Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunrise over the Atlantic

Sterling had a ton of studying to do, as always, but I'd had all the kids home all week for Spring Break and so we decided to do something fun. So we headed out at 630am to catch the sunrise on the beach. It was freezing. As in, 60 degrees. But it's always windy by the ocean so it felt cold. We all had pants and jackets on, and it took a bit of the sun blazing down before we warmed up enough to play! Sterling made hot chocolate and brought it along with muffins. It was magical, amazing, and perfect. I wish I could recreate it daily in my life.

Thank you to the random lady who was walking by and agreed to snap this!

It was a gorgeous day. We could have spent forever at the beach. But we came home at eleven so Sterling could study and Russ could nap. Still so fun.

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Kami said...

Those beach pictures are to die for!!! So beautiful!!!