Friday, December 18, 2009


There are some crazy people at Walmart. People that brandish non-offending, large, Hickory farm sausages. People that press every 'touch me' button in the children's aisle. People that look at every cereal box. People that sword fight, and people that wear the child cowboy hats and take pictures with their phones. People that take the name of every product and consider it as a name for their future children. I, of course, would never admit to knowing these people. But I can tell ya, Walmart can be a real good time at ten o'clock at night with your future inlaws. HAHAHAHAAA!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love Christmas. I love snow. I love beautiful warm blankets. I hate driving in bad weather. That is the WORST part of Christmas vacation...especially cause you are going all over visiting people. I love food. I love parties. I love getting presents for people. I love chilling on the couch and reading a book. Oh there really time for that? Haahaa

Funny story:
Yesterday I went to Provo with my parents, Megan, and Kami, and we all painted Kami's house. Completely. It was crazy. And the house....was a mess. Basically. Anyway, I was painting one particularly precarious window that felt like it might crash down onto the first floor at any moment. I noted how sad that would be, especially since I would never got to marry Sterling. My sister Megan, who seemed a little bitter towards men in general that day, stated that Sterling would mourn for a week, and then move on to another girl. Dad gave him the benefit of the doubt and said maybe a week and a half. I pretended not to hear their continuing conversation on young couples that one passes away, and declared haughtily that Sterling would mourn a long time for me. Later that night, I was relating the story to Sterling, and I said, "Wouldn't that be SO sad?" and he moved in to give me a hug and said quite seriously "Yeah, it would be the saddest week and a half of my life." WHAT IS THIS???!!?!?!?!? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??!?!?!?! Gotta say, I was having a hard time pretending to be put out, and not laughing though. Haahaa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One more more to go. I can't believe I can actually say that. One more semester to go. Wow. I took my last final a couple minutes ago. Issues, of course. I took it on my brother Wyatt's computer, because it was open book, and I thought it would be nice to be undisturbed, since no one is at his house. Of course, the computer flipped out, and it wouldn't show that it was saving answers, and it wouldn't show how much time I had left, and then it wouldn't save my test and finish it. So I logged out and logged back in...and it just brought my test back up. Thankfully. It was a smooth-sailing test cause I had a 100 in the class, so I could do pretty poorly and still pull an A. Which is a terrible mind set to have. But hey. Let me just tell everyone--never be engaged during finals. It really makes you not want to work at all. But, I am done, I did well enough on everything that they won't kick me out of the hygiene program....and I can happily say I have survived one more semester!!!!
Now, I am going to.....well, I'd like to say I am going to relax. But I am going to work and study. More. Sigh. But I am happy that I'm studying for boards now, because that means the end is DEFINITELY in sight.
Happy story: Yesterday Sterling and I made dinner at his house cause his mom had a dr's appointment and got home late. So we had a FABULOUS time making dinner...although, I tried making mom's cinnamon rolls. Which I think would've been fine, except it was so cold, they didn't really raise, so then I stuck them in the oven to raise, and that kinda helped, but it was a little late. Anyway, after dinner I was sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket watching Sterling and his little sister Jenny put lights on the Christmas tree. Jenny said something about Sterling's stuff being ALL OVER the living room, and Sterling said his stuff had been on the table, but someone had thrown it all in a pile. And so I said "Hey, I moved it cause we were eating, and I set it very nicely, in one pile on the couch." and so then Sterling got this mischievous look on his face and told me that it was a very nice-looking pile. A beautiful pile. A wonderful, incredibly neat pile. Such a happy pile. He had never seen a pile so amazing in his life. Right when I was trying not to smile and thinking he was done, he waited about two minutes, putting up lights....and then started all over again. I was laughing SO HARD! If you ever need someone to praise the neatness of a pile....incessantly.....for multiple know who to call.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

two quick ones least I realized how fast I can do 1B's and class V's today. My patient cancelled (sick baby) last night at 11pm, and since my familia all bailed on me (they were helping clean my sisters new house she's moving into....if she ever makes it out of Colombia!!!), my wonderful roommate Kelsey came in for me this morning. It was fabulous because she is a 1st year student, so she told me what I did wrong...haahaa. I wish she would've told me more though---I need to correct some of my bad habits! Just kidding. But it was funny cause I was explaining to her how much easier it is to instrument an ultrasonic through a 1B like her, that has so little build-up, than to try and scale, cause really-scaling is pretty pointless. The other thing I kept getting flustered about was the fact she knew everything I was doing, and so I felt like explaining anything was pointless, but then I felt like I wasn't talking to her, and she wasn't seeing a normal pt encounter anyway. So that was a really fast appointment, and I could easily have done two patients, but who knew that I would be doing her!
My second patient was a recall class V. The only problem with double scheduling on Class V's, is that you never really know how hard it will be. Some class V's come in squeaky clean before you even start cleaning. Some class V's come in almost a Class II all over again. But this was a squeaky clean Class V, and she had to leave by two. So she was done by two. And once again I had a whole barrel of time. So now I just need to remember this experience for next semester and not waste any time, because I have a feeling with boards being early, and mockboards the end of January---there won't be any time to squander!