Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Week Old

Will has been a week old for a couple days now. I just really wish I was a better photographer and could take some decent pictures! But for all my sisters (who call and chew me out, but never leave comments, ruff) here are some pictures of Will (and a few of Ruth):
 I told my sister Kami about the problems I had with this outfit. I think it is absolutely ADORABLE and the blue looks amazing on him. I wanted pictures with his eyes open, so I changed his diaper and didn't feed him. Which meant that every time the collar touched his cheek, he opened his mouth to eat. Not so great for taking pictures. So eventually, I gave up, fed him, and took sleeping pictures instead.

Ruth tries to 'give' (aka SMOTHER) him with her teddy bear every chance she gets.  
I love his grumpy faces.

That bottom lip is the cutest thing in my life.
Kisses from Ruthie. 

Another favorite past-time of Ruth's is rubbing his head.

You can see how hilarious she thinks that is.

Will, however, was not impressed.

Sleeping on daddy. Sweetest thing ever.

Ruth thinks this swing is hers. I don't worry about it too much, she only weighs twenty pounds.

Again, trying to smother the baby with the teddy bear. He doesn't seem to mind too much though.
And there you have it, the sweetest little one week old baby in the entire world! I could just squeeze him all day long! Ruth still loves him to pieces, which is nice, and not so nice, but I hope she continues to love him that much forever!


Aleesha Burke said...

He is starting to resemble Ruth more. I can see Sterling in him but I still think he looks a lot like you. Except his eyes are not big like yours so far. Love the photos. The outfit is adaorable.

Kami said...

He does have spiky hair! Love it! Also, I love the last picture, very cute

Andrea said...

Awww--he's so cute! I have to disagree with Aleesha--his eyes look pretty big to me. Love the spiky hair, it reminds me of Emeline in a black way. :) Still adjusting to his name. It suits him already though.

PS Miriam struggled today while doing everything and Emeline had big black circles under her eyes and looked pasty and wan even after taking a nap. I probably should take that to mean my kids need more recoup time before we jump back into things, but a two-week break from school is all I can handle.

The reason I'm telling you this is that Miriam had about 42,368 meltdowns during her 45 minute piano practice. All about how her songs are way too hard and piano is too hard and life is too hard. Then she played all the songs great. Accompanied by whimpering. Kids these days.

Kayli said...

He is way super cute! I love that picture with the lip too. Adorable.

Kayli said...

in the picture with the bottom lip he looks like a punk or something.

***jethro j bell has sent you a message***

Lindsey said...

Very cute! I'm glad Ruth is doing well with him thus far.

Anonymous said...

so sweet - I'm all better - so I need to see him so I can kiss him - that lip is so cute!!! He is a doll!!!!!! Love him!!