Thursday, February 14, 2013


To start off, a picture of the most beautifully handsome little boy. I just love him SO SO much!
My good friend Aleesha came to visit and see my baby boy. It was a lot of fun, but somewhat exhausting having that many LITTLE babies around. It seemed like Aleesha and I were constantly nursing our babies and the toddlers were constantly into something. Haahaa---its the life, right?!?
 They didn't play the greatest...until they started this game of pushing each other around in the cart. It was awesome.
Or pulling, whichever was easiest.
This is pretty much the best picture we had of both of them looking. Toddlers. They definitely don't make things easy on the photographer.
They even started trying a few tricks. (Ruth is almost as tall as Liam when she's standing inside the cart!)

It was funny to watch Ruth push, at first she tried and almost gave up, and then you could see her lean her whole body and weight into it, the cart would start to move, and she'd start pushing away. Liam had no problems, and could push Ruth at an almost too-fast-frightening speed.
Oh I LOVE that little girl!
"Yellow? YOOOOHHHH!!!!" (translated, "hello, 'loooo!") Everything is a phone these days. 
I love how you can see her reflection here, with her nose all pressed against the window.

Aleesha gave me this wrap a long time ago for my baby shower. Its confusing to figure out how to use. She helped me out and gave me some pointers so maybe it can be useful in the future. :)
He looks so tiny here, like he shouldn't even be big enough to be out of my belly.
Lydia and Will. Lydia seemed like a tiny little BABY last time they visited, and look how huge she looks next to our tiny Will!

Apparently she can't sit by him and not fit in a few hugs. Just enough to make his face all scrunched for future pictures. Nice.
 And really, I just can't quite believe these next two pictures. Since when did Aleesha and I have FOUR kids between us???!?!?!?!?!!? Thats just a little bit crazy. Aren't we still in high school? And waking each other up in Drivers Ed?????

 Thanks Aleesha for coming and visiting and driving all the way here!

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Andrea said...

Yep, Will looks TEENY TINY. Can't believe I haven't seen him yet. I almost stopped by this morning on my way home from the OB visit, but my kids hadn't had breakfast and they were grumpy so I didn't.