Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes, it is TRUE! I have completely finished my first year of dental hygiene at WSU. And it feels great. So marvelous. I think it would feel more marvelous if I hadn't stayed up to study until 2am and then got up at 5:30am to go to a meeting, but eventually I will catch up on sleep BECAUSE I have no CLASSES or EXAMS or PATIENTS or ANYTHING to do with dental hygiene until fall semester. Sigh. My joy has reached unknown levels. This year has gone by SO FAST though, and has had so incredibly much crammed into it---its been a good year guys, but I'm excited for the summer! (now if the weather would only cooperate :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


So I have a new calling, stake council member, president of the evening programs at the institute. Its pretty much going to take over my life fall semester, and hopefully by then I have it figured out enough to delegate everything out for spring semester! At least, thats the plan :). I felt like I was on top of things, until someone told me I was supposed to be ushering at the institute graduation last I showed up, and lo and behold I was supposed to be there! Come to find out, we'd already had a meeting that I totally had missed hearing about---we still aren't quite sure how I missed the announcement, and at that meeting we heard about three subsequent meetings this week that I was still blissfully unaware of. Its ok though, I am now up to speed and I will be able to make all three meetings, and hopefully I'll know whats going on from now on!
After the graduation, we went to Cynthia's house for crepes. They were divine. I ate four. I probably could've eaten more. Haahaa. Not all the committee members were there---there's fifteen, and we had eight there. But I got to know those eight, and I'm getting more and more excited about this calling. Two of the boys just feed off of eachother and were absolutely hilarious all night long. And it was super nice to be somewhere, playing games and having a good time, where the main focus was actually getting to know eachother cause we have to serve together, rather than flirting with people. Not that flirting is was just a nice break.
Today I am going to be studying like crazy for ONE LAST FINAL--oral pathology, and then I will be done! Yeehaw! One thing I love about the beginning and end of semesters...there's always free food. FHE is having a barbeque tonight-come one, come all! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The only reason that I'm not tall
Is because they didn't stretch me when I was small.

--My conclusion of the reason for my deficits after an evening of "stretching" at Andrea's. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Day

Today was my very last day of first year clinic. I will have many more clinic days next year---but I am so excited for now!!!! My most wonderful mother came in today, and I traumatized her with a full mouth, plus one additional film to see her lower anteriors. I had no retakes though---YAY! ---and it was even conventional film! So it took a long time, but since I wasn't cleaning her teeth, just taking the xrays, the day was super relaxed and easy going. I can't believe how much more confident I am with EVERYTHING when I look back at the beginning of the semester---I can't believe I finally finished all my requirements, passed everything off, and got all the quads of each classification! YAY! REJOICE!

Monday, April 20, 2009


My patient cancelled at 9am this morning, so my most WONDERFUL sister Andrea came and helped me out with some requirements. I took a pano on her and cleaned my nephew Cowen's teeth. I was nervous about her being here with her four kids---but they actually did a fabulous job and the day went really smooth! Thanks a ton! I think I will be in the debt of absolutely every family member and friend and acquaintance by the time I get out of this program! :) Then I passed off two PE's with Kim. Yes!


This was me yesterday, just cause Sana was having fun with my camera. No jacket in this one.
This is me with my NEW RED COAT that I am so absolutely in LOVE with!!!! Oh, and you can see my new hair cut. Well, it was supposed to be a trim, but I ended taking off about two inches. Sad, since I'm trying to grow it out, but actually a very good thing, since I had an endless amount of split ends, and my hair feels lots healthier now.
This is another one.

This was it the night I actually got it.
The next few pictures are just Sana having fun while we went on a Sunday walk yesterday. I wanted to take some pictures of how beautiful it was outside, and then Sana took over--her picture taking skills far exceed mine. But it was a beautiful day wasn't it!
Exciting news for yesterday: I got to shake an apostle--and his wife's---hand!!!!! Elder Neil L. Andersen came and talked at our stake conference and he let everyone stand in line afterwards and he shook each of our hands, asked my name, thanked me for coming. His wife, by the way, is a tiny little petite woman about half my size--so tiny! They both gave fabulous talks and it was a very inspiring conference!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Bit of Life

