Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Conference Sunday+Dresses from Kami

With the time difference, General Conference was 12-2 and 4-6. Hard times because we are usually feeding kids and napping during those times. But with Sterling being able to take some time away from studying, it was the most amazing weekend. And our kids did AMAZING. We were sometimes eating with the tv going, or kids slept while we watched...but I feel like this was SUCH a great year for Conference and our ability to watch. On Saturday we bought a roku stick for $25 so we could watch it on our tv this year instead of our computer (if we would have KNOWN that prices have dropped so drastically on those thing since we bought a roku player seven years ago when we were first married, we would have bought it ages ago!!! It's the best!) and it was awesome. I think it helped keep the kids' attention a bit to have it on a real screen in front of them. They colored for HOURS and I printed off the bingo sheets from lds.org and told them to color one of the bingo squares whenever they heard it talked about (color the temple when they heard the word temple, etc.) and didn't make it about bingo at all. That really kept Ruth occupied for a long time, and even Will for quite a bit. 

On Sunday before Conference we decided to go on a walk at Black Point Marina. It was a really good idea, in theory. But then it was 92 degrees at 930am and over 85 percent humidity (which is a huge jump from our winter humidity of 45% or so). We literally died. And drank all four water bottles. But the ocean was beautiful!

And these pictures are from a couple days ago. We got a box of hand me down dresses from my sister Kami. Ruthie was SOOOOO excited---she LOVES dresses. She was pretty sad to find out that only two fit, haha. She's quite a bit taller than Kami's little Latin girls, I guess! Molly, on the other hand, scored big time. Kami sent me a bunch of size 4T thinking Molly wouldn't fit them yet (she wears some 2T and mostly 3T) but every single dress fits Molly right now. Again, I think it's the height! ANYWAY, we are super grateful she sent them our way and these matching ones in particular are just the CUTEST on them---that blue is such a pretty color!

Gotta dress up the boy, too!

I seriously have the cutest kids ever. That last photo. I just love every single bit of it. Molly's scrunched up nose smile that I can't get her to lose for the camera. Will's twinkly eyes. Ruthie's little grin. It looks pretty picture perfect. I'm pretty sure I was in the middle of getting after Will when I said we had to take a picture real quick, and Molly was in trouble for getting stuff out when we were trying to leave for church, and Ruth was not being kind to her siblings---because that is how things go---but it does make me feel soooo much love for them and remember all their cute things to look at that sweet picture.


Kami said...

Ahhh, I'm so glad I sent them when I did instead of waiting longer when they wouldn't have had matching dresses. They look adorable.

Bridget Cunningham said...

Omg the last picture is so adorable! I love blue on Ruth! Molly looks good in every color, but that bow tie ❤️ Also ruthies little sandels! She's so grown up!