Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Best

We have had some GOOD times enjoying Sterling's new work schedule and the fact that we see so much more of him lately. We are trying to take full advantage of that since med school starts in less than  two months-yikes! I know what its like to do everything by myself (pretty much) and I'm a little nervous about baby #3 coming and being in the same boat. But right now, for this moment in time, we have a wonderful job that only requires 4 10-hr shifts a week and I am only working one day a week, which means…TIME TOGETHER! And we couldn't be happier about that. Especially with this 75 degree weather. It makes life seem pretty much perfect. 

Will is 14 months and still not walking everywhere. Ruth learned to walk and that was all she did after that. Will has been consistently walking across areas as big as our living room for three weeks now, and still chooses to crawl a lot of the time. Or bear-walk, to save his knees on the concrete, haahaa.
Oh I love seeing those little legs when he wears shorts! I just love them! 
Sometimes I think this is why he doesn't walk further. Ruth thinks that because we cheer when he walks that he deserves a hug, which results in knocking him over. Every time. Haha.

My two little monkeys.
I do have to say though, Will is a crazy climber. I remember when Ruth was one at the end of the summer, she didn't really do much on the playground. Granted, Will has a good six months on her for his one-yr old summer, but he can crawl up, turn around, go down slides, and all sorts of things by himself! It's so much fun to have them both playing together! 

I took them to Target to redo his one yr old pictures because I was so disappointed in them, but he did the same thing. Cried at the photographer, wouldn't let go of me, and when we did get smiles it was so fast that they didn't catch them that well. So I enlisted Sterling's wonderful help (he really was wonderful) and tried to get some more pictures at the park afterward.

Nothing better than having a stick!

Oh I just love that boy. He is still my cuddly, loving baby that is so much a momma's boy. He has my heart.

And that girl! She is still outgoing and adventurous and independent. She is also such a great help. This morning I asked her to get her clothes and she couldn't reach her panties so I said I'd help as soon as I had Will's shirt on. She said "It's ok mom, I get my stool. Then I reach it." What a smartie pants. She is doing great with potty training, even though it was rough while camping (she would NOT go in the latrine, only in the open air) and only has had a few accidents now and again over the past few weeks. 

Oh those big brown eyes. 
Nothing better than chasing each other! 

Oh I love my man and my little family so, so much. We had such a wonderful afternoon at the park. I also love this sunshine!

Now I really should start learning how to use my camera better. I love it so much anyway though!


Megan and Jared said...

I can't believe you have two little babies and one on the way!! I'm so happy for you guys! I didn't think we had moved that long ago, but I guess we had :) where are you working/teaching in Morgan? That's where we live. Small world eh? Good luck with everything, Miami sounds amazing!

Aleesha Burke said...

Ruthie is gorgeous in that outfit! Love her shoes! The pictures turned out awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love Ruthie's outfit and her shoes!!!!!She is adorable.
Cute Will. Love the pics. Mom

Bridget Cunningham said...

Oh my!! The picture of Sterling with Ruth on his shoulders.. I'm in love!