Thursday, August 28, 2008

2nd day of Clinicals

So, I survived yet another day...and after tomorrow, an entire week! Second day of clinicals was much more calm and happy. Or, at least, I felt that way. We learned a couple PE's (process evaluations, which is basically directions that we have to memorize about doing something) and then they let us pass off one that we had learned on Monday--which went really well. Although, I know they were being really nice because it was our first PE. We got to play with teeth (a typodont) strapped to the headrest of a clinical chair. It was pretty much awesome. Haahaa. We also got to squirt them with water and suction it up, take off the pretend calculus(white out) and basically, I just was able to feel a lot more comfortable in the clinical setting. It's weird doing hands-on activities at college, I've grown so used to book work (or, didactic work, as I learned from Prof. Mcconaughy). I rode my bike to school today and splattered mud ALL up my back and backpack. Sad. And I got my braces changed yesterday and they put an elastic from my upper to my lower teeth. My teeth hurt SO bad that I've just been going hungry all day. Whenever I try to eat, it hurts, and I'd rather be hungry. I have icecream at home, and will hopefully soon remedy this situation. Aleesha flew in to Utah last night!!! YAY! Welcome back! There is going to be a LOT of fun things between Provo and here throughout the next semester, I can feel it. Last night Sana (my Mongolian roommate) taught me how to say Goodnight in Russian, unfortunately, I can't even pretend to spell it. So I'll say "I love you" in Russian, which I learned a couple nights ago . Ya tebya lublu. Sweet, I know. Sana is pretty much the coolest roommate ever. She cooks. Need I say more? That is my life up to date---have a great day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of Clinicals

Welcome to school and the dental hygiene world! I started Monday, first I had Radiology Lab which went really well, was pretty straightforward, and life was going smoothly. Then I had my first afternoon of clinicals. It wasn't scary or overwhelming, I just felt really disorganized and I didn't know where to put anything--and with all those instruments I felt like I had a LOT of stuff. We mostly went over sterilization, the computer program, whether or not our hair, scrubs, and shoes met the requirements. I am actually happy that our hair has to be pulled back and bobby-pinned and no strands around our took me less than a minute to do my hair, and I don't feel bad about it because it has to be that way! Haahaa. I got to know the names of the first year students a little better which made me feel more secure about life in general. Really, I felt like everything was over my head and I'm still hoping it will slowly settle into my brain and the whirlwind will become common routine. But really, for a first day, not too shabby.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Day

Today is my last day working at Pleasant Valley Dental for Dr. Scoville (and/or Dr. Adams and Dr. Florence, depending on the day). I thought that since this blog was created for dental hygiene, I would share some funny happenings from work today. I woke up with a really bad canker sore on the inside of my bottom lip. I think what happened was I slept against my braces, and it rubbed it raw through the night. It hurt all morning long, and finally I decided to put some Benzo-jel on it, which is the topical anesthetic we put in patients mouth so that they don't feel the shot as much. I knew I should keep my tongue away, but of course, as soon as I put it on my lip, I licked it....and my entire tongue went numb. It was kinda funny actually, but it definitely took the pain away, which was nice. My friend and coworker Heather was laughing at me, and another coworker, Ardie asked what was going on, so I told her. She informed me that if I put the blue etch(used in fillings) on my lip, and held it there for three minutes, that because it is an acid, it would hurt really bad, but make it heal faster. I'm not sure I believed her, but I figured it was worth a try. It hurt like CRAZY!!! But, it does feel a little better. Ardie said to give it a day, so we'll see. It has been a good last day of work though. We have one patient to go, and it is fillings--which is my favorite, so I'll get to do them one last time! Life for me is going great, all my roommates are getting moved in, my apartment is starting to slowly look furnished, and we have a kitchen table! YAY! So that is the story of my last day at work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Initial Post

This is my first post--I did it! This is actually really hilarious because my sisters (namely Kayli and Kami) have been TRYING to get me to start blogging for a year now...ever since I moved out, started going to WSU, and they decided I might have something exciting to say that someone might want to hear about. I told them repeatedly that my life was NOT that exciting, and besides, I have no cute little kids like they do to post pictures of. But, unbeknownest to myself, the dental hygiene students create blogs to update each other about experiences, situations, and things they learn, so that they can journal for their own experience, but also reply to each other's experiences. WHAT?!?! So, now, I have a blog. Although mostly devoted to dental hygiene, I am allowed to write about my personal life, and I am sure I will. So...welcome to my blog!