Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lotsa Sleep

I went home and enjoyed a marvelous, home-cooked, well-loved Thanksgiving dinner with several of the Rasmussen Family Clan members--and little bro's girlfriend. It was delicious and fun. Then I drove home and woke up at 2:50 to be to work at 3:15. I don't think I've ever been awake that early in my life. I've stayed up that late reading before...but never actually gotten up and ready.

Work was absolutely insane all day. I worked a 10-hr shift instead of my regular 8-hr shift. It actually went really well though. Lots of employees, and the people were super nice and seemed really understanding, if hurried. Only one customer made me annoyed, really annoyed actually---and I know it was only cause I was on low sleep, but they were so irksome. I ended up calling a manager, and another girl walked by, looked at my face, and said "lindsay would you like me to take over ringing?" I said "I sure would!" and I left the matter up to her. As a whole though, it was a really good day and I didn't feel too tired.

I got home and watched a movie to rest my aching feet, and then decided I'd take a couple hour nap before I went to a party at a friend's house. Felt like I fun idea for Thanksgiving Break. At about 4:30 I fell asleep, and I woke up again at 9:30ish cause my sister and brother were both calling. I went to my bed and fell back asleep until 6:40am when I got up to go to work again. That is almost FOURTEEN HOURS!!! Pure divine-ness. Sleep is lovely. I didn't realize I was that tired, but I must've been. It was a well-spent fourteen hours though.

Now I am happily eating popcorn while my nieces and nephews watch Popeye downstairs in the fort we constructed. We live by the Mediterranean, we are bandits, and we plan on overthrowing King Herod in Jerusalem. Myles even instructed us on how there isn't any water on our planned route, so we will have to carry some with us. Smart kid. I think this all developed because of the National Geographics map my sister has on her counter. Sounds like fun though---so I guess I"ll join in!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thoughts

Today is Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for:
-JCP being closed today, so I get to stay home at my parents house
-yesterday my familia that lives close came and we had Thanksgiving Dinner, it was divine
-My brother snorting marshmellows(for the full story, you can read my sister Andrea's blog) It was pretty much the highlight of the night, I was laughing so hard I was crying, and so was mom, so then we laughed even harder. I also discovered when your stomach is so full from the gluttony of eating Thanksgiving dinner, it really hurts to laugh that hard!
-Sleeping in this morning. I woke up at 6:30am which is very usual for me, and then decided to try going back to sleep and enjoying the late morning. I woke up again at 10:30am. I felt SO refreshed, and so sheepish for my laziness. But it felt oh so good!
-I am thankful that there is only one more week of the semester, one test per class (only two in radiology) and this semester has gone so greatly!
-beautiful weather so I can drive safely home for holidays so far this year
-a great apartment and great roommates and we have so much fun!
-food. my mom's food. glorious food.
-books, books, and books. I don't know how I would live without them.
-friends and parties, that make school life livable.
-warm blankets--to survive the freezing conditions mom keeps her house in
-the piano, and that mom got it newly tuned just for me to come home and play for her! So exciting and wonderful and glorious and stupendously happy!
-My family, who are the craziest, happiest, funniest, most wonderful people ever!
-My parents, my dad is making lunch right now, and my mom is making muffins(I"m helping) for me to eat. 
-My car that runs and is happy and has no issues so I can safely drive around
-gas prices so that I CAN drive my car around!
-my job so I can pay for my schooling
-schooling so I can learn so very very much and get a good job someday
-I think I could go on and on, so we'll end on contacts and lotion. I love  them both.

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There is one sure way to tell when college students are nearing the end of a semester and finals are looming in the distance. Let me explain with a story:

After a nice, big meal of Thanksgiving Dinner provided at FHE to the young single adults(which was actually not very tasty at all, but really, when you do fake potatoes for a Thanksgiving dinner? Come on guys) I headed home to study for an anatomy test. I really wasn't in studying mode quite yet, but I had gotten through the first column of cranial nerves and was somewhat focusing and then focusing on my roommates phone conversation, which was fairly interesting. The time is now 8:20ish.
11:45 I wake up and realize that I never got further than that in studying. So, I take out my contacts and move from couch to bed. Didn't even bother to take my clothes off. Thinking that I'd study in the morning for my test, instead of going to the gym, I fall quickly back to sleep. I wake up just in time to make it to my 7:00 class, and have about twenty minutes to study inbetween my two classes.

