Monday, October 31, 2011

Organic Chemistry

Sterling's organic chemistry tutor said something to the effect of, 'you know you are really starting to get chemistry when you start dreaming about it'. So he took a test on Friday, felt fabulous about it (which really WAS fabulous, because no matter what his real score was, he was happy about it, and we could have a nice weekend) and then I had a dream last night that he got an 8%. Thats it. WHAT? Then, later in the dream, I realized i was wrong, and he had only missed 8 points. Today he texted me and he got a 91%. For reals this time. Haahaa. So what exactly does it mean when your wife starts dreaming about your OChem tests???? Lets just be very, very thankful that this two-semester class is over in FOUR WEEKS. Yes, that is right. And then I might have a couple semesters that I can actually go to sleep at the same time as my hubby before medical school. Sigh. Last night he asked me if he needed to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and accordingly leaned in and softly said "Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing....etc." Haahaa. I need him around more often to do stuff like that.

Today I am babysitting a one and a half year old. Mostly, our house is babyproofed, but it still needs some work. Unfortunately, in a 2-bedroom apartment there isn't very many places to put all your things. We've had fun watching Wallace and Gromit on netflix. He's recently been trying repeatedly to give Ruthie a monkey while she swings in her swing. He's been really happy besides not liking going down for his nap. I sung him to sleep and then Ruth woke him up by crying. We haven't tried again. I feel bad for his mom tonight though. Sorry!

I need to clean my house today, but since Treyson hasn't gone down for a nap, I'm not quite sure how to negotiate it. Funny, I babysit Megan's six kids all the time, and Ruthie makes seven, and I can do her laundry and dishes...but its harder at my apartment with a little boy that I don't know his schedule.

Sterling, Ruth, and myself had stellar pirate halloween costumes, but Kami said she wanted to post the pictures. Plus, mine is still a little incomplete, so maybe we'll post pictures eventually. Thats about it in our neck of the woods. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The beginning of the Indian Trail

Beautiful, beautiful autumn hike.


This pool provided for much rock-throwing.

Take One. Miriam put your hand down.
Take Two. Emeline put your hand down.

Take Three. Adorable hands Emeline. Cowen?

Take four. No hands, cute smiles, but too late for Eli.

Thats ok. We got a picture of Eli and the dog Patsy.

Little photographer = blurry photo.

Taken for Cowen even though my photography skills left something to be desired for him.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Can't get enough of this...

aren't they just so adorable?? I want to kiss and kiss and hug and squeeze!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bath Time

Ruth loves, loves, loves the bath. She was so crazy right before I got my camera, of course, but you can still kinda see it!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Hat's off to all working mom's---cause being a mom is a full-time job, and anything over and above that deserves kudos. This past week was crazy. Partly self-induced, and partly just happened that way. Friday I was in Provo (to pick up some awesome costumes, that Kami said I had to let her post about, since she made the amazing things) and hanging out with my friend Aleesha. Then Saturday I was in Logan, so Sterling could take a free, practice MCAT. I had a ton of projects to finish at mom's house. I finished two. I'm learning to count that as fabulous. But we did make it to the temple-huge plus. Sunday we were in Kaysville partying for Sterling's little brother Marlowe's birthday. Monday I was in Morgan babysitting my sister Megan's chillians. And Tuesday and Wednesday I was working. Did you catch all that? Provo, Logan, Kaysville, Morgan, and then two days of working. That all equals to not much HOME-time. Then to top it all off, there was a work convention thingy on Thursday that everyone FORGOT to mention to me, until the DAY before. I can't really blame them too much, it was planned while I was on maternity leave, and it was on a Thursday so everyone would be there anyway---except me, because I only work Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To sum up the craziness, I told mom she could borrow our car because I was just going to be home, only to find out Sterling had scheduled some job shadowing hours with a dr. and needed the car, and so mom  had to walk to her dr's and eye appt. Sorry mom. Also, I had no vehicle so my co-worker had to pick me up and drop me off. I also had to walk Ruthie to the babysitter in the morning. With the car seat. Because Sterling would pick her up with a car and need the car seat. So Ruthie went to the visiting teachers house from 8-11. Then Sterling finished job shadowing and picked her up. He met up with our downstairs neighbor on campus. She had a class that got out at 11:20 and Sterling's class started at 11:30. They exchanged the baby. She brought Ruthie home, and when mom walked back to our apartment from her house, she got the baby. Eventually I got home and saw my baby. Sigh.

So today, I FINALLY had an entire day home. So what did we do? After dropping Sterling off at his 7:30am class, we crawled back into bed. Ruthie right beside me. Don't tell Sterling. He hates it when I let her sleep with me. Eventually we got up, ate, and meandered around the house slowly picking up the debri of the last week of not being home. I cleaned the bathroom. I did two batches of laundry. I watched an episode of Bones. I fed my baby. I held my baby. I rocked my baby. I looked at my baby. I held her even when she was sleeping---not something I normally have time to do. We made a small excursion to JCPenney's to look for khaki pants for Sterling cause he needs new pants for work. Then I came home and put a roast on (when you are never home, you never get real meals, and I really really start to miss them) and then went on a stroller walk around our neighborhood. It was perfect weather. I love fall evenings. We had roast, mashed potatoes, gravy (kinda, gravy is still not my forte), carrots&onions, and cranberry juice for dinner. And I had some leftover cookie dough in the fridge from last week that we made for dessert. Sterling's little brother Marlowe came over to get his birthday present and we sang around the piano, Sterling sang with his guitar and Marlowe made up harmony's, I fed my baby, and held her, and put her to bed. So pretty much it was a PERFECT day. I want to stay home every day. Someday I will. It's on my bucket list.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Viewing Discretion Advised

These are the pictures that blogger wouldn't allow me to add on to my last post.
The sweetest little girl in the whole entire world! (Have you noticed we might be a little bit in LOVE with this sweater? She wears it a LOT)

Devaney and Ruth are becomes best buds. At first, Devaney didn't like a new baby taking her spot, and she would shove her away. But the other day I was picking her up from a different babysitter's house, and Ruth was still in the car. As soon as she saw me she says "Baby??" So sweet. She gives her hugs and kisses continually until we're all a little tired of it. But still so sweet.

I think this picture look like Ruthie the Elf.
This is my little brother's knee that he wrecked playing college football. They think he's out for life. So miserable.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Slew o' Pictures

It won't allow me to add all the pictures I wanted to. I know, it really is a slew o' pictures. So...I'll post more soon...but for now, here is Ruth's life lately
This is the beautiful dress that her awesome cousin Devaney handed down. I love it. And she got so many compliments at church!

This is the 'don't mess with me mom, I can sit up on my own with this chair' look. 

We went to visit her friend Liam and my friend Aleesha and they let us use this bumbo chair and Ruthie liked it a lot!

Ah...what a beautiful little baby!

This is my favorite time with Ruth-right after I change her diaper. She just lays there and smiles and smiles and smiles and coos at me. So incredibly sweet.

This picture daddy took while he was babysitting and mommy was at work. Looks like they had lots of fun!

Matchy-matchy! This is Ruth and her cousin Devaney. We really had to get this picture taken, because as you can see, these pants are a little flood-like on both of them!

They even have cute little matching flower bums!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this picture. What a handsome daddy and adorable little baby!

"Look mom! You just missed my smile....AGAIN!"

I love that Ruth scrunches up her eyes when she smiles!

Most precious baby EVER!
Chillin' with grandpa Jack in between conference sessions.