Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sterling!

...and any other pictures that happened to be on my camera that I haven't posted....
So first off, this is Sterling, opening his present the day BEFORE his birthday because we couldn't wait.... PANDEMIC!(OH the EXCITEMENT in that face!)

This picture though, is a week AFTER his birthday, when he finally got his cake. I made it. Thats right. And its coconut cake. The kind he likes. The kind that I've never made before. The kind I kept away from SIX kids when I made it the night before (except Danica, who picked in, but told me it was so good that I was somewhat mollified) and saved to serve just for my hubby. And he liked it. Thats right. I didn't think it was so bad myself, either, except it wasn't chocolate.And this, this is everyone playing the wonderful Pandemic. From L-R my Sterling, Brandon, Marlowe, Bridget, and Bridget's Sterling.
Jenny holding my Bee-yoo-tee-ful baby!

Ethan wanting me to take a picture of him making this face. Rockin'.

Everyone chillin' on the couch after we opened Bridget's presents. Its her birthday this week.

This is Ruthie and her cousin Carlee Ruth. Its the first time they've ever met. They don't look too ecstatic about the whole deal, but TRUST me, they're going to be BEST BUDS! Obviously, because they share the best name ever.

And this is a cute picture of Ruthie because I am her mother, and I thought it should be posted for all the world to see.

This picture is specifically for my dear sister Kayli. Actually the next few pictures are specifically for her. This is the headband she made because she is AWESOME and sent it to me in the mail all the way from Switzerland. It was much, much, MUCH too big when Ruth was born, and its still a little loose, but we're getting there. And I realize this is kind of a funny picture of Ruth, but just look at those eyelashes...I love, love, love, love, LOVE them!

Hey look! I'm wearing the headband Kayli crocheted for me too!

And just to show I haven't forgotten, pictures of my perm. But these pictures were taken last week....on Sterling's and my very first DATE without a baby!...and I think my perm has relaxed since then, thankfully, and looks a little less pouffy. Thank you Danica for being Ruth's first ever babysitter!

PS those are my new jeans from GAP that I got 70% off and I LOVE them. When I have LOADS of money, I'm going to buy all my jeans from Gap. Thats all. Have a fabulous day folks!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ruth Photo Shoot Part 4: Cutie Pictures

By the end of taking all those pictures...she wasn't very happy anymore. Still adorable though.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Story Time

Don't they look so comfy? My nieces Cassidy, Isabel, Hailey, and Elena. Grandpa was reading them stories. These pictures are actually from quite a while ago, but I saw them again yesterday on my camera and decided they needed to be posted. My baby has the best grandparents. The book Grandpa was reading was about manners, and before they turned the page grandpa would ask what manner the character needed...and every single time Cassidy got it EXACTLY right(cute wording and everything)! We couldn't believe it! Until she said that grandpa had read it to her yesterday. Even grandpa had forgotten. Haahaa. Great memory Cass!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Strong Female Lead

What exactly does that mean? Sterling got me hooked on a show and I've watched an episode or so the last couple of nights while feeding the baby before putting her to bed. The other night Sterling happened to be home and he said "I should've known you'd like this show." "Why's that?" "Cuz there's a strong female lead who values intelligence over looks." Hmph. Is this a good thing or a bad? Lets see...ultimate favorites since I was about five: Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, practically any pioneer book or fantasy novel where the girl is smart and can hold her own with the menfolk. But, its not really in the things I read and watch so much as I think it was the way I was raised. My oldest sister Megan was the supreme childhood hero, why? Not so much cause she was beautiful (although I think she is INCREDIBLY beautiful) but her amazing intelligence shone over top her beauty. And my parents reinforced that, quite adamantly.
One time after church my parents were saying that they liked a couple that had recently moved in to the ward. My dad said he thought that the wife had a quick sense of humor and that she was "sharp". I have since often thought that that was the ultimate compliment my dad could give. Every once in a while Sterling will tell me how beautiful he thinks I am and such, and then he'll stop and look at me and say "And I think you are extremely intelligent and I am so lucky to be married to you!" And then I smile. Lamesauce? yeah, a little bit. It has nothing to do with women's rights or women being treated equal to men-I actually find that usually I don't agree with the feminist's and I think women have attributes given to them specifically that are different than men's for a reason. It's just that I was raised to feel good about myself for doing well academically--or even just quick thinking. That was what I was complimented on. I think one of the few times I remember my dad telling me I was beautiful was on prom night--and then he teased me about the Nephites and the tinkling of fine silver and jewelery and trinkets and fine clothing. I always knew he thought I was beautiful, but it wasn't at all what he reinforced. And I think it's a good thing. I think a person's mind should always be valued more than their outward appearance. It's important.
I could also come up with a million quotes from church authorities about how refining our minds is important...but I don't want to expound quite that much. I just think its funny that Sterling notices that trait in me, and I don't even think about it--it's just the way I was raised.

