Thursday, August 27, 2009


Lets see...throw me back in to a world I have contentedly forgotten for the last four months, expect me to clean teeth in a completely unfamiliar environment, with completely unfamiliar equipment....throw in to my complete frantic and frightened mindset a veteran with schizophrenia, who was homeless, and sometimes smoked....and it actually turned out fabulous. Very compliant patient, very patient and understanding professors, and slowly I felt a little more comfortable. Okay, not really...but at least I wasn't on the verge of absolute hysteria by the end of the appointment. Second patient no-showed, which was terrible since that meant I didn't get any quads for the day, but was fabulous because I did a bunch of paperwork for the next day's clinic, and I feel MUCH more confident with the previously foreign computer program used at the VA. One day down. Seven months to go.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rejoice and mourn!

So I have the happiest news in the whole entire universe!!!! The state of Utah, along with the rest of the world, has had a large amount of funding cut from its education programs, including Weber State University. I am on a state scholarship. And they cut the amount my scholarship was paying. I got more than a little annoyed, and wrote an email to three different state legislators and told them that I thought it was completely ridiculous that, on a scholarship that pays a certain percentage for 60 credits, and I have only used 50 credits of scholarship, they would cut it on my last 10 credits. Plus, they gave me the can't just cut the amount!?!?!!?!?!?!??! Anyway, long story short, I had a voicemail from my dearest father this afternoon, and he opened my mail and THEY REINSTATED THE INITIAL AMOUNT FOR MY SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!! I am more than a little excited about this. Especially since I just paid $1,100 today in fees that have nothing to do with tuition and student fees. Just dental hygiene fees. Ouch. This is where the mourning comes in. Good thing I bought gas this morning, might be the last time in a while!!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Ghetto House

I moved again....and after six hours of some of the hardest labor of my entire existence, the living room and kitchen are now clean enough that I feel I can live here. And I love it. I love, love, love, love, LOVE it!!!!! It's absolutely perfect, and it feels like home. Which is kinda a new thing for me, I haven't had an apartment feel like home for awhile. And I'm living with Kelsey and Elizabeth, and Kelsey was my roommate last year and we had good times, and I am REALLY excited about this year. I think it will be great to have the three of us in our little ghetto house, and now that it is all clean, and Kelsey's thinking about replacing our 60's brown plaid curtains, I think it will look spectacularly nice. The yard is amazingly beautiful cause the landlord's wife next door does all the gardening. Thats the update on my life. Have a beautiful day one and all. PS NO MORE CATS!!!! YAY!!!!! YAY FOR NO-PET HOUSES!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Smells and Musicals

Today has been just one of those awesome days. "Good day." Haahaa!!!!! Anyway, I thought today would be really long and terrible, because it is one of my days that I work an eight hour shift at the hotel and then eat in my car and work a six hour shift at JCP. But I was thinkin' it was okay cause its one of my last times doing this....then, today has just been hilarious from the very beginning. Melinda and I were cleaning on the second floor, and the duvet cover was dirty, and so I had to walk down to the housekeeping room to get a new one to put on. I hate that. But when I got down there, it reeked like none other. So....I told Chantelle. A couple hours later we were cleaning a room right next to the housekeeping closet, and it was such a strong smell it was giving me a headache. I don't know if they ever figured out what that one was, but I think Jackee used half a gallon of air freshener in that hallway, haahaa!!! Then we walked into a room and I almost puked, it smelled like stale popcorn. Then Melinda decided I must have an extra sensitive nose today, cause every single room I walked into, I defined the smell, and thought it was really strong. Like the coffee room...etc. So I decided we should have a Housekeeping Musical, with a song focused solely on smells. So then all day long Melinda and I kept thinking of great ideas of things to put into our musical. And Chantelle added dance moves (shiver shimmy....good one Chan!!!!) and basically I was laughing so hard all day long, but I think you had to be there. So the day went by REALLY fast, and was a really good day. Some major high points:
Lindsay to Chantelle while taking lunch: "Stop working, CHICKEN LIVER!!!!"
Lindsay over walkie "CHAN----TELLE!!!!!" Merrill: "Yes?"
Lindsay to Melinda: "You just missed some MAJOR shoe saving escapades." Chantelle "Yeah, and chicken liver."
Melinda to Lindsay: "You're the only girl I know who says 'thats intense', its kinda a guy thing."
*Chantelle thought the lid was on her pen....little did she know she had lines up and down the back of her neck, well into her hair line.
Chantelle: SPREAD EAGLE(was she flapping, or trying to explain distance between rooms???? Don't really know)
Chantelle opens laundry chute WITHOUT putting bin underneath: "AHHHHH!!!! There's a MOUNTAIN of laundry!!!!!!" Um....yes, yes, that would be what happens darling!

I know there were lots of really funny things, especially Melinda saying some really witty things, but I can't think of them right now. Lets just say I am SO excited to be done with JCP and not have to do back to school anymore and run up and down the stairs 300 times within a shift...and thats no exaggeration, Mindi and I counted! But I will miss Michelle and Mindy and Stephanie...and my managers Russ and Pam. Lots of good times with those people! Not so sorry to be up til 11pm straightening everything people touch! Oh, and update on my life: I'm moving next weekend, just a couple streets. And I'm really, really, REALLY excited for this semester. I think it's going to be a blast. YAY for SENIOR YEARS!!! Am I really graduating with a bachelors in May? Hannah, my life is flashing before my eyes!