Good thing I remember so much from Pathophysiology and Biomed, or I would've been in big trouble--as it was I remembered the order of everything, and the quiz was a breeze. Unfortunately, as much sleep as I got, it was not very refreshing, so I'm still very much looking forward to Thanksgiving Break!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Final Patient Exam and $1.64 was immensely stressful. Well, I was super stressed BEFORE, but when I actually got to the exam it wasn't so bad. I was so nervous though that I didn't eat lunch, and as soon as my patient walked out the door it just hit me, and I was HUNGRY!

My patient was my sister-in-law Lindsay Ann, which was only a little confusing. I had to double check everything on the computer statements to make sure it was the right Lindsay in every slot. Then when I was taking x-rays, Prof. M came over and said "Lindsay, you're supposed to put the patient's name on the x-ray, not yours." Haahaa, it was my patient's name!!!!

If you read my sister's blogs, you have read posts on the greatness of Lindsay Ann, now it is my turn to praise her eternal goodness! She was so calm through the entire exam, a great patient, her mouth was PERFECT! I felt just like a 6 mos. appt has been explained to me---localized marginal gingivitis, calculus on the lingual lower anteriors, healthy gingiva, and great oral hygiene habits---nothing that was out of whack or really scary to throw me off, but(since she hasn't been to a dentist in over 2 yrs) enough calculus and stuff that it was different than working on another DH student. So awesome. She was good at telling me when things hurt(I think...I hope she was always telling me) and really good at asking questions and being interested, so that I had lots and lots to write in my chart about OHI and feel like I covered an interesting basis(which is good, they hate it when its all normal stuff). I only finished her LL quad, but I feel like I was doing pretty good, cause I got everything else completed and I feel like I really covered it. Plus, probing felt 100% better than on my mock patient, and scaling wasn't too bad. Still feel like I can work on that one a bit, but at least I knew what I was all about.

So with that over, my other exciting news: I finally got a letter. It was posted on Oct. 28th. I hate Brazilian mail.

Other exciting news: With my 5 cent rewards at Smiths, I filled up today COMPLETELY FULL for TWENTY DOLLARS! Yes..that is $1.64. No joke. I am loving life. I will come visit you more often Leeshy, with prices like that!

Other exciting news: FHE tonight is Thanksgiving Dinner. No worries mom, I will be fed.

Other exciting news: Tomorrow is the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break, and THEN only a week of finals before CHRISTMAS! SO EXCITING!

That is all my news, thanks for listening.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Comical Computer Confusion

The very first day of dental hygiene clinic I discovered there were two Lindsay Rasmussen's in the computer. One had the address of my apartment, and one had the address of my parent's home in Hyrum. I was a little confused as to why there were two of me in the computer, but I've just been using the most current address throughout the semester.

Today after class I went into the clinic room to use a computer to set up the appointment with my very first patient on Monday. I just had to enter it in to the computer so that the instructors knew that I had a patient and whether or not they had a chart. My original patient was my roommate Kelsey, but another student had a patient that couldn't come and she couldn't find anyone, so I let her use Kelsey, and my lovely sister-in-law Lindsay Ann consented to be my patient.

A couple nights ago I took over the health history documents to her house and had her fill it out so that I didn't have to do it the day of her appointment, and I would feel more prepared for my exam. As she is filling it out, she comments that she has already been to the clinic. Hmmm...she should already have a chart then.

