Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tub Time

This week has been perfection. Truly. Sunshine every. single. day. 80 degree weather. Parks. Parks. More parks. Happy little souls running around my house. And a lot of convincing myself that it's okay Sterling has worked alllllll day long for the past two weeks. Oh hey, the audit is finished TONIGHT (he thinks he'll be at the office until midnight) so hurrah! --sidenote to the nasty vice president that didn't do her job and got fired two weeks before the audit was due and made everyone work overtime for two weeks...I really, really, really don't like you. 

Other than that we have had some CRAAAAZY evenings. The car we had been using since Sterling got this job died, and even though he only needs it for four more months, he really needs it. So we put out the word and luckily for us our favorite Miami car man came through for us (counselor in the bishopric). I REALLY don't know how people survive in the real world without the church. We had gone to two dealerships where they had not given correct years for the cars, things weren't working which meant it wouldn't even pass inspection, etc. They all said it could be fixed of course, but it wasn't really inspiring any confidence from our end. Lets just say, we are really blessed with the car we got and grateful to my sister for helping me with our taxes so we can get it! Haha. We have had two vehicles for about six months in our entire six years of marriage---that was right before we moved to Miami and we got a minivan knowing we would sell the car. It's a pretty liberating thing! 

The kids, bless their hearts, have been saints when we kept them up WAAAAY past bedtime and whisked them all around the city. Lets just say there were a LOT of fries and twizzlers vacuumed up yesterday from their car seats. :)

I know Will looks drugged here, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME I have ever looked at a picture and thought that Ruth and Molly look similar. Haha. Just the exact same smile.
Bubbles. My kids have been on a HUGE bubble kick this week. Which has kept them endlessly entertained in the back patio. Poor Will accidentally dumped all of his out today, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Ruth's cheese face. Wowza. 
I got a new piano student this week. Ummmm...not much more to expound upon there, haha.

This next picture of Molly and Will. Heart eyes all around. Those two are the CUTEST. Ruth and Will play and play pretend and I love that. But Will ADORES Molly. Which is hilarious because its that whole I-love-you-but-I-don't-know-how-to-show-you. He hugs Molly, she screeches, he kisses her, she screeches, he shares with her, she pushes him away. But Molly thinks he is HILARIOUS and is constantly around him to be hugged, and kissed, and bugged. Haha. They are so funny. He is really good about getting toys down for her that she can't reach and helping her wrap her dolls in blankets. I just love watching them.

Ruth came downstairs today and threw her hands up and said "We were upstairs cleaning up and I started reading Will a book and then his eyes closed. He fell asleep!!! He must have been so tired!" Then she giggled like that was the most hilarious and unbelievable thing she had ever witnessed. I laughed so hard. Oh my goodness she is the greatest helper in the world. She is such a sweetheart. Although, at the beginning of that same clean-up session, after hearing some crying, I called them both downstairs to sort things out. Will was all upset that Ruth was "licking" him. When I looked at Ruth she looked ready to bust up laughing. Haha. I told her that if he was crying, it wasn't ok. She looked pretty sad, but I still think she thought the whole thing was hilarious. Haha.

Cutest ever.
Will's favorite book right now is Red Hat, Green Hat. He reads it out loud to himself  all the time and laughs and laughs. Ruth always points at the chicken and says "He's such a funny little guy!". Because of that book Molly says 'oops' except she pronounces it 'pssst' like she's telling you a secret, and I just LOOOOOVE it.

Molly is picking up words crazy fast. She can now say Will, Ruth (pfoof), Clarke (gark), bubbles, thank you....I can't think of any others right now. She is also queen of getting out a five gallon bucket and following me around in the kitchen. She pulls my hand towards whatever she wants me to do for her. She still snuggles before and after sleeping---which I want to last forever. She does routines like a boss-morning time, she goes straight to her drawer for clothes, then to the bathroom for hair and teeth, then downstairs for breakfast. She also has started bringing me her diaper and wipes when she is stinky and they are upstairs playing so I haven't noticed right away. She sings along with the kids in the van at top volume, and she actually gets tunes really well. She is just so smart. She copies the kids in everything and gives her big cheese face when she accomplishes it. 

Sweetest angel baby.
Lately I have just been in a true soak-it-in mood. All the time. I just can't get over the fun stages my kids are in and I want it to last forever. Ruth is getting SOOO smart. She asks me about letters and numbers, days of the week and month. She asks me about the food we eat (the hairs on the strawberry) and the 'why' for everything. Will is so sweet and always the first to give me a hug, tell me he loves me, and make sure I'm happy. He's always playing and singing and is just so much fun. He loves running and balls and cars and all things boy and I just want it to last forever. And Molly. Like I said above, she is just learning so much and is so crazy independent and tiny and  perfect for snuggling and rocking. Can we stay like this forever, please?

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