Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rasmussen Reunion 2009

Our reunion started with a sweet new game called Koob. Everyone had a great time with it---I really loved it, but that might've been cause I was actually decent at it, and Lindsay Ann and I had some good times moaning about losing. It was pretty outrageous.

We had a carnival, and it had to be the most fun I've ever had at a carnival in my entire life. We had Brett being a Mad Scientist, lighting pickles up, making eggs fall into pop cans...stuff like that. We had Wyatt and his assistant Megan giving pony rides in the corral, we had Andrea testing your knowledge and giving out books, Derek was at the balloon toss with prizes, Lindsay Ann and Kami were face painting, Grandpa was making snow cones the entire time, I had a book nook with lots of free books (dad had a bunch free from the university so there were books everywere!) and Mom and Leo provided lunch of hot dogs and chips. Ethan was all suited up at the dunking booth--which later became a main attraction for everyone, and all the little kids got dunked. It was a really fabulous idea, with amazing planning and talents that went into it, and everyone had such a great time!

Last night we had our annual karaoke contest, and it was pretty intense. We started out with races, all sorts of wacky races, and then had dinner, and then moved on to the karaoke, which Derek and Brooke and family won for the third year running---we'll have to do something about that! It was a really fun night. I danced so hard that I thought I would die of exhaustion last night, and my calves are sore today from running around on my toes so much! I must say, we have some crazy-awesome dancing skills in this familia!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


The reunion barely started and two people already have stitches (luckily one was home-made since we have a doc in the house ) there are kids EVERYWHERE, I thought about bringing my stuff inside, but don't really see any open spaces, so I think I'll keep it in my car. Luckily my sister saved me a spot to sleep in her trailer. There are kids everywhere. Did I already say that? Cause literally, you step on them all the time when you aren't watching, and there's already mocking, and pictures, and annoyance at pictures, and boys playing basketball, and girls annoyed that the boys are playing basketball, and secret meetings to practice songs for the karaoke contest, and DELICIOUS food, did I ever tell anyone how much I LOVE guacamole??? And Danica wrote me love notes. And I got kisses and hugs from Brynne and Chad and basically everyone, and I even got to be official tooth-brusher for the 3 and under crowd. Good times. I like that position. Fun had by all, and I LOVE MY FAMILY! Megan mauled me she was so excited to see me. (inserted by Megan herself :) ) Basically life is good. And I don't have to go to work for THREE WHOLE DAYS. I don't know where my blessings come from, but life is absolutely amazing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So...I got to go to the Shakespeare Festival! The fun of it has kinda been knocked out of me, since I came straight home to Dad's office to write up two modules for dental hygiene before going to a clinic tomorrow, and then straight to work, and then to 16 more hours of work the next day, and then I have to play the organ and accompany a singer in church on Sunday! AGH!
But..the festival was absolutely fantastic! I got to be with my mom. We ate popsicles, read a book out loud to each other (that was started on the drive down to Cedar), watched plays, and slept. We went shopping one morning, but since I was there for a class, I actually had to attend not only every performance (the fun part!) but also every orientation for every performance and every literary seminar for every performance. They were SUPER interesting, and the audience was fairly entertaining, but that took four more hours out of every day that I was sitting writing papers, instead of spending lovely time with my mother. We did go shopping one morning, and I convinced my mother to buy TWO dresses that are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and it just occurred to me that I should've taken pictures and posted, but now she's in Logan. Sigh. I also bought a $68 hoodie, for only twenty bucks, and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. The material pattern makes me think of Amy's diaper bag. The cute little purple flowers. I wish it wasn't summer so I could wear it EVERY day!
Mom and I both decided we loved The Secret Garden the VERY BEST--it was a musical, and both of us cried, and laughed, and cried, and were equally amazed at the absolutely incredible talent of the singers. I have always loved that book, but I have never seen it performed, and it was incredible. Our second favorite was Comedy of Errors, which was absolutely hilarious, and the cast was spontaneous enough to yell out at the crowd, and we'd yell back, and it was just really true fun. Our two favorite people, an actor and an actress, were in this play, and we scoured the other shows the rest of the time for their faces. Foxfire was good, Private Lives was hilarious and very good(probably my third favorite), and As You Like It was a perfect fairy tale happy ending story, and a great show to end our stay with. We also saw Henry V, and I just wish I had've done some research or some reading before this play, cause I think it was really well played, and the main King was an amazing actor and had some great speeches, but I just didn't follow it very well. At one point mom was all annoyed and leaned over and said "Do you know whats going on?" And I waved my hand "I don't know, the English are fighting the French" which was probably the only obvious thing happening, mom busted up laughing at me. But all in all, they were amazing, and it was a great opportunity!
We have already decided to make it a yearly trip, especially since next year they are doing Pride and Prejudice...and another one that I was excited about that I can't think of right now.

Monday, July 6, 2009


And I'm OFF to four whole days in Cedar City with my mom at the Shakespearian Festival. I am so excited. Not even so much for the event (although that is exciting) but just to have the days off meals time to read two books I stole from Andrea/Megan....a little bit of summer??? YAY!!!!!!!!!