So I get permission to go through the charts, and lo and behold---Lindsay Ann already has a chart! YAY! This makes life much easier for me. Then I go to the computer to schedule her appointment...and lo and behold---that other Lindsay Rasmussen is not me, but it is her! She lived at my parent's house for a couple months last year while they were in between houses, and that was when she came in to the clinic. SO FUNNY! It doesn't sound as funny just reading it, because it was probably apparent to you early on what the mistake was, but it took me a lot longer to figure out in real life, and hence was a tad bit more funny. No worries though, I changed her address and a couple other things so that it will be easier to tell us apart on the scheduling list.

On another note, can I just say that today is an absolutely beautiful day, gas is down to 1.80 and tonight I plan on cleaning my tub and then using it???? Yay for good days!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today I had an awful realization. I was walking along and realized every article of clothing I was wearing, I paid for myself. My books in my arms and my backpack-I paid for. My lunch box-I paid for(courtesy JCP special), the backpack and jacket I was carrying-I paid for. The necklace and hair scrunchis-I paid for. The phone-I paid for, the keys-belonged to something I'm paying for in both rent and transportation. Even the animal crackers and granola bar in my backpack-I paid for. The planner-I paid for. The fees for the student i.d. card-I paid for. The pens-I paid for. The binders and notebook paper-I paid for. I was starting to get REALLY worried that I am much too old and much too grown up and I never, ever wanted to grow up...and when in the world did this happen anyway???!!??!!?!

Then I heaved a great sigh of relief. My water bottle is from my parents. They gave it to me for Christmas last year chock full of red and green m&m's. So I'm not so grown up after all. Which is a really good thing. But maybe it was just my experience at the temple yesterday that made me so concerned at my increasing age. I walked in to do baptisms and the nice old lady getting my size looked at me and said "You aren't endowed yet?" But thank you for noticing! Hannah. I'M ONLY NINETEEN THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Glad I got that off my chest. I'll talk to you guys later. I gotta go put on some pink and play dolls or something...just to get down to my age-roots.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warm November

It is a BEAUTIFUL warm, and sunny, and bright November day. I must say this morning was a tad too chilly--but then again, it is November. 

Today was a mock patient exam---getting us ready for our REAL patient exam next week. Lets see, I felt: hot, nervous, inadequate, frazzled, hot, incompetent, nervous, hot, stressed, lack of any real abilities, hot...did I say hot? I asked during clinic if anyone felt hot--and Kelsie said she was sweating bullets so at least I wasn't alone. 

It actually went really well. The time limit was A-OK, the charting was super-good(except I was a little slow starting it), the computer programming went totally great....I just felt like I didn't know how to do the dental hygiene skills I've been working on all semester! Granted, McKenna having absolutely no calculus so I felt like I was haphazardly scaling all over the place really didn't help...but I feel like I need to sit down and probe and scale for the next 72 hours until I REALLY feel like I know what I am doing. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Will I ever be a good DH? Once again, good ol' Lindsay can do all the book work and memorize whatever you want me to, but you put that actual skill in front of me...and I think I'm a LOT slower than the average girl. Hmph. I better get a letter tomorrow, I think its making me edgy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

President Packer

Root de toot, root de toot, we're the boys of the institute. We don't smoke, and we don't chew, and we don't go with girls that do. Some say that we don't have fun....we don't. 

HAAHAAAHAAAA That is one of the quotes from President Packer. He was telling us about their slogan/chant at WSU when it was Weber College. President Packer is next in line to the prophet, and he came and talked to about two-three thousand students at the Ogden LDS Institute of Religion on Sunday. I stood in line on Monday morning and got two tickets---for row P, which put us at about four rows behind the last bench of the chapel...pretty good I'd have to say. 

The whole fireside was pretty much phenomenal...the music was phenomenal, the spirit was phenomenal, the feeling I had and the content of his talk---it was all exceptional, so I thought I'd share some highlights(these are from my own personal notes, so if they are not word-for-word I apologize):

"You can do whatever you choose but you cannot avoid the consequences."

"Repentance can heal whatever Lucifer hurts" (he spent a long time on this concept) continuing with "The atonement of Christ can clean anything. I repeat: The atonement of Christ can clean anything" and then he repeated it a third time just a couple sentences later. WOW.

