Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Swim, swim, swimming...

  It is hot here. Like walking around in a sauna whenever you go outside kind of hot. I would say, oh August...but it's actually September now. The other day one of our new move-ins (can you tell we're a student ward?!) asked about when she could expect it to cool down. I laughed out loud. I told her I kept wondering the same thing, and then on Halloween when my kids came inside all red-faced and sweating, I gave up on the idea. 

So swimming it is! And what a great time we have!

Her face in all of those!!! HAAHAAA I just couldn't delete any of them. And you can see her whopper molars in the back poking through!

She climbs down into the pool like this all of the time. No fear. Any suggestions on floaties would be appreciated. And she only weighs 16 pounds, which is my current problem with floaties. Sigh #tinyproblems 
She is crazy.
So is he.
It was really nice to have a bright, sunshiney day after all the rain we've had. Yay for pools in Miami!
I feel like I should say something of much greater impact on this post, but I am really tired. And I just spent forever uploading and fixing and going through photos because Sterling updated my operating system and didn't realize it would make iPhoto obsolete, which led to some SERIOUS issues. Good thing everything was still on my camera. I think. I'm hoping I've discovered the scope of the problem and there will be no more surprises. 

Until next time.


Kayli said...

Those pictures of Molly are the cutest ever!!!

Cade Cunningham said...

16 pounds? Are you kidding me? At our 4 month apt yesterday Kai was 14.5! And his adjusted age is 2 months if you take off the 2 months of prematurity! She really is a lightweight!