Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mothers Day

The Friday before Mother's Day Ruthie had Muffins for Moms day at school. It was adorable--she was SOOOO excited! My lovely friend took Will and Molly so that I had a little bit of time one on one with Ruth and it was so much fun to sit down with her and just focus on her! She served me breakfast, took my plate back after, showed me all her artwork and played dollhouse afterwards with me.

I made a little video for my mom of all 49 grandkids saying how we LOVE LOVE LOVE grandma, so here's some pics of my kids:

Haha, it was pretty cute.

Me and the kids on Mother's Day.
Sterling took Ruth and Will out the night before and brought home flowers and a 'surprise'. They were absolutely GIDDY with excitement--this is such a fun age! In the morning they made me breakfast (German pancakes) and gave me my present, a mother charm bracelet--you can see it in the above pic--and it was sooo sweet. They were so excited!

Sterling made breakfast that afternoon and we just hung out at home. It was really, really relaxed. Perfect Mother's day! 

These pictures are from a recent FHE when we took the kids to try and fly kites. But we weren't getting our usual Miami breeze, so we were unsuccessful. The park was still fun though!

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