Satan wants to pollute marriage, so you need to treat your spouse with tenderness and love. 

The Family: A Proclamation to the World was actually generated and produced because the LDS leaders were invited to a marriage conference and were not impressed. They did not go to the next conference, but Pres. Packer read the minutes, and marriage was not mentioned ONCE. So when the conference asked if they could hold it in SLC, the church leaders produced The Family: A Proclamation to the World. He then said "The Family: A Proclamation to the World embodies ALL a person needs to know to live the gospel."

"Do not be critical of the Lord's church and priesthood."

"I give you a caution. My caution is to beware of the world 'tolerance'. This word does not stand alone-we are not required to tolerate anything that does not lead to happiness. Beware of tolerance, it does not lead to virtue."

When he was young and first married he said "We determined we'd live the gospel and tithing would be the basis of our finances."

He gave us all a little pep-talk, basically stating that the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was not worried about the economic crisis of the world, and we need not worry. "Don't be afraid, you'll be all right as long as you follow the Lord's way. We're not afraid, you need not be afraid." He then talked a little bit about Joseph in Carthage Jail and said "Trials are all calculated to give experience and be for thy good. Move forward in life and find happiness."

Then, this was probably my favorite part, he proclaimed a blessing upon all our heads, the young single adults in attendance, he said "This is your blessing, that you will understand the gospel, that your minds will be alert, you will find the way to be married and your family will be happy and fulfill the purpose of your creation." He discussed some more and made the statement "The Lord is no stranger to His prophets and apostles" and the way he said it made you wonder about all the wonderful experiences they must have. He then extended the blessing, "upon the parents, who are sustaining you."

It was a really remarkable experience, the spirit was incredibly strong, and I am so glad I was able to go. There were so many people! We were an hour early, and we parked four parking lots away, they filled up the chapel the gym, the lounge, the MPR room, and several other classrooms---it was so neat. 

In institute this morning we were talking about it and my institute teacher quoted that the "Proclamation to the Family deals with every single social issue of this time." and that is exactly how Pres. Packer's talk felt---he dealt with everything. I know we are truly led by a prophet of God who receives revelation from God to direct us here on earth. 

Monday, November 17, 2008


Today...I was a patient. It was fun actually. I got varnish again---which is my fav kind of fluoride. It was instructive though---I was so happy I was operator on Wed instead of today. McKenna did a fab job and there were no problems. I did find out though, my suspicious lesion has multiplied, and I have now been semi-diagnosed with TWO CAVITIES on the occlusal surfaces of 30 and 31. Ruff. And ruff again. Earlier today though, I had a fun blood incident. So I was donating plasma, and she pulled out the needle, and I don't know what she did different, but blood spurted everywhere, and pooled on the armrest of the chair, so there was blood all down my arm. It actually didn't hurt at all---it was probably the nicest needle pull I've ever experienced, so I couldn't be too annoyed. Thats my life. Two tests to study for tonight!!! AHHH!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Best Friend

