Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ward Talent Show

Guys, this night was the GREATEST!!!!!

The MC's, one-spanish speaking YM and another english speaking YM (both are bilingual), were a RIOT. They were so hilarious. It made the whole show. Then of course, a couple of my little piano students that were totally adorable was tons of fun. The Scouts did a couple hilarious skits (although one they totally bombed and our dear British sister getting after them was better than the skit, haha), the little 5-6 year old girls sang an ADORABLE song, a few YW leaders sang a very, very well-attired song of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and the YW did a line dance at the end. It was all fabulous. We had Man of la Mancha sung in Spanish. We even had a guitar solo, as well as two people who played the sax and flute. The bishop made all of us homemade ice cream as his talent, it was delicious! 

My very *favorite* part was when the YM that was MC'ing in English introduced a table for his mother. There were several tables set up with people's artwork and arts, etc. They had interviewed the people in-between numbers. But his mom refused to be interviewed. So he carried on the entire interview, with himself acting as her. It was THE BEST comedic humor that I have heard in a long time. I was rolling. I can still picture him saying "Hi. My name is Nina Hamburger. I like to run marathons." in this HIGH voice. HAHAAHAA! Those boys took the cake. 

Sterling had originally signed up to do something, and then found out he was smack dab in the middle of one of his hardest modules and flaked out. Luckily for us, when it was over, we asked for a swing song and we got to dance while people were cleaning up! Thanks for taking my baby Tricia! And thanks for taking photos! Thanks for everyone who made sure my kids didn't die! We MISS dancing!
We were more than a little rusty.

Ruthie and her good friend Claire dancing in this photo is my favorite.
Haha I really need to work on form. But we totally bombed this move anyway.
A couple videos for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I sit on the floor for the majority of one of them because we couldn't decide if I would just jump around, jump to his shoulder, or wrap around his waist. So we weren't the most entertaining dancers out there. We still had a fabulous time!

I still can't get over what a blast we had. Good food. Good friends. Stellar entertainment. Also---I ACTUALLY KNOW PEOPLE!!! I always used to say that it took six months to really feel 'at home' somewhere new. That's how it was when we moved all the time growing up. But this time I feel like it took longer because 1)language barrier, and 2)I had a baby and was constantly nursing or not participating because of my newborn. And now we have had a boundary change and so many new people move in and they are all so AWESOME!!!! Why do we have to move in a year?!?! Haha. The joys of med school. But we will truly never forget some of these amazing families. I love this ward!

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Cade Cunningham said...

Whoa you guys are awesome! Way to be tiny enough that he still throws you around! I love Ruth in the background! The video doesn't work for me😭 I'll have to try on the computer