Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring Break-Gumbo Limbo Nature Center (And the cutest pic of Gracie ever)

The first day of Spring Break I spent going through all of our totes and getting rid of a BUNCH of stuff because now that we know we are staying in Florida, we can seriously reduce the winter clothes allotment I was saving, haha. But Molly fits SO MANY of Ruth's clothes that I swear RUTH SHOULD STILL BE WEARING! Where, oh where, does the time go? This was one of my favs of Ruthies--she wore it on the first day of Pre-K. So adorable. 

Everyone zonked on our way to the Goodwill drop-off haha.

All three of my girlies have worn this adorable ice cream outfit! Ruthie and Molly were August babies--but even a December baby can wear it in Florida!

He does this frequently and I LOOOOOOVE it! It reminds me of when Ruthie would sit in that same position and push Molly back and forth. Gotta watch Russ though, he can be totally sweet and then a little demon-ish too, ha.

One of the days of Spring Break we went to the library where they had Celtic dancers. Ruth and Molly volunteered to learn a step--and Ruth hasn't stopped practicing since! She even asks google all the time to teach her a new move!

My kids are obsessed with asking google to teach them to draw something, and it will take them through it step by step.

It was raining over Spring Break. There is nothing to do in Florida when it I made play dough for probably the first time in Russell's life. He loved it! But also, he only lasted about ten minutes. The other kids played with play dough for TWO HOURS!

I think this was the third day of Spring Break. It had still been raining, but we braved a break in the clouds and went to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. We've been once before, but it is really fun---and Russ LOVED it!

No, no, I didn't get in trouble by a worker and asked to get my kids off the window ledge, why do you ask?!?! It's really hard to have a baby strapped to me and lift Russ up to see at the same time!

As we were leaving we ran into one of our friends from playgroup, so they played on the turtles extra long!

Will's AWESOME dragon blowing fire his pet blue owl, who is saying "daddy help" and that is Will's ONE FOOT coming into the page to come save his owl. I LOVE THAT FOOT SO MUCH!

After finding out that we matched (YAY!) we bought a new shelve from Costco and Sterling set it up the next morning, and then Monday of Spring Break we did ALL THE TOTES and here is the finished product. I should have taken a before, although it wasn't really unorganized before, it is just much cleaner looking organization now! LOVE!

I almost made a separate post for this picture. I die.

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