Monday, October 24, 2016

Sombrero Beach

See that big bridge to the left and far away? It's pretty fun to drive over, haha. 
Molly's face pretty much looked that ornery the entire drive and Ruth's was that happy. She is officially my favorite road trip partner. (Road trip...1.5 hours...mostly just a longer drive, I guess.) We raised the roof with some Jack Johnson Makin' Banana Pancakes and some Chris Rice Lemonade. She knew every word of every chorus we were singing. She yelled "WuuuuuuUH" with me over every single bridge we drove over (which is a LOT driving over the keys) and she was just SO happy. It was so much fun. 
 We had a thousand things to catch up on this weekend. The kind of thousand little things that fall through the cracks when one person is single parenting and trying to hold it all together by themselves with three little destroyers on the war path and the other person pulling hours like 2am bedtimes and 430am mornings on the regular. Things start to build up. Like haircuts, lawn mowing, dirty vehicles, etc., etc., etc. But then...we hadn't seen each other in MONTHS it felt like. And even though Sterling had four lectures he already had to start working on over the weekend (after a Friday test, I mean, we haven't had a 'test afternoon' for the past four tests...which is usually the only free time we get but the hurricane messed that all up) we bailed. We bailed on life and went to the Keys. Because...why not? 

And I am ever so grateful that we did. We took Sterling's little car for better gas mileage so we were all mashed in there and we took PB&J sandwiches and water and just went. Sterling was smiling and laughing with the kids all day. It was like I hadn't seen that in ages--although I know I have, he makes a huge effort when he is around to play with them---but something about the sun-rays and the sparkling water and the vacationing spirit of the Keys was epicly perfect for filling our hearts up to the brim. Best trip ever. One magical day was the perfect cure to getting through some more med school life. 

That water. It doesn't even seem real! 
We like this beach because it is 1) free. 2) on marathon key so not so far away as key west. 3) has the best playground ever.
That sky! Guys this is not even edited!
Sterling said 'jellyfish' and Ruthie was out of that water so fast! She was stung by one last Thanksgiving and she has not forgotten! Luckily, it was the only one we saw that day and it didn't bother us.

They love those kickboards!
The view from my towel. Pretty much the best ever. 
Click on this picture and make it huge. Ruthie's laugh. It makes my heart happy.
Two peas in a pod. 
These two were the absolute cutest. They ran out of and into the water over a billion times and it never got old. It brought on hysterical laughter every time they hit the water and started splashing. I love kids. This is also when I had a 10 minute convo with the nice lady from Kentucky who just thought we were the most charming, adorable family she had ever met--with the most well-behaved kids. Trust me, they're not. But at the beach? Who could be sad on a day like this?

Haha, they splashed daddy!
She had a ball doing her own thing. The older kids left her alone so she wasn't being bossed into some game with them, haha. So she played in the sand and swam around forever. She was actually the first one to brave the 'chilly' water (yes, yes I know, it was 80 degrees I just called it chilly. I'm almost ashamed at myself.) and full-on started swimming. And she never stopped. She also spent a good portion of time on my lap while we floated around on that tube. She called all the boats by name: Mommy Boat, Daddy Boat, Baby Boat, and got really excited to watch them get closer.

I love water-splashing pictures.

I love how Sterling and Molly are laughing in this one.

We covered Will up first, because he was laying on his kick board trying to warm up in the sun, and he thought it was absolutely hilarious. Especially when I 'spanked' his bum with the shovel over the dirt. He had a grand time covering Ruthie up after.

Life is good. 

She has no fear.
That water though. 

Sterling was the man and spent FOREVER hauling that huge bucket of water for the kids' amusement. If he poured it right into a lap filled with sand, the water pressure created a perfect bowl in the sand and they just LOVED it.

See that little bowl in the shadows?  

I don't think she's REALLY that white--we just keep a LOT of sunscreen on that little adorable redheaded face! 
After spraying off under the showers Molly was disappearing into her towel, haha!

Gotta love a park with that kind of view!
Daddy giving them a spin on this AMAZING merry-go-round!

And yes, Molly got up there all by herself and then started walking on the ropes on the inside before I decided I better grab her.

And then we drove home and Sterling grilled some Cheddarwursts on the grill and all was perfect with the world. Thank you, Florida Keys, we love you.