In my life there have been a lot of girls and women who have been very influential. My mom, for one, is the most amazing person I have ever met and has taught me how to be my very best in everything I do. Without my mother I would be a mere pittance of what you see today(in looks and brains, if you asked my dad). My older sisters, who are super examples of all aspects of personalities and talents and I learn from them and love them so much. But there is one woman who holds an especially tender spot in my heart because we shared the rough teenage years, all the ponderings of our hearts, and all the puzzles of our souls together---I don't think anybody has ever understood me as clearly or been at the exact same level of life so completely as my best friend Aleesha. Today is Aleesha's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!---and I just wanted to review some of the great experiences in life that I have had with her:
*Stealing out of our dorms at Youth Conference past curfew to have a truly testimony-building and spiritual experience.(serious!)
*She gave me foot rubs when I thought my feet were so sore they were going to fall off. It was heavenly. I will never forget how grateful I was that she would touch my feet!
*many, many, MANY long walks around the mountains of Uintah while having long, long, LONG talks about LIFE
*driving through Seattle as two teenage girls who had never tried to use a map, never been to Seattle, and NEVER seen that many one-way roads!!!! (that constituted much screaming and extra driving!)
*Many good cries when life starts to filter in to the fantasy world of childhood
*ROAD TRIP to Zions Nat'l Park, which is probably ranked as one of the top weekends of my existence
*doubling on a bike. Need I say more?
*making shakes---we are connoisseurs, if you need a shake with anything in it from jello mix to jam, just let us know!
*moving in high school---thats an experience that spanned many long phone calls, and I'm glad that we shared the experience together(if 500 miles apart)
*becoming me. I think Aleesha was instrumental in me being completely satisfied with me.
*Driving--remember early mornings in driver's ed? and the first time we drove to Wendy's without parentals??
*Boys---dating, dating, and dating. The highlights, lowlights, and fun nights of high school and college.
*planning a Girls Camp together---it was AWESOME!
*Softball--we went undefeated!
*Anne of Green Gables and My Fair Lady (at 4AM) takes on a whole new meaning when referencing Aleesha
*singing at the piano (I love how much she appreciates music, its nice to have someone listen to your hard work--remember the night of note cards?!?!?!)
*Bus rides--Angels Among Us (we had a sweet bus driver who used to specifically play that song so we could sing along before I had to get off---the whole back of the bus would start singing!)
*Braids---thanks for all the times you've braided my hair girlie!
*Brothers--I definitely think there's a reason our brothers are the same age! :)
*OYA. There is so much jam-packed into those three letters.
*Issues-there is so much in the world right now that we have to be on top of, understand, vote about, and make decisions on what our views are-we have LONG discussions
*Aleesha's grandma gives me hugs when she sees me at JC Penney. That means something.
*There is much, much more---but Aleesha is definitely my hero!

Aleesha is the most understanding person I know. She's a listener. I think it takes special talent to be a good listener, one that I am not blessed with, so I have learned to highly appreciate it(and hopefully it serves in reminding myself to be a little better). She is always accepting. New ideas, new people, new beliefs--she may not accept them for herself, but she will accept it as something to consider and never throws it out without careful thought. She is artistic--sometimes, there are things in life that I just know Aleesha will appreciate more than the average person, and that makes me appreciate it as well. Aleesha is strong and happy and determined--and I love her! Thanks for sharing the best times of my life!

PS Remember how I walked you smack into a pole??? Ya. Good times. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Okay, so that post I wanted to post, is going to take more than a while I think...and possibly until after this semester has wound down and is THREE WEEKS! Yes, you read that correctly, just a mere three weeks and this semester will be over. Completed. Finale. No more. It won't be coming back. Sigh of relief. Not that this semester has been hard, or bad. In all actuality, I have loved every minute of this semester and felt that things have gone really nicely---its just nice to have a break. And I am so ready for a break. So ready.

It is now time for me to crack a book for my dental community health class. I wanted to take the test today, but now I'm thinking I will take it tomorrow morning. I just need to double check how early the testing center opens, because I have to be to work and a super saturday tomorrow---which I am SUPER excited about, by the way. I am going to make an apron, two Christmas cards(if you get one now you can feel extra special :) ) and a tile that says Count Your Many Blessings in red lettering. I am in love with that red tile. I was trying to explain it to my manager (who is not LDS, but is somewhat familiar with our beliefs) because she asked me why I wanted to switch shifts to the afternoon , which is a little baffling since I usually LOVE morning shifts, and I was telling her about this tile of Count Your Many Blessings that I really wanted. So Pam says "You want to switch shifts so you can make a PLATE?!?!?!" Ummm, yes. Very much. Haahaa. At least she still let me switch!

ALSO news of note, I stood in a long line dark and early on Monday morning and I have tickets to the President PACKER FIRESIDE!!!! YA! I am very excited to go on Sunday and be that close to someone so close to the Lord. It's going to be super great.

