Friday, April 25, 2014


I just got my package of pictures back from Target. I LOVE some of them (whats not to love about my two adorable kids sitting on a wooden crate with dangling bare feet?!?!) but alas, I still don't love Will's photo. So, I think I'm going to go with the ones I took to put on my wall--and I'm asking for input. Which one?
 I think I'm already leaning to two, now that I see them side by side. But I do love number one. Kayli, do you think I should do any coloring fixes before it goes on my wall? Now for Ruthie's. I think both of these smiles look a little staged--but so does the one from Target, so.
 And then I just put some in that I don't think I posted before, because my kids are adorable and I love these pictures.
I didn't realize before that Ruthie was in the background with her tongue out. She does that a lot when she runs and I think its hilarious.

The bear crawl to save his knees! He rarely does this now since he is pretty much exclusively walking, so I'm glad I took a picture. 

These are from another day at the park-Ruth LOVED that swing. It is pretty sweet, I must say.

Why is it so much more fun to LOOK at pictures than to actually do something useful with them--like load them onto photo books or onto snapfish to print out. I desperately need to finish that before we move because I'm worried I'll lose photos if I don't. Sigh.

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