My life lately has consisted of studying, working, and studying---but yesterday I did go shopping. Well, I went to pick up a check, and ended up shopping. It was an interesting turn of events, since I don't like shopping. I ended up with a whole new outfit (I took a pic of it last night, but don't have my memory card with me to post, sorry guys) and I'm really excited about it. I totally splurged on a red ADORABLE coat---normally $280!!!!!!----but I paid $34. It is so cute. All my roommates loved it, but its kinda sad it rained last week, and I just got it in time for summer weather, but it'll be great for next year too. It was also lots of fun, because even though my mom wasn't there to shop with me, I talked to her for an entire hour on the phone while shopping, so it was almost as good as having her there :).
Last night I ran in to my friend Billy at the library, and in exchange for a ride home, he fixed my broken windshield wiper!!! (a little late, since it hasn't worked the past week of rainy weather---but it is very very very appreciated nonetheless).
I cut my finger on a bottle of homemade applesauce the other day, and it bled a good bit, but then it closed up, I took the band aid off, and all was well in the world. This morning, I was at TJMax, zipping up a pair of pants in the dressing room---and it split wide open. So, with pants undone, and no shoes on, I run out to the lady, and she sees the blood--it started out as a puddle, got bigger, and started running down my finger--and I think she was just about ready to pass out. It was kinda hilarious. So she sent me to a different lady in the back, and they got me a bandaid. It was exciting.
I have also decided on a move-out day, found someone to move into my apartment, and am super excited for the semester to end and start a new 'summer' phase!!! Countdown: 1 dental hygiene final, 1 dental hygiene table clinic presentation in class, 1 dental med test, 1 perio presentation in class, 1 perio in class test, 1 oral pathology test, and one statistics exam. Seven to go in....eight days! YAY! Life is so much more do-able than it was about a week ago!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had two little munchkins again today---and it went great! It was my niece and nephew, 6 and 9 years old. I passed off two skills exams on my nephew and did three sealants so another girl could do the fourth. Kim also needed to pass off a skill, so she used him, and since Meagan cleaned him---FOUR people worked on him by the end!!!! What a trooper! It was a little long for him I think, but he actually did REALLY REALLY well :). I did four sealants on my niece, and she did really well too. It was a good day. I got tons accomplished that I needed before the end of the semester, and helped a couple other girls pass off their stuff too. Lucky my kids were so good so we COULD accomplish all of that! And really, is it SNOWING? GR!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Today was a 1B pt, that basically came in cause he needed me to bring him in. I took way too long on him, I finished 15 minutes early, but I still took WAY too long. I should, one time, just to see, scale a full mouth 1B without double checking everything, and triple checking, and yes, quadruple checking, and just SEE how many spots I miss. Cause today I missed zero, but if I hadn't had him sitting there for an hour and a half, would I have still missed zero? Probably. Luckily, I have a 1B coming in next week. Maybe I will force myself to do just that---finish faster. I think I'm just worried that I'll miss some huge amount of spots just because I hurry a bit. My problem with 1B's is, its hard to find their calculus-its not staring at you from all over like a Class 2 or 3, so then I think that its going to be in every tiny little crevice because its not noticeable. I will get faster!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Would you like some cheese with that 'whine'?

You know its pretty bad when you have a guest speaker/periodontologist who comes specifically to speak to you about surgery information that WILL be on the test....and you fall asleep, lets see, probably about every ten minutes, and HE SHINES HIS LASER IN YOUR EYES AND YOU STILL DON'T WAKE UP!!!!! The whole class was watching, luckily I was blissfully asleep...until I woke up that is. Just to let you know there's only about two and a half weeks left of the semester. I hate allergies. I can't even keep my eyes open cause they itch too bad. And my face is a broken-out mess. And while I'm whining can I just say I have two group presentations due in a week and one of them I don't even know what the object of the assignment is? AND why do they save all the scholarship/welcome/goodbye banquets for the last two weeks of the semester, because that is really lame, cause now I have to make a salad on Monday. Any suggestions? And remind me to NEVER take a statistics class online. Oh wait, I will be done forever after this semester with classes like that! Yay! And why did the sun all the sudden decide to fade away. The rudeness of it all. Five more tests, four more clinic sessions, two presentations.....and counting. PS I really do love my life. For real. Honest.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


FINALE!!!!!!! MUY BIEN!!!!!!!! I finished my Class III pt today, 3 quads in one day, and I think my poor wittle fingers will never be the same again. I missed some spots, but all in all it was good. Thanks to Pam C, Julie, and Mr. Soloman for being me translaters---it was awesome! The lady was really nice, and I am so very very very very very very happy that I had a class III, and that I finished my class III. The world, as we know it, is officially wonderful.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Today was a 1B that was given to me by my peer pal. No xrays, no alt to hhx or tx, and I had her scaled in an hour and walked out about 40 minutes early! YAY! I can be somewhat fast! She was fairly easy...had quite a bit of build-up on her lower anteriors, who doesn't, right? I was CA this morning, that was a little, well boring actually. I have a feeling that when I am CA on Wednesday there will be a lot more involved in making sure EVERYTHING is put away and looks good, just because there isn't another clinic coming in to take over. It went well though. It made for a really long day, especially when its INCREDIBLY hot in the clinic, and it looks SO BEAUTIFUL and WELCOMING outside. Sigh. Three weeks. Three weeks and one year. Wow. I can't believe how time flies sometimes. I also cleaned Kelsie's retainer, haaha, I think our whole group of clinic has used her retainer to pass off that PE! Yesterday I went home for the weekend. I took some awesome pictures of dad's new baby colt! I will post them soon! SO CUTE!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SO LUCKY exchange, 4-1-09

Today was the day that I was supposed to have a Class III pt. The above pics show healthy gingiva and bone versus gingiva and bone that have periodontal disease. Just in case you were wondering. I've been praying for the last three weeks that he would show up, that he would be a Class III, and life would be peachy. He did show up. Big sigh of relief there. He had some fun health history---do people normally make up conditions for themselves without dr.'s telling them so????----anyway, and he had a fun OD, a leukoplakic lesion, a callous on his upper palate due to his partial denture, just some fun stuff. Then, I started the full mouth probe. Quite a few 4's, a couple 5's........and that was it. My stomach hit rock bottom as I realized there was no way ANYONE would classify this pt as a Class III for me. I had told Instructor Hafen that I was looking for a Class III, when Shalyce got a Class III in her chair, and she was desperately looking for a Class II. So the instructor had my back, and we were able to do an even exchange, we just switched seats, patients, and mouths and started work!!!! The relief I felt was literally palpable. (oh wow....dh pun). SO, it was a little confusing walking out a pt I didn't walk in on the computer, and we had fun filling out two clinic assessment forms, since we had seen both patients, but it actually wasn't too hard to straighten out, and even though I only finished one quad, she is coming back in on Wednesday and I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY I think I could float through the rest of my life. :)