Monday, October 3, 2016

Life-ly Tidbits

She is the absolute cutest thing ever. Her knees just kill me. Her dress is covering her thighs, but her thighs are so skinny that her knees poke out and I just LOVE it. 
Action shot. He LOVES his coach--whose name is also Will, which is pretty fantastic in our Will's eyes, haha.  We've been working on bounce passes, chest passes, dribbling, and shooting from the chest outwards, which brings back a whole lotta memories from 6th and 7th grade. I forgot I did basketball for a little minute there. I think the only thing it helped me with in life was understanding 95% of my brothers conversations--all about basketball.
pre-game stretch
I was pretty prepared to get nothing out of conference and just planned on immediately starting to re-listen to the talks. With these three kiddos, I thought it would be pretty impossible to hear much of anything. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. On Saturday, it was just the kids and I and they did SO awesome! We had three new barbies (courtesy of my good friend Tricia and her dumpster diving expertise! haha!) and they pretty much helped us sail through the first session. Second session was a bit more rough (it is 4-6pm for us which is right during dinner time) but I ended up sending them all to their room so I could just listen, and it worked for the last forty-five minutes, they just happily played together. Sunday was a little more rambunctious, but overall, they still did awesome. We had lots of treats, some conference coloring pages, and pulled out a bin of toys that has been packed since before the move so they all seemed new--it was the perfect way to keep their attention and keep them quiet!
This mini fort was a hit for awhile! 
Molly loves babies SOOOOO much.

These photos are from last week, I think. We went swimming one afternoon when Ruthie got out of school because it had been SOOO hot and rainy and I felt like we hadn't been outside in forever. So when we got home and the sun was shining and there were no rain clouds in sight, we headed out! Oh, and our piano students that afternoon had cancelled due to illness, so we had the afternoon to play. 

These two are hilarious. They are always trying out new tricks and jumps.

I had to snap this because Will used to cross his legs just like that when he was floating! 

She is such a great floater! 
Haahaa, that face!
My favorite 'jump' of his is when he walks off just normal.

This last picture is of Ruthie's performance at school last Wednesday. The Pre-K classes were in charge of chapel and the parents were invited to come watch. I have two videos that are the absolute CUTEST ever, but they were taking forever to download onto blogger. They sang the Fruit of the Spirit song and Peace Like a River and then this marching one that was just so cute. The best part was how proud Ruthie was. She was so excited that daddy came, she talked about it for a week beforehand. And then when we all came she showed him all around her classroom and school and told us all her classmates names and smiled and waved at us from the front. She was very brave and said her part right into the mic and very clearly. She knew all the actions and all the words. She came over afterwards and was just grinning from ear to ear and it was just so much fun to see the triumph she had from working so hard on something and pulling it off! I loved it!

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