Tuesday, March 22, 2016

iPhone Dump

My phone had too many photos so I couldn't take any more and had to get them on the computer. Here's a few from the last couple of weeks!
Ruth came downstairs and said she read him a book and he just fell asleep!
Our new car! Yay tax return and Bro. Verdi who found it for us!
 The zoo last week:

Molly's face!!!!!

Homemade granola. 
St. Patrick's Day:

Chocolate cereal.  
The beach last Friday:

And he's out. HAHA.

Huge thanks to Janessa for being so much fun!  
All my kids were in the back because Tricia and Clarke and Janessa came. So much fun that we all fit in our van and can chat during the drive to the beach.

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