Wednesday, February 8, 2017

South Beach Day

What do you do when daddy has a test on Monday (which means he's been nonexistent for days and will continue to be throughout the weekend) and your best friend in Miami that you normally would hang out with is at Disneyworld? You head to the beach. 

And it was a glorious 80 degrees and such a LOVELY day.

That little watering can that Will is holding is new, because the other little one we have is fought over so much. This new one is GENIUS though because the end twists off, which makes for super easy cleaning out when it gets clogged with sand. I would definitely recommend.

An apple a day keep the doctor away...

Then, because it was Saturday and we aren't usually on South Beach on a Saturday, we checked out the little food stand and I bought the kids popsicles for .80 and then we played in the splash pad for a long time until I realized we'd have to pay for more parking if we stayed a minute longer. 

We ended the night with renting Pete's Dragon off amazon, which was cute but I was hugely disappointed because it wasn't a musical. REALLY? It has some of the most beautiful music of all time! Why wouldn't you have the music in? (I guess I was expecting it to be like the new Jungle Book, which I LOVED how they put the music in.) Anyway, the kids still loved it, and it passed the last few hours of a long day of a test weekend. And now that test is over and we are on to the next! 

But man, that beach. South Beach--I think I will always love you. And sunshine--I am so glad I get you for at least another two years. And Sterling and I are starting to seriously rethink our future dream locations just because I think I NEED that sunshine every. single. day. January/February in Miami is just sooooooooo amazing. (ya know, when you can still get out and play outside without dying and melting haha.)

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