Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Fun!

I love egg dyeing. I'm pretty sure we've done it every year since we got married (thanks to Sterling's fam for always holding it at their house!) so it is the one thing we HAVE to fit in for Easter. Oh, on that note---I bought the 25 Days of Christ (which was originally made for Christmas) and we had two FHE's on it. While I had to keep things pretty simple for our kids' age right now, I LOVE the tradition (also, I'm super proud of my crafty skills, because I bought the cheaper, unfinished version--and they turned out really cute!) and I am super excited to have that to incorporate into all of our Easters from now on. I really like the idea of adding it into Easter, instead of Christmas. Christmas has a lot of tradition to help us focus on Christ, but I feel like Easter is much less structured, and it is so important. Basically it is 25 ornaments (that you can just hang up with string instead of a tree for Christmas) that tell the story of the life of Christ and His resurrection. 

I put a fitted sheet around our table so I could let the kids go to town more and not worry about it. They dyed eggs for about an hour and twenty minutes and all the spills were in the last five minutes. Of course, haha.
Glitter! It actually worked really well.

That row of all pink eggs is Molly's and that row of all blue eggs is Will's, haha. Surprise, surprise.
And on to Easter!!! The kids got books and had to find their baggie of candy. The night before was hilarious---they all went straight to sleep in anticipation of the Easter bunny coming because he can't come if you aren't asleep! Molly got Silly Sally (which she loves, but at first would turn upside down because she wants Silly Sally to be right side up haaahaaahaa) and a new We're Going On A Bear Hunt because it's her favorite but our old one fell to pieces.
Ruthie got two books by Astrid Lindgren--the author of Pippi Longstocking. We haven't started them yet, but she's sure excited!
Will got two books that are already loved. Fables has been SOOOOO loved. Not just by him, but by daddy! They can always convince Sterling to read a couple more pages because Sterling likes it sooo much, haha!

Ruthie's school put on an Easter egg hunt and it had a bunch of things--jump house, popcorn, shaved ice, decorating cookies, talking about the passover and getting grape juice and flatbread.

That ended on a not so pleasant note, which included me leaving two children unattended while I carried my heaviest, usually best behaved, screaming, kicking, hyperventilating child to the van. While I had contractions the entire time. And then had Sterling discipline later because I knew my temper had to calm down before I dealt with that mess. Isn't parenting awesome? 

That meant that on Sunday we had all day to focus on Easter, and that made me really happy. We spent the morning practicing a solo for Sterling (which he did beautifully and I spent the entire time trying not to cry so that I could play decently) and the afternoon bonding as a family over Mariokart, haha. Actually, Ruth has some serious skill in bowling and schooled Sterling--haha! Sometimes I think Sterling might be too tall for where our sensor is. Will can do the golf game now and watching him adjust his stance is the cutest thing in my life. Happy Easter everyone! Oh yeah--and I got released from the primary presidency!!! So I actually got to enjoy a wonderful, Christ-focused lesson in Relief Society after playing piano in primary (we combine so there is only one singing time). While we still juggle Sterling leading the singing while I play organ in sacrament meeting and leave our kids unattended on the bench, at least now Sterling is just a sub for Elders Quorum teaching and I only have to play piano in primary. We went from about six callings to two. It feels SOOOO relaxing and nice. The new primary presidency would have been AWESOME to be a part of (hello english speakers!!!) but I'm glad they've got it handled and I can just relax for a couple of weeks at the piano. 

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