Although...for clarification, my dad always calls my mom a "foxy lady" and I always wanted to aspire to that as well. Or really, I wanted a hubby who thought I was as beautiful as my dad thinks my mom is. So I suppose it wasn't quite as cut and dried as I made it seem.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Times

The other day I vacuumed completely around Ruth while she was sleeping and she stayed asleep the entire time. She was sleeping soundly when Sterling came home and he was making noises at her and said "Sometimes I worry that she is deaf." I just laughed at him and said "She's just a deep sleeper, I was a really deep sleeper." To which he replied, "Yeah, and you were deaf in one ear." Oh yeah. I suppose you have a point there honey.

Yesterday I had a fabulous day with my mother. If I had any notions of 7 weeks postpartum meaning take it easy, they were quickly dissolved. When I got there she hadn't finished exercising. She saw no reason why I should not join in. Haahaa! Luckily, I caught her when all she had left was stretching, and it actually did feel pretty good. We also went on a walk. I forgot that you have to jog to keep up with her. Nice that I have a jogging stroller then!

She also is amazing because she permed my hair. I think its a tad bit curly, but I'm sure in a week or so, or even after the first time I'm allowed to wash it, it'll relax a little. Sterling LOVES it! I can't decide if he really loves it as much as he says he does, or if he's just glad that I chose to perm it instead of chopping it. He really wants it long, poor guy. I'm just glad that it gave me a TON more volume (my hair never seems to have a problem in that area, until it gets long enough to be too heavy, and then it pulls itself down and flat) and it'll make it much easier to do when I work. Plus, its just nice to have a change. It's cute to see that when I pull it back I can see curls, it makes the pony tail different and thus, not so monotonous.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of my beautiful girl being SO HAPPY!
I'm very happy she has that happy face today, because last night she threw up about five or six times, and it was coming out of her nose, and she couldn't breathe because she was still throwing up, and it was SO SAD. In fact, I may or may not have called Sterling at work, in tears, for absolutely no reason...because really, there wasn't much he could do. It was very, very sad. She seemed much better after that though, and then she slept for 7 1/2 hours straight, which was beautiful. Such a sweet baby!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ruth Photo Shoot Part 3: My Blessing Dress

This was my blessing dress. My Aunt LaVerle made it. She also made the new one for Ruth, which she wore in the previous post. I've tried for the last half hour to hook up the scanner to this computer, and upon failing tried to get the internet to work on the other monitor that we have, to no avail. Unfortunately, Sterling has a quiz tomorrow in Organic Chemistry, or I'd have him come home and fix it for me. So, for now, you get to see beautiful pictures of my little baby, and sometime down the road I'll post the ones of me in our matching dress.

Ruth Photo Shoot Part 2: Blessing Dress

Ruth Photo shoot Part 1: Mother/Daughter

I realize my nose is squished, unfortunately I love her expression enough to post it anyway.
And I really love this picture, except that someone should have told me my shirt was all bunched funny! Now it looks not so great.

My favorite is the tongue sticking out!
I've decided to perm my hair. Only I look at these pictures, and it makes me rethink my decision. I have to keep telling myself that rarely does my hair look that great, because very rarely do I take the time to do it that nicely.