Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bill Baggs Beach

We haven't had a really good beach day in a while. Life is just too busy when you live this close to the beach and don't make it there! So I had Ruth play hookie from school on Friday and we headed out with our friends Tricia and Clarke and Grant--they move next week to Virginia, so this is their LAST beach day! It was pretty windy, but since that helped cut the heat, it was pretty perfect.
I have it down now so that Will carries a backpack and so does Ruthie and all I have to carry is one bag and my chair. And Molly and Will put their floaties on so I don't carry those. It's a really good system--I used to feel like I was lugging SOOOO many things, and now we get there and I just have one bag! Tricia said "I need a five year old!" haha.

We went to Bill Baggs because we have only gone to South Beach the past several times. There is always a lot more seaweed--it's a state park so they don't remove it for tourists like they do on other beaches, they let everything naturally live. It is still SUCH a beautiful beach though!

I love that truck. And that boy.

I sat in my chair and the kids dug and built and dug and built for four hours! Stopping for sandwiches in between. They worked up an appetite--this is the first time I hadn't packed enough food, I mean, they definitely weren't starving but Molly packed in two sandwiches! 

The water is always soooooo pretty! I didn't edit any of these pics!

It might be the last time we hit up Bill Baggs and I'm just hoping we find as lovely of beaches in Delray! 

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Kami said...

Your kids are getting huge!