Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Handsome Man

A couple of adorable pics to tide you over. He has so much hair, and when I washed it today it fluffed up and he looks like a little monkey. So. Absolutely. Adorable. He really is the most handsome little man. 
I finally got some pictures with his eyes open. Ruth had enormous eyes and had them wide open from the very first day at the hospital. He's spent a few days squinting and attempting to open them, but not until today has he kept them wide open for quite some time. So handsome.
When he lifts his eyebrows his whole forehead scrunches. Haha
Look at those tiny little legs! It just kills me!

This is him all strapped into the carseat to come home from the hospital. So tiny.

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Andrea said...

Okay that tided me over for awhile--now I need a motherlode of pictures. This measly amount no longer suffices.

Good night.