Friday, April 18, 2014

A little bit o' Life

Around these parts there has been a LOT going on. Mostly in the way of learning the Miami real estate agendas. It's brutal. This isn't Kansas anymore, that's for sure. I can't just walk up to someone, hear they are moving out, ask to move in, move in, sign a lease a couple months later like I have done since…I moved out of my parents house 8 years ago. So. There have been days of paperwork, disappointment, excitement, and now just plain annoyance. We have filled out so many papers and right now are just hoping our application gets accepted so we might have somewhere to live when we get there. No matter that it will be three times as small, three times as expensive (those are both literal amounts) and cost us more than our savings to pay the first month rent, last month rent, and obscene security deposit that is required there. Sigh. All of this to leave a place I could see myself happy in for at least the next five years---oh duplex, how I love thee.

In other, much more exciting news, Will is WALKING! Officially. He is such a funny kid, its hard to pinpoint when he started walking. It's been at least two months now that he's been taking steps. He still looks like every step he takes he's going to fall over with. But he now walks more than he crawls-and chooses to crawl over and stand up on something to start walking again when he falls over. So I am calling it official. It's adorable, and I will load a video when I can load it on to my computer. Which will be when I get through the last two years of photos that I need to put on the new hard drive. Which can only happen after I finish my continuing education credits that are due in a week and a half. It might be a while.

Also, in news for Will, he has his two upper canines. Finally. The bottom two are almost through. But I've been saying that for weeks now, they've been bothering him for weeks now, and he constantly chews on them. So who knows. But the fact that the top ones finally came through give me hope that we might finish that round of teething before we get a new babe around these parts. Maybe.

This morning I was doing Kiersten's hair in the bathroom (after I taught her a piano lesson) and Anders said "I like all the colors in your hair." I said thanks, I thought it was a fun change. He said "Yeah, I think it would be fun to do what this kid at school has, a green mohawk. That would be sweet" Yes, that would be 'fun' too. Haahaa.

Other than that, we are having a garage sale at our house tomorrow. Being the youngest of several kids we have received bassinets, strollers, swings, and all sorts of things for babies that we have loved and used---but we can't take all of it with us to Miami. We have also gone through quite a few washers and dryers, maybe someone will want them? We have an old table that Sterling has used as a desk for the past two years, with matching chairs that I hate, so that'll go. The downstairs couch will go since we won't have room for both at our new place. Depending on our application acceptance and if it happens before tomorrow I might sell Ruth's bed too (my bed from college, trustworthy thing) because we will have to get bunk beds, but I'll wait and see. So…hopefully it goes well? I've never done this before, and neither have my parents, that I remember. Dad threw everything away when we moved. We're hoping to make a little bit off of our junk. Haha.

And that is all our news for now. Not very exciting, I know. But hey, Will is walking, and that IS exciting!


Anonymous said...

Don't you remember our garage sale before going to ND. Everything was TWO DOLLARS!!!!! Mom

Andrea said...

Everything is always two dollars, or it is overpriced. :)

The Haws Family said...

We actually sold our couch for $65, our table and chairs for $25 (which we bought them off ksl for $40 four years ago, so that was a pretty nice deal) and quite a few other things for $5. What I was really surprised about was our clothes. I never look at clothes at garage sales…in UT they are usually pretty worn or picked over. The first three families that came through picked out $5 worth of clothes (I did .25 a piece) and left with piles. It felt kinda of nice to get the change even though its not much--better than just DI-ing all of it!

The Haws Family said...

Also, no. I have no memory of a garage sale. Hm.