Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunday Afternoon+Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

Staring at a beetle. This boy is growing out of all of his shoes and the new size makes him look like this big kid! I can't handle it! 
Her eyelashes are just like her daddy's. Sooooo thick and beautiful!

She refuses to keep hair ties and bows in for any longer than the absolute second we are walking out of church. But she's still pretty adorable.
Sunday afternoons with daddy are my favorite thing in the world. The problem is how short they are! We want to do it all--nap, play games, go on walks, color...and there is just never enough time! It's the best.

It started raining and the sky still looked like this. That is always the weirdest thing.

Today we had our playgroup Easter egg hunt. Will has been asking every single morning for over a week now if 'today' was the day of the egg hunt---and it finally was! Haha. I'm not sure if it lived up to his grand expectations, because he handed most of his candy to me (?!) haha but I think he definitely enjoyed it. Plus, my kids are SOOOOOOO adorable! That summer dress on Ruth...and that summer dress on Molly...it's pretty much my favorite thing ever. They just look so girlish and little and adorable and I love it. Will got that shirt because it was blue and on clearance for a buck. But every time he wears it (the moment it is clean and back in his drawer...same as all of his blue clothes) I just love it, haha. Basically my kids are the most adorable thing on this planet, even if their smiles are not that great because they were so excited for the egg hunt. "really mom? smile for a picture?" I know, I know, it can be a hard life.

Will's bag was in front of his face--but do you see Ruth's adorable grin?

Playing in a banyan tree afterwards. 

I love these chicken littles. And I can't believe in a couple short months there will be another little guy! We've pretty much decided he'll be Reuben Jack--Sterling says he's going to call him Benny. I don't love that (Ben is cuter than Benny) but mostly he thinks of the most obnoxious nicknames and says them just to tease me. Like RJ. Just so you know, I really hate just letters for any name (no offense for anyone, just my own likes) and that's the only nickname I really don't like. The kids have already called him Reu, Rubes, Rubees, and I think it is adorable. (Our family and nicknames. I mean, our kids all have one-two syllable names, so there's not much you can do with them. YOU'D THINK. But Will gets called Willard and Wilbur most of the time and Ruth is always Ruthie and Molly gets called Maw and Molly-Bolly constantly.) PLUS since Will has worked SOOO hard to be able to pronounce Ruth's name, all the kids can actually pronounce the R and say Reuben, and it is seriously the cutest thing in my life. AND...just fair warning--we reserve all rights to pick a different name the moment of or before hand, haha. With Sterling studying for Step, my circle of friends slowly moving one by one over the course of the next two months (which means a lot of girls' nights to celebrate friendships--it also means I don't feel that sad about moving because practically ever student in our ward is this year), packing, moving, and settling--I feel like this baby is RIGHT around the corner, and have to remind myself I still have 12 weeks. Technically. I've never actually gone that long, so we'll see. I am currently waging a war on ants (when are you not waging an insect war when you live somewhere tropical????) and that is the worst. Ruth gave an ADORABLE family home evening lesson last night from her primary class on Sunday and taught us not to smoke (word of wisdom) and it was the cutest thing ever. We fully embraced the summer heat by buying 250 otter pops. I think I ate seven yesterday...oops. Our pool has reopened (yay!!!) and this week is Spring Break so we have watched a lot of PBS in the mornings while I relished that I didn't have to breath down kids' necks to get out the door on time. Life is good.


Kami said...

I love that name!! That was Leo's top pick! And I love Molly's and Ruth's hair at the Easter hunt. So pretty. And I do love Will's family shirt too--I want one! And once again, Terro liquid ant killer--it's the best.

Bridget Cunningham said...

Your name is so cute! I love the possible nicknames! And I love the jack middle name! Also the last picture of all of you is so adorable! I love this dress on you, and your hair! Ugh I miss you guys

Cindy Ball said...

I love that name!!!!!!! Sure miss you guys! When do I get to see you again? Love and miss you all!