Friday, May 5, 2017

Iphone Pics

I used to just email myself pics from my phone and then upload them to my computer. Simple and easy. UNTIL my phone decided to stop sending my emails. Tried sending these about four different times today. THEN they seemed to not want to download to my computer. I don't know what is going on, but a seemingly easy process was ridiculously complicated today. Anyway--here are about half the photos off my phone, and it seems that is all you are going to get. 
I didn't order any of these, because $24 for one picture is just waaaaaay too much. But aren't these PreK graduation pics the MOST ADORABLE thing you have ever seen in your ENTIRE lives?!?!?!

Our zoo days are limited. And since they just re-did the children's area by the petting zoo, it's pretty sad. Because that makes two new playgrounds and a new splash pad that we have barely even seen enough of! Also, Clarke. What am I going to do without this kid to laugh at all the time?

Swimming pictures, because I don't always want to lug my camera to the pool, but sometimes the kids are just too cute:

These are pics of our new job system. It's going mostly well. The highlight is that in those pockets the kids start out with a green card--you can see it poking out of each pocket. If they have to be reminded more than once, or if they display very poor behavior (yelling 'no' at mom) they are changed to a yellow card-warning-and then to a red. Then they don't get a ticket for the day, even though they still have to complete the job chores. This has proved an effective (probably because it is 'new' still) method of discipline for the time being, and that is nice.

Last Saturday we went to the farmer's market, as per our usual, but the shake stand that we always eat at was NOT there. Huge disappointment. So we got some fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc and made our own at home. In happy news--they had a new kettle corn stand there. I LOVE kettle corn.

She often plays with the Little People during quiet time and I love listening to her prattle on and on and on in her imaginative games with them. It's so adorable.

The blue man himself. Look at his EXACTLY matching shorts and shirt. He loves blue sooo much it is just charming. 

Last Monday night we met up with some of our great friends for FHE before they headed out for the summer and by the time they get back we'll have moved. It's sad to start saying goodbye to everyone! (Luckily, the following Sunday we got together for a great night of board games, so that was good.)

Diana and Jeff are moving up to West Palm with us, because they are in the same dual degree program. But Janessa and Brent (who I didn't take a picture of) are in the MD only class and so he's off to study all summer for boards and then they'll be in Miami another two years. I told them they're required to drive up to see the baby and play some more board games a few more times, so I'm sure we'll see them again. We have had SUCH great times (mostly playing board games after our kids are in bed---thanks for always coming to our place so we don't have to get a babysitter!!!) with these guys and I don't even want to talk about those nights ending!

And that's a little of our life lately from my phone.

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