Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Will turns FOUR

This boy has been sooo excited about turning four. This age is so much fun because they get so excited about such little things. Like the Spiderman balloons I picked up for him. We've never done helium balloons before but he is so in love with Spiderman and they have been SUCH a huge hit. 
Continuing our tradition of a special sugary cereal for a birthday breakfast. He was very pleased.

Look at this handsome boy! How did he ever get this big?!?

Will helped me bake the cake and we did our best in the decorating department. He was thrilled, so it was perfect!

We did sparklers as well and he was very impressed.

Opening presents is fun for everyone!

Thomas the trains from Grandma Cindy. He has been playing with them NON-STOP. He packs them around in his ninja turtle backpack and pulls them out to play wherever he is.

A batatat plane--it comes with a battery powered drill so you can take the entire plane apart and put it back together. I was a little nervous it would be too hard to figure out, but he has it down and LOVES taking it apart and putting it back together. It's been a huge hit.

He also got a big treasury book of all the Frog and Toad books. He was, I think, a little disappointed about it at first, but it's ALL we've read at bedtime lately and they LOVE it. (The icecream story won them over, when it melts all over toad as he tries to bring the cones back to frog and then all the forest animals think a horrible brown creature is coming, but really it is just frog with all the melted icecream. You should all read it.) So now when people ask him what he got for his birthday he is sure to include 'a Frog and Toad book' each time, haha. 

He also had pictures taken and a doctor's appointment (to his joy, no shots until he's five) and has been growing like crazy. He's really particular--he makes his bed a certain way every morning, he is the one who remembers to have us share our 'happy's and sad's' at the dinner table each night, he's at the perfect age to get REALLY excited about things like family movie night and going to the park-which makes everything so fun. He still dresses monochromatic whenever his wardrobe allows. He LOVES blue, especially when things have light blue AND dark blue. He is starting to color really well in the lines and will proudly show me his coloring pages to prove that he can go to school next year just like "Rupe". He still says several letters incorrectly and I LOVE it. When they were doing his eye exam at the dr's office he would say 'yurcle' for circle and 'dar' for star and I just love it. We may have to do speech in a couple years (or hopefully not) but for now I just LOOOOVE it. He's very good at saying prayers and often gets so carried away giving a blessing that we have to remind him to bless the food before he ends it. He loves Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, and riding his bike. He's pretty much the greatest and is SOOO excited to be four it's hard not to be excited with him, even though I can't believe my little boy is getting sooo big!

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