my parents graciously gave it to me. The cedar chest is also mine from a couple Christmas' ago.

These two quotes were some great buys at Hobby Lobby 75% off, and I love them! These are the ones that are over our bed.

This is our guest bedroom. A roommate and I went in together a couple years ago and bought bunkbeds for our room for thirty bucks each, and they could be set up separately, so we each took our own afterwards. It was a happy bed for my college years, it has my grandmother's quilt on it, and one that my mom made. Its been nice when Sterling's little bro Marlowe sleeps over.

This is the other side of the guest bedroom. Bookshelves. And a lot of random dental hygiene books that I have no idea what to do with yet. A little scary, I know.

This is our bathroom, that I am also in love with. Its red, what more do I need to say?

This is our living room. The couch we got off ksl for $25, plus sterling's speeding ticket. Haahaa. The coffee table I got from a girl in dental hygiene for ten bucks.

These are more of my great hobby lobby buys, and I really love them. The temple picture we got from someone for our wedding, the artist signed it and put our names and wedding date on it. So thats kinda cool. I bought the frames, 75% off, and I LOVE them!

Someone gave us that tile as a wedding present, and the vase the flowers are in, but I made the arrangement! Yay!

Sterling's mom let us have this desk, ask you can see our borrowed laptop is on it, and thats kinda where we keep it.

This is another tile that someone made us. I like it because it has good pictures on it.

This is the entrance from the living room to the kitchen. The red board on the wall above the door opening says "shall we not go on in so great a cause". My awesome sister Amy made it for me a couple years ago. I love it! The table and six chairs we got off ksl for $50. The chairs fabric is red, if you didn't notice.

This is our lovely kitchen with our green kitchen sink, and with our monkey Murphy on our fridge. Megan gave me the red trash can for a bridal shower gift, and we got the red rug with giftcard money. Sterling's mom gave us the microwave for a bridal shower gift, and that beautiful bosch in the corner is from my parents!

This is a closer up view of my beautiful flower arrangement. I was given the vase and I really love it.

This no longer pertains to our house. This is a hike Sterling and I went on today.

Love that man!

We have serious issues taking pictures of ourselves. This was the best we could do.

And this is just a random pic of how cute I thought my hair was on Sunday. I decided I needed to learn how to curl my hair with a straightener cause we didn't have money to buy a smaller curling iron. This is how it turned out, and I really liked it!

Other news:
Freedom Riders started up, where I take cerebral palsy kids horseback riding on thursday nights, and I love it!
Sterling and I went to the drive-in movies with our friends Chantelle and Jeremy and it was a blast!
We went to Provo on Friday night and babysat for my sister Kami and had a great time playing games!
We went swingdancing on Wednesday night and had the greatest time of MY LIFE! We've made a goal to try and go every Wednesday night and get really good again. We've already learned lots of sweet moves...and since after children I might not ever get to do this again, I'm livin' it up!
Thats all folks!

Monday, May 10, 2010


It is storming outside right now, and it looks really really really pretty.

I decided today that my sister-in-law can't move away, cause who else will I talk to for two hours on her front stairs while I pass the time away while Sterling's at work?

Why is my transcript messed up and the only lady that can fix it in China?

Why do I have to have a diploma---unavailable until my transcript is fixed---before I can get a license?

Why, when I have a bachelors degree, am I applying at places like Olive Garden to earn money for the summer?

I decided that its really lame that it costs $75 to change your name on your passport, because now I don't want to change my name until we have enough money to do that as well, because who knows if I might need to head up to Canada for a family function or funeral at any instance?

My house looks really clean and happy right now.

I should be writing thank-you notes for my wedding...but I'm not.

Anyone know someone who needs a hygienist? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Oh, and a hygienist that might not have a license for awhile because of a stupid glitch? Thanks.

Friday, May 7, 2010


This first picture has pretty much nothing to do with the hike we went on yesterday. is a snake that we saw along the trail of a hike we went on a couple days ago. And I screamed. And I wouldn't walk by it, even though we decided that it was probably dead. And WHY is there a snake ALREADY in the road? I always loved early spring, because I felt it wasn't hot enough for snakes and scary things along the trail, so I felt safer. Hmph.

Now, for the story of getting smoked by an old man. Yesterday Sterling and I left the house fairly early---not quite as early as planned because I ended up lending a pair of pants to a good friend---and starting hiking Malan's Peak. Both of us have hiked it once, with people who knew where it was. Neither of us had quite as sharp of a memory, and were a little confused, but confident we were heading in the right general direction, when we came upon a very able-looking old man. Sterling and I introduced ourselves and I asked him, Dennis, if we were on the right track for Malan's Peak. He said we were, and if we followed him, that was right where he was headed. So we did. Previously in our hike there had been laughter and singing. Now, I was lucky to get in sucking breaths. I thought I was going to die. But I couldn't be beaten by an old I kept going.....for awhile. Until I knew I really was going to die, and then I stopped, and made Sterling stop with me. Dennis kept going.

We made it, in our own time (in Sterling's defense, he was keeping up just fine--even though he was surprised at Dennis "bookin it") and passed Dennis one more time. He informed us that he was in the paper last year for climbing Malan's Peak 1000 times in a row. Through snow and winter and everything. Which was quite impressive because we ended up not quite going to the top because there was still so much snow, and then it was snowing/hailing on us...and really, I was cold. It's a really fun hike though, but quite steep, and a lot harder than I remembered. Oh wait, last time I went I was in MUCH better shape. Hmph.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Eight Inches!

Here is me with the longest hair I have ever had in my whole entire existence. And it makes me kinda sad. Cause that's about three years/four years of growing out my hair. And I liked it long. It was just a big hassle. And lots of work. And it took a long time to blow-dry. And it was INCREDIBLY damaged....because I made the big mistake of being in dental hygiene where your hair has to be pulled back just about every single day, and not only pulled back, but SLICKED back from your I put it in a head band every day. And eventually, that caused some major breakage. So....I chopped eight inches off.

And here is what it looks like now. The lady who cut it did a fabulous job, but it was quite a shocker to have so much cut off at once. So I told her to stop cutting. But then I got home later that night and decided to put more layers in. So mom cut more for me. And I like it. I think....I'm still really getting used to it. It's normal, cause that's how my hair has been most of my life, but its still a little shocking, and I miss my long hair.