Monday, September 14, 2015

Fairytale Afternoon

Sunday was Stake Conference. Which meant...NO MEETINGS!!!! Also...EARLIER CHURCH TIME! We loved every single minute of that day. I don't think I've spent that much time with Sterling since the semester started in July. We ate lunch together, took naps together, ate dinner together, ate AMAZING peanut butter chocolate chip cookies together, and had a wonderful evening at the park together. It was glorious. 
(Kami, this photoshop thing is not working out for me. Editing is a MONSTER and then it makes you save it separately? and then blogger won't let me download it? Please advise.) None of these photos are edited (sigh) but at least you can see how pretty it really was!
So excited to climb the 'mountain' haha! My poor little Miamians that see their first hill in months and call it a mountain!
Running down the hill.

Sweetest sisters. And yes, Ruth did pick out Molly's outfit.
It was a little too steep for Molly's little legs.

A boy and his ball.
Yes, his shorts are on backwards. He wears his undies backwards, too--that way they show the BIG picture of Thomas the Train. He also prefers his socks inside out. There's no explaining that boy. Haha.

Sweet sister hugs, with eyes closed.
And Ruthie giving kisses. Molly becomes disinterested pretty quick--she's always getting mauled by one kid or the other.

Haha, we need to work on form. But he can't palm this ball yet, that's the source of his problems.

And no, this is not edited. This needs a post for itself, just so people can click and look at it. I tell ya what, Sunday night was like our own little dreamland. It was a nice and cool 90 degrees (not humid, so it really DID feel cool) and we were soaking it ALL in. Weaving those golden threads of fading sunshine right around us, I tell ya what. 

Until THIS happened. Haha. Again, I haven't figured out how to edit. And I don't really have a zoom on my camera (too pricey although SOMEDAY). So think of this, twenty or so feet above your head. And the spider STILL looked that big. It was as big as my hand. At least. Oh banana spiders, I will not miss you. Ever.
But once I braved walking underneath that bad boy, we went back to the joys of the evening. There were DUCKLINGS!

Isn't that the cutest little pond you ever saw? There were masses of mosquitoes (we were sufficiently sprayed, and smelled it, too) but still, SO gorgeous.
And then these two. My heart. What better way to end your most fairytale of Sundays than by watching your baby and your man?

And then, it was back to reality. Like waking up to poo accidents reality. Sigh. But that is why family is the hardest and best and most important thing, right? 


Kami said...

The day that I tried to potty train Nicolas he insisted on wearing his underwear backwards too for the same reason. It did look like a lovely evening.

Lindsey said...

What a fun day! That park looks beautiful and I do love that little pond.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. Glad you all could get out and enjoy the sunshine. Cute pic of Molly and Sterling(last one) love her smile.
Love you. Mom