That is my life, you are currently up-to-date.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rainy Day

Today is rainy---but it is A-OK because....drum roll...I bought rain boots. And I am in love. With the rain boots, of course. I walked across campus today, a full ten minutes, and my feet and the bottom of my pants were dry!!!! I'm going to try to take a picture of them with Sana's new camera tonight...we'll see if it happens.

Today in clinic we did lots of wrap-up stuff. I can't believe this semester is almost over! But I got another sealant, I did some air powder polishing, and I instrument sharpened. It was a good day, although I am STARVING! First item of business: food. Second: study for community health midterm. Third: sign up for next semesters classes. Then I get to go babysit Megan's kids and have a fun night!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I forgot to say that we also learned how to do sealants today. I have two shiny, new sealants in my mouth! It feels so slick and clean! Unfortunately, we only got to do two...could've done with a whole mouth full!


Today we learned how to air powder polish---a machine particularly useful for those with me. Unfortunately IT STINGS!!! It's all right though, I got over it. I really didn't think the actual polisher was that hard to use...but that big ol' suction definitely caused some issues! Then I got some more fluoride. But today Pam found in my mouth, a SUSPICIOUS LESION!!!!!! AHHH!!!! Now, I have to go to the dentist. Hopefully, it isn't a cavity, but it was sticky. HOW? I don't know. Sigh.

The weekend was....eventful. I plan on posting a big long post, but it might not happen tonight. Actually it won't probably happen tomorrow night either. It will come though.

PS Heather you are awesome! Thanks for the piano-fun yesterday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Mother Loves Me

Today in the fridge at my dad's office there was:
-a bottle of homemade applesauce
-a bottle of home-canned raspberries
-a container with a baked potato, sausage and peas
-a container with homemade stew
-a plate of homemade caramel rice krispies 
-a loaf of homemade zucchini bread
and guess what?It was all for me!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am spoiled rotten and it was absolutely delicious and I am SO HAPPY! THANK YOU MOTHER! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today...I was a patient. In more than one chair actually! Yesterday I had a molar bracket fall off so I made an appointment and got it glued back on. ....Later that night, while scarfing down 3 tacos (for 99cents at DelTaco!) it broke AGAIN! So annoyed. So I had about 1/2 in. of open wire in my mouth. So annoying. SO I was a patient for my pod partner, Shaylee, as a mock patient, and then the lovely WSU dentist also let me sit in his chair and he drilled off the end of the wire. How nice. Maybe I should just take them off FOREVER! That sounds good.

It was fun to be a patient. The only downside is she used Vanish Varnish on my teeth---and I can feel it creeping along and being all bumpy and it does NOT feel like I just got my teeth cleaned! Oh well. I also found out, because we used a disclosing agent, that I do not clean number 18 at all. It was covered in plaque. Funny too, because everything else was astonishingly clean. (Figures, since we cleaned each others teeth last week!) Haahaa, so I guess I need to focus on brushing that one tooth :)

Also, as a side note, I voted yesterday for the very first time in my life! It made me feel all grown up :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ode to Long Clinic Days

Bright and early in the predawn light,
Trudge up stairs, more than eight flights!
Sterilize instruments, change shoes and coat,
follow Professor McConnaughy to see what she wrote.
A Full mouth on Dexter, thats twenty films!
Only TWO retakes, I know the drill.
Those max'lary canines are too overlapped,
A little distal movement, and they'll show a gap.
On into clinic, its mock patient day!
When its all over, we'll all shout hurray!
Listen to instructions, and get so stressed out
Breathe in deeply, just follow the route.
Don't forget paperwork along the way-
and make sure its sanitized so it can stay.
Pass of PE's and sweat under the mask,
Pray that the time-limit continues to last.
Professor C. calls a pod-wrap and madly I dash
To write and to clean, it all seems a mash.
The sky is all dark, as I walk out the door
A good day in clinic--couldn't've loved it more!
Skills I am learning, so slowly-but TRUE
Soon I'll be registered, I'll never be blue!
The girls are the best, they'll help you out,
The dental hygiene department, thats what I"m all about!