Saturday, September 24, 2016

Phone Dump

Molly is the master of pulling out five gallon buckets (or 2.5 gallon buckets, which surprisingly help her get a lot of places) and scaling walls. This particular morning she was getting into treats from a girls night we had the night before. Ruthie calls them rice krispie sandwiches, which is clever and starting to stick as the new name around our house, haha. 
The high heels she insisted on wearing to school pick-up that afternoon. You should have seen all the little Latin abuela's laughing at her! Haha.
I love Ruthie's style. Right now it is all leggings, with skirt overtop, with a shirt--she changes out of her preschool shirt immediately when she gets home. I bought her plain white leggings to go with that skirt--I tried to get her to wear them one morning and she goes  "Mom, but there is nothing pretty on them!" my bad. We should just go return the plain white ones then, haha.  
This is right outside of Ruthie's classroom and Molly LOVES them! She feeds them and hugs them and plays with them while we wait for Ruthie to finish up. 
Will started basketball! He LOVES it and has such a great time every Saturday!
We've watched this little guy a couple of times because his mom is starting to have OB appts weekly--almost there!---and he is a mama's boy. Sooo the only way we've found to keep him happy is by baking--he loves to help!
Will's wind-up to jump into the pool is my absolute favorite.

We have the most gorgeous temple. I also made a friend there because I kept falling asleep haha. She lives north of us so I'll have to hit her up for info when we move in the spring! 
Warming up for basketball!
Ruth wrote this on Sterling's present and I think it is the BEST.

That's all the recent phone photos. Life here is busy, hot, and muggy. Sterling has a massive test on Monday so keep praying! We've done a lot of babysitting lately. Ruth threw up Wednesday night (after my piano mom cancelled her five daughters lessons because they were sick) so she stayed home on Thursday and we cancelled four more piano lessons. Friday she seemed totally fine and had seemed fine on Thursday, so we sent her again. No one else, crossing our fingers, has gotten sick, so maybe it was just a fluke cause we were in the pool all afternoon? I wrote an entire Primary Program this week as well as planned the Stake Trunk-or-Treat (don't even ask how it all got put on me. People and their 'I can't speak english" is really starting to get old). I also made a ton of bran muffins and made some library trips to check out the library closer to us. That